Wine Recipes

Who says wine is best right out of the bottle? From mulled wine to red and white sangria, these wine recipes will change your mind.

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10 Budget-Friendly Bottles of Aldi Wine I Love for Fall and Winter

Holiday wines are fun to stock up on, but it can be daunting to pick the right ones. Luckily, the new Aldi wines take all the guesswork out of impressing your guests!

Ice Wine: The Ultimate Explainer Guide

Heard about ice wine and are curious to know more? A sommelier explains everything you need to know.

15 Best Wine Tumblers That Keep Drinks Cold for Hours on End

Whether you're drinking wine, cocktails, iced tea or just plain water, an insulated wine tumbler will keep your beverage cold...

What Is Orange Wine?

From pairings to how it's made, discover the essentials in our expert guide to orange wine.

The 9 Best Wine Refrigerators for Cool Vino at Every Price Point

Calling all wine lovers: Your vino is begging for a home upgrade. A wine refrigerator keeps your bottles at the...

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The Best Wine Openers: Pro Corkscrew Picks of 2023

Time to grab your favorite bottle of rosé. Our experts found the best wine opener options on the market, including...

15 Wine and Cheese Pairings Everyone Should Know

Need to know which wine to serve with cheddar? Is port the only thing that goes with Stilton? Here are...

This Bat Wine Opener Is a Must-Have for Your Halloween Party

Spooky season is officially here. The must-have accessory for your next party? A bat wine opener that's fun, functional and...

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We Tried 15 Wines Under $15: These Are the Best Rosé Wine Options

Looking for the best rosé wine to fill your glass? So is our Test Kitchen! Our pros sampled 15 top...

I Made the Spicy Rosé That Went Viral on TikTok, and This Drink Won Me Over

It seems like spicy rosé shouldn't work, but trust us—it does.

The Best Canned Wine for Summer

Your new summer drink? Canned wine. Here are some of our favorite options to pair with all of your summer...

11 Non-Alcoholic Wine Options That Taste Just As Good

Cutting back on booze doesn't have to mean forgoing your favorite vino. We found the tastiest non-alcoholic wine options to...

The Best Kosher Wine for Your Passover Seder

Planning a Passover Seder? We've rounded up the best kosher wine brands to serve at your meal.

We Found the Best Wine Subscription Boxes for 2023

The best wine clubs make you feel like you have a sommelier overseeing all your at-home happy hours, and who...

Strawberry Riesling Wine Spritzer

Nothing says spring like strawberries and wine spritzers. The tarragon and black pepper in this refreshing cocktail complement the strawberry...

The Best Champagne for Mimosas, According to a Sommelier

Choosing the perfect bottle of bubbly is essential when making sensational mimosas. Our sommelier rounded up the best champagne for...

Cheese Board Pairings to Take Your Spread to the Next Level

Putting together a cheese board? Learn all about the types of cheese to choose, along with serving and pairing tips...

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Cheers to the Best Cheap Champagne (Under $20 a Pop!)

Looking for bubbly on a budget? Our Test Kitchen sampled 20 different bottles to find the best cheap champagne for...

The Best Champagne Glasses to Cheers any Occasion

Here are the best Champagne glasses for every toast, clink and sip—picked by a top sommelier.

30 Best Wine Gifts for Wine Lovers

From gadgets to cookbooks, these gift ideas for wine lovers go perfectly with a glass of vino. Cheers!

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These Are the Best Wine Glasses for Your Kitchen, According to Our Pros

Whether you're pouring a rich merlot or a crisp pinot grigio, you'll want to use the best wine glasses.

Rose Wine Cocktail

This is an easy way to dress up wine for a party. Other fruit, like watermelon balls or sliced peaches,...

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We Tried 5 Brands and Found the Best Boxed Red Wine

Boxed wine can be surprisingly delicious (and affordable). Find out which brand deserves to be called the best boxed red...

Can You Freeze Wine? Yes, and Here’s How

Can you freeze wine? Better yet, should you?

8 Best Single Serve Wine Brands, According to an Expert

Here are some of our favorite single serve wines we’ll be enjoying at backyard barbecues, on the beach or by...

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How to Cook with Wine, According to the Experts

Taste of Home's culinary deputy editor and an executive chef from Sonoma explain how to cook with wine. Pour a...

The Best Wines for a Bridal Shower According to a Sommelier

Planning a party for a bride-to-be? This sommelier is recommending the best bridal shower wine to sip while you celebrate!

What Is Cooking Wine?

Cooking wine has a bad reputation, but is it deserved? Skipping it in a recipe might mean losing a valuable...

This Kitchen Gadget Keeps Your Wine Fresh for Practically Forever

This easy-to-use tool is a must-have for every vino lover.

Mulled Wine Margaritas

These margarita wine cocktails are so fun, festive and unique. This favorite holiday beverage has complex flavors and warms the...

10 Best Prosecco Picks for Popping, Toasting and Sipping

This Italian bubbly is usually a little sweeter than its French cousin, champagne, but that makes it all the more...