The Yawn Brew Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar Keeps Me Cozy All Winter Long

This hot chocolate Advent calendar adds 24 small moments of indulgence to your holiday season.

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Years ago, Advent calendars were simple affairs. There was little variety when it came to the surprises held behind each door. Some would have Christmas ornaments or small toys, others dispensed coffee, or pieces of candy or chocolate.

This year, I tried the Yawn Brew hot chocolate Advent calendar. Although it didn’t give me the kind of buzz I’d get from a boozy Advent calendar, it definitely gave me a major dose of the warm and cozies.

What is the Yawn Brew Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar?

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This hot chocolate Advent calendar gives you 24 days of smooth, silky hot beverages you can sip on throughout the holiday season. Made by British brand Yawn Brew, it’s available in two different varieties: creamy and sweet milk chocolate, and rich, luxurious and vegan dark chocolate.

Each package contains ground-up flakes of real chocolate blended with custom flavors and ingredients to create 24 different hot chocolate experiences. Some of the flavors are straightforward, like salted caramel, cinnamon roll, sticky toffee, raspberry, gingerbread and Irish cream. There are also conceptual flavors like “Enchanted Forest” (which is wonderful), and non-traditional flavors like banana lama and mince pie.


  • 24 days of rich hot chocolate
  • High-quality chocolate
  • Variety of festive flavors
  • Two choices: milk and dark chocolate
  • Keeps you cozy all December long


  • Best to mix the hot chocolate with a frother, so there’s no puddle of melted chocolate in your cup

Editor's Pick

Yawn Brew Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar

This sweet holiday countdown adds 24 small moments of indulgence to your December routine. Choose from milk or dark chocolate.

Why I Love It

Beverages can make or break a seasonal vibe. What would summer be without ice-cold lemonade, or fall without warm apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes? And once the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers have been devoured, it’s time to transition to hot chocolate season. Kicking things off in December with this Yawn Brew Advent calendar is a lovely way to usher your way into the holiday season.

The Yawn Brew hot chocolate Advent calendar is pretty when it arrives, but once you open your first window, it stops being something you’d want to show off. And that’s fine! This is something that should be kept in the kitchen next to your mugs, spoons and coffee Advent calendar, so you always have access to the finest of warm winter beverages.

As for the product, this is not cheap powdered cocoa! Hot cocoa is made from dried cocoa powder, but hot chocolate requires actual chocolate. Each of these packets is full of ground-up chocolate mixed with different flavorings to create 24 distinct drinking experiences. Of course, the beauty of Advent calendars—even ones with tiny jars of jam—is that each day holds a new sweet surprise. But if you must know what’s included inside to choose your flavor of the day, there’s a guide on the back of the box.

How to Make the Hot Chocolate

To make the hot chocolate, Yawn Brew recommends putting it in a mug with 250 mL (about one cup) of milk and microwaving it for two minutes. Give it a little stir halfway through and once again after it’s piping hot. The brand also recommends using a milk frother to thoroughly melt and blend the chocolate, which is a recommendation worth following. When I used a spoon, regardless of how well I mixed things up, I ended up with rather weak warm chocolate milk with a puddle of thick melted chocolate at the bottom of my mug.

I still enjoyed the dickens out of it (you can’t really go wrong with chocolate and milk!). But it wasn’t the smooth hot chocolate experience I was looking for. Mixing with a frother fixed that immediately. So, if you don’t own one already, take this as your sign to snag one.

As for the flavors, they’re absolutely delightful. It’s always nice to end the day with a little treat (wine, anyone?), and a mug filled with high-quality hot chocolate is certainly one of life’s loveliest simple pleasures. The flavorings aren’t too overwhelming to distract from the chocolate itself but are noticeable enough that you feel like you’re indulging in something truly special.

But Don’t Take My Word For It!

“This is the best Advent calendar I’ve ever had,” raves Maggie Sigle, a five-star Etsy reviewer. “They’ve thought of everything, from being able to rank the hot chocolates on the box, clear instructions to variety of flavors! I’ve loved almost all of them, and even the ones that weren’t a hit for me would be for someone else and are worth trying. Absolutely will buy again. And was a great sampler to know which to buy in bulk!”

Etsy reviewer, Tara Crites, loves her hot chocolate Advent calendar but adds a helpful suggestion to her rave review: “I loved all of the hot chocolate!” shares Tara. “Regardless of what milk can you use, I highly recommend getting a small electric whisk. It made blending the chocolate a dream. I loved the care they took with the packaging and all the flavors were great. I’ve considered ordering it for the past two years and I’m really glad I finally got one. Absolutely amazing, and I plan for it to become a tradition.”

Where to Buy the Yawn Brew Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar


Editor's Pick

Yawn Brew Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar

Specially crafted blends contain real flakes of chocolate to create a decadent silky smooth cup of pure chocolatey delight with each new window opened every day.

Craving hot chocolate yet? Find the Yawn Brew hot chocolate Advent calendar on Etsy, where it starts at $50. Or, upgrade the calendar to include fluffy vegan vanilla marshmallows and a specialty mug for $68. We’re definitely sending this countdown as a Christmas chocolate gift this year!

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