Atlas Coffee Club Review: This Subscription Helped Me Discover the Wide World of Coffee

We tested Atlas Coffee Club, a popular coffee subscription service that sends you freshly roasted java from around the world. Here's what we thought!

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I frequently find myself standing in the aisle of my local grocery store, wishing they had a better selection of coffee brands from which to choose. They mostly carry big name brands, which are good, but I’d be lying if I said they don’t get a little boring when you drink them every day.

I love trying different coffees and even giving coffee gifts (like beloved Starbucks cold cups). So when I heard about Atlas Coffee Club, a coffee subscription box that sends you coffee from around the world, I knew I had to try it out. Read on for my honest Atlas Coffee Club review.

What is Atlas Coffee Club?


Atlas Coffee Club is a coffee subscription service, and though it’s certainly not the only brand that ships freshly brewed beans, it stands out from competitors thanks to its globally sourced beans. Each month, Atlas sends “micro-lot coffees” that it sources from all around the world—one month, you’ll get to experience chocolaty coffee from Costa Rica, and the next you’ll be sipping a surprisingly fruity brew from Ethiopia.

For my delivery, I was lucky enough to receive coffee from the Yunnan region of China. I opted for ground beans that I could use in my drip coffee machine, and I received the coffee in medium and light roast. Each bag was carefully packaged in its own box and came with a postcard featuring facts about Chinese culture. Additionally, there was a pamphlet with information about the coffee beans, tasting notes and brew recommendations.

The coffee bag itself was absolutely beautiful. It featured a vibrant yellow and blue print with a dragon tail, red flowers and Chinese lanterns. It would definitely jump off the shelf at you, but you’d never find these particular coffee beans at the store, as they make their U.S. debut via Atlas. Cool, right?

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Atlas Coffee Club Features

As mentioned earlier, Atlas Coffee Club is a subscription service, which means the company sends recurring deliveries. When customers sign up for Atlas, they can select whether they want deliveries every two or four weeks, as well as how many bags they want per delivery. There is a half-bag option, or for true coffee enthusiasts (or large households), there’s the four-bag box. It’s worth noting that if you opt for deliveries every two weeks, you’re going to get the same beans twice because the brand only introduces new coffee on a monthly basis.

Atlas also caters to your individual coffee preferences. You can choose between whole-bean or ground coffee, depending on what coffee equipment you use. Plus, you can specify whether you prefer light-to-medium roast, medium-to-dark roast, or all roast types. Atlas also offers a decaf subscription, available in medium roast.

As with most subscription services, you can skip a delivery or cancel at any time, and Atlas also has rewards programs that let you earn bonuses such as free shipping and store credit. The only downside: There’s no way to reorder your favorite coffee—Atlas doesn’t have a storefront where you can purchase past products that you particularly enjoyed.

How We Tested It


How do you test coffee? You drink it, of course! (Tough job—I know.) I typically have at least two cups of coffee per day—one in the morning and one mid-afternoon. I decided to sample the medium roast as a midday pick-me-up. I brewed a pot in my drip coffeemaker and took a few sips of it black before adding my usual cream and sugar. The coffee was rich without being overwhelming, and I could taste notes of honey. I found that I didn’t need to add as much sugar as usual because the brew was naturally a bit sweet.

Beforehand, I was worried that the coffee might be a bit out-of-the-box for my tastes, but overall, it tasted like a high-quality brew that one would find in a cafe. I’d happily drink it any day!

Not everyone has the same coffee preferences, so I wanted to have a few more people sample the product. Family brunch was the perfect opportunity to get opinions, so we brewed a pot of the light roast all together. My father thought the brew was a little too light—he’s a dark-roast kind of guy—but everyone agreed the flavor was great, regardless of whether they drink their joe black or with mix-ins.

We aren’t the only ones who enjoyed Atlas, either. Emily Racette Parulski, Taste of Home Senior Editor, purchased a subscription as a gift for her husband, and the two enjoyed reading about the various beans. “It was fun learning more about where the coffee was sourced and how different regions produce different coffee,” she shares. Her husband didn’t realize there were so many countries producing coffee! “The coffee was high-end and better quality than what you’d get from the grocery store, so it felt like a treat every time we brewed a cup.”


  • Unique coffees from all over the world
  • Fresh and aromatic beans
  • Up to four bags per delivery
  • Visually appealing bag designs
  • Informational postcard and brewing tips


  • Unable to reorder favorite beans
  • More expensive than store-bought coffee


How much is Atlas Coffee Club?

The price varies depending on how many bags you buy—more bags means more coffee but also more savings. A single 12-ounce bag costs $14, and two bags costs $28. You also have the option to buy a 6-ounce “half bag” for $9.

Where is Atlas Coffee Club located?

Atlas Coffee Club is based in Austin, Texas. However, the brand’s coffee beans come from regions all around the world. Explore South America, Africa, Asia and more—one cup at a time.

When does Atlas Coffee Club ship?

It depends on your shipping preferences. At checkout, choose to receive fresh beans every two weeks or every four weeks.

Does Atlas Coffee Club have K-Cups?

Yes! The brand now offers coffee pods compatible with your favorite single-serve coffeemaker. Choose from three plans, offering 24, 48 or 72 cups per month.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a way to fun up your coffee routine (aside from hilarious novelty mugs), Atlas Coffee Club is definitely worth a try. You’ll experience unique types of coffee that you can’t find in the grocery store, and the beans are always fresh. Plus, the box ships right to your door. There are myriad ways to customize your subscription so it fits your coffee-drinking preferences. Personally, I can’t wait to make iced coffee (in my favorite cup, of course) with Atlas beans.

Plus, Atlas Coffee Club makes a great gift. Whether you’re shopping for a coffee lover, baker or breakfast fanatic, you can’t go wrong. It’s a staple on our food of the month club and gift subscription lists. Read our review of Bean Box next!

Where to Buy an Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

Atlas Coffeevia merchant

Ready to start sipping on java from around the world? Sign up for Atlas Coffee Club through the website, where you’ll be able to customize the frequency and size of your delivery. Trust us—this is not your average joe!

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