We Found the Best Wine Subscription Boxes for 2024

The best wine clubs make you feel like you have a sommelier overseeing all your at-home happy hours, and who wouldn't want that? We identified seven of these services that we absolutely love—all for different reasons.

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Best Wine Subscription Boxes For 2024ANNAMARIE HIGLEY/TASTE OF HOME

Wine is always a personal experience. Back in college, I started drinking sweeter wine varietals, such as Moscato and white Zinfandel. Harkening the grape juice of my youth, these sippers were the most palatable for me at the time.

Soon thereafter (and quite a few sugar-induced hangovers later), I began dabbling in drier whites, such as Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. I found their notes better complemented my maturing palate, and now I’ll firmly claim that nothing is better than a glass of crispy white wine while cooking dinner. Meanwhile, I have wine-loving friends who would drink anything but. See? It’s personal.

Years into my wine-drinking journey, I’ve finally opened myself up to more red wines. Red blends were my gateway, and lately, I’ve found myself enjoying varietals such as Chianti, Sangiovese and Pinot Noir.

Friends and family members with superior wine knowledge are instrumental in exposing me to new types of wine. And, in a way, wine clubs do the very same thing.

Operating similarly to a parent, co-worker or friend with refined wine expertise, a wine club points you toward and exposes you to new wines that they know you’ll love based on your personal preferences, budget and consumption habits.

There is no shortage of wine clubs, but picking one that’s right for you is critical to a positive experience. We took the grunt work out of it by trying and identifying some of the best, then sorting them by their standout features and offerings.

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Reina Galhea/Taste of Home

Best Overall Wine Club


Winc is sure to wow as one of the best wine clubs that has it all. This service sends you four bottles per month for only $60. That’s $15 per bottle! Deputy Shopping Editor Reina Galhea, who’s a self-proclaimed “mid-shelf wine drinker,” has been a steadfast subscriber since 2020. “Variety and discovery are what keep me coming back,” she says. “The quality is exactly what I’d expect from a medium-priced wine, with the occasional wow-worthy wine I can’t believe isn’t more expensive.”

The ever-changing inventory and diverse selections (yes, there’s even sake available!) make it stand out among competitors. Plus, there are sulfite- and sugar-free wines, as well as organic ones, available.

The choose-your-own-adventure nature of the club continues—users have the option to select wines themselves or fill out a survey to have bottles specially curated for them. Whatever works best for you! There’s also an unlimited “skip a month” option for when you’re saving money, traveling, etc. Any issues? You can count on the amazing customer service to deal with any shipping snafus, payment questions and more.


  • Cost-effective at $15 per bottle
  • Vast library of wines
  • Simple-to-use “skip a month” option
  • Select wines or have them curated for you
  • Superior customer service


  • No supplementary info (e.g., tasting notes, pairings, etc.) within box, only online
  • Occasionally run out of inventory of certain varietals

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Bright Cellars
Annamarie Higley/Taste of Home

Best Wine Club for Beginners

Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars has more than 600,000 five-star reviews, and let’s just say, I’m now one of them. Every lucky customer of this wine club answers a lighthearted questionnaire upon signing up for a membership. Questions aren’t wine-related (e.g., “You’re about to reach for a cup of tea—how do you prefer it?”), so aspiring winos of any experience level can navigate the survey with ease.

Based on answers, they’ll receive a box of four, six or 12 wine bottles. In my shipment, I found a rosé, red blend, Verdejo and Zinfandel. My first impression? Dang, every label is gorgeous. (Yes, I’m that person.) Paired with each bottle was a coordinating information card. These outlined the bottles’ tasting notes, ABV, profile, ideal serving temperature, suggested pairings and origin.

I absolutely loved three of the four wines, but hey, part of the wine club experience is sipping on new-to-you stuff—some of which you’ll like and others you won’t. The rosé included very well could be my favorite rosé of all time. Plus, it was a low-alcohol wine, which was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Bright Cellars even has some NA wines available!


  • Various box sizes (4, 6 or 12 bottles)
  • High-quality wines, including reds, whites, rosés
  • Non-alcoholic wine options
  • Beautiful labels and information cards


  • Some information on cards was inaccurate (e.g., ABV of Zinfandel was listed incorrectly)
  • Pricier than some competitors—four bottles cost $80, excluding shipping

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Annamarie Higley/Taste of Home

Best Customizable Wine Club


You’ve heard of smartphones and smart cars. But Firstleaf might be the only wine club that’s this same type of “smart.” Customers complete a survey regarding wine preferences, and then, by way of patented technology, they’re paired with wines that align with their tasting profile.

After each monthly box of six or 12 bottles, they have the option to give feedback to and coordinate with the brand’s Wine Concierge team to further refine their tasting profile. According to the website, “Each thumbs-up or thumbs-down is passed through 13 billion data points to give our experts the most refined picture of your taste.”

Each bottle comes to about $15, as the box of six costs $90, plus shipping, and the box of 12 costs $180, plus shipping. And if you ask Senior Shopping Editor Daria Smith, it’s well worth it. “Every bottle I received, I enjoyed,” she says. “And I’m quite picky. I was impressed.” And even if she hadn’t liked a bottle of the myriad whites, reds or rosés available, Firstleaf promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so she’d have been able to get a new bottle—on the house.


  • Cost-effective at $15 per bottle
  • Unparalleled customization, with access to the Wine Concierge team
  • Award-winning whites, reds and rosés
  • “Specialty” options (e.g., low-alcohol, keto-friendly or eco-conscious wines)
  • 6- and 12-bottle box options


  • Monthly shipment options only

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Madi Koetting/Taste of Home

Best “By the Glass” Wine Club


Wine clubs needn’t mean clunky boxes, space-consuming bottles and wasted wine. If you don’t drink the bottles upon bottles of wine typical of a traditional wine club or, conversely, if you crave a more traditional wine-tasting experience (i.e., sipping on less than even a full pour), then consider Sampl.

Every three months, a $65 box arrives with seven 100 mL vials of wine—a tasteful mix of white, red and even orange wines. The assortment is handpicked by the Sampl team and hails from a different specific growing region.

Madi Koetting, our associate shopping editor who tested the service, actually preferred this format. She appreciated the simplicity of the process and that any decision-making was taken off her plate. “It’s ideal for people who drink in moderation or want to experiment with new wine without committing to the whole bottle,” she says. “I will definitely order from them again because of their different approach to the wine subscription service market.”

Inside the beautiful packaging are coasters that can be scanned for a virtual tasting experience as well as pairing suggestions.


  • Lots of variety, including ultra-trendy orange wines
  • Pretty and thoughtful packaging
  • More in line with a true “wine-tasting” experience
  • Each shipment showcases different growing regions
  • Portable single-serve vials


  • Pretty pricey (roughly $9 per vial)
  • No customization

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National Geographic Travel the World by Wine Club
Annamarie Higley/Taste of Home

Best Adventurous Wine Club

National Geographic Travel the World by Wine Club

If you’re searching for a gift for a wine enthusiast, get them a one-way ticket to delicious with National Geographic‘s Travel the World by Wine Club. For 12 beautiful months, they’ll receive a dozen internationally sourced, critically acclaimed wines on a quarterly basis. (Psst! The first box actually includes a whopping 14 bottles, plus two stemless wine glasses.) Described as a “pre-defined wine journey,” the set boxes boast wines from Italy, France, Spain and Portugal and The Americas, in that order.

After the first box, which comes at a mind-bogglingly discounted rate of $65, each box costs $165 (or $13.75 per bottle). In addition to the wine itself, users will find comprehensive digital tasting notes in their online account, as well as a trifold pamphlet about the wines and their country of origin.

Wait, but what does the National Geographic team know about wines of the world? They’ve got the world part covered, that’s for sure, so the iconic brand partnered with Laithwaites—a wine-industry mainstay—to handpick the vino, so you can count on its quality.

I sampled the box from Italy and was blown away by the selections. I can be a bit narrow-minded when it comes to my wine consumption, and this worldly delivery forced me outside my comfort zone. For example, the Sangiovese, a red I would never think to grab off the shelf, delighted my taste buds and emboldened me to try more full-bodied reds.


  • Cost-effective
  • Critically acclaimed, international wines
  • 12-14 bottles per box
  • Partnership between two iconic brands: National Geographic and Laithwaites
  • One-year commitment
  • Plentiful informational materials


  • No customization options

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Fresh Vine
Caroline Lubinsky/Taste of Home

Best Healthy Wine Club

Fresh Vine

“Healthy” and “wine” in the same sentence? We love to see it—and so does Fresh Vine. The company, which produces and bottles its products in Napa, California, is unique in its promotion of an active lifestyle and overall health. The low-carb, low-sugar, low-calorie wines curb hangover symptoms and empower wine drinkers to do it all—imbibe and thrive.

One of our senior shopping editors, Caroline Lubinsky, thoroughly enjoyed the brand’s Chardonnay, rosés and Sauvignon Blanc. Although she wished there were a few more varietals from which to choose (there are six static selections), she would gladly drink any of the four she tried again. Plus, you can pick any variation of those six wines each month. Want six bottles of the Pinot Noir just this once? Sure! Want one of each type the next? No prob.

The wines cost between $18 and $23, and the bottles become more discounted the more you buy. For example, if you choose a dozen for your box, each bottle will be 15% off. For those who are trying to cut down on sugary wines for personal or health reasons, it doesn’t get much sweeter than this wine service.


  • Low-carb, low-sugar, low-calorie wines
  • Quality wines that don’t cause hangovers
  • Whites, rosés and reds
  • Options to receive deliveries every one, two or three months
  • You-pick format


  • Only six wine varietals offered
  •  No supplementary or informational materials

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Katie Bandurski/Taste of Home

Best Nonalcoholic Wine Club


We can guarantee one thing: There’s no hangover in your future if you sign up for Proxies non-alc wine club. This sommelier- and chef-approved service provides the full wine experience—minus the booze. 

“I love the ritual of opening a bottle of wine after work,” shares tester and senior shopping editor, Katie Bandurski. “But as a migraine sufferer, wine is one of my worst triggers. I love that Proxies comes in a real bottle—cork and all!—and looks just as good in my glass as the real deal.”

As far as taste, Katie admits that this wine alternative doesn’t taste exactly like the good stuff. But it’s got an elevated flavor and mouthfeel that soda or juice can’t replicate. Plus, with the Proxies Club, you have the opportunity to try all sorts of varietals. “Like with alcoholic wine, it comes down to your personal flavor preference. I most loved the crispy bubbliness of the Shuru.”

Enjoy six bottles shipped to your door every three months for $175. You can expect a mix of whites, reds, rosés and even canned beverages. (Hello, nonalcoholic cocktails.) Cheers!


  • Nonalcoholic
  • Provides a true wine experience
  • Plant-based and gluten-free
  • Each box includes tasting notes and surprise swag


  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t quite taste like real wine

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What to Look for When Subscribing to a Wine Club

Wine Subscription Box
Annamarie Higley/Taste of home

Consider numerous factors when weighing whether a wine club is right for you. In general, wine clubs are best suited for avid wine drinkers. Except for “by the glass” services, wine clubs often ship between four and 12 bottles at a regular cadence. If you’re a wine-with-dinner kind of person or a big-time entertainer, then a wine club certainly makes sense as an investment. Otherwise, you might want to stick to your periodic supermarket run when it comes to buying wine.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider your preexisting knowledge of wines. Some wine clubs cater to novices, whereas others are geared toward aficionados. Seek out a club that meets you where you are. Beyond that, research the club’s wine inventory to see if it aligns with your preferences. Some users might want wines from a certain growing region, whereas some might be set on a specific varietal. Others might just be looking for discounted wine in bulk. Make sure the club and its offerings can cater to you.

How We Found the Best Wine Clubs

Wine Subscription Cards
Annamarie Higley/Taste of home

We found the best wine clubs by pouring, sipping and assessing, of course! Editors from our team received one or more shipments from eight plus wine clubs. Then, we pared down our picks to include only the most impressive. Aside from the quality of the wines themselves, we evaluated the value of the service based on the price, the breadth of the offerings, the wine selection process, and any educational materials or resources. Those clubs that ultimately ended up on this list wowed us in most, if not all of these categories, and were then categorized based on their most notable features.

Why You Should Trust Us

Multiple shopping editors contributed to this piece, and collectively we bring decades of product testing experience to the table. I serve as Taste of Home’s food and beverage expert, reviewing and researching everything from probiotic sodas to meal kits. We’ve also tested other wines in our Test Kitchen, including boxed wines and the best rosés.

Annamarie Higley
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