This Adorable Honey Jar Is My Secret to Mess-Free Drizzling

Updated: May 14, 2024

Finally, a way to store (and pour!) honey without creating a sticky mess. Here's why a glass honey dispenser makes the best kitchen counter companion.

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As a shopping expert, I’m basically the queen of finding star-studded kitchen impulse buys. Whether for my day job or personal joy, I’m always shopping for fun finds that simply make life easier. So when I came across this adorable honey dispenser jar, I knew I struck gold.

Unlike some honey jars, this dispenser offers a seamless drizzling experience I never thought was possible (no more sticky honey all over the bottle!). Oh, and it looks stunning on the counter too. Here’s why it’s one of our favorite editor-tested kitchen gadgets worthy of your counter.

What is a honey dispenser?

Hunnibi No Drip Glass Honey Dispenser

If you're craving a drizzle of honey, this gorgeous glass container is here to keep any mess to a minimum.

A honey dispenser is just like those classic maple syrup dispensers at your favorite breakfast restaurant. Except, a honey dispenser gets a seriously cute upgrade with a bee hive shape and honeycomb design.

Not only does it hold eight ounces of honey (or granulated sugar and any syrup-like liquid), the glass dispenser boasts a smart, two-part design to prevent annoying, sticky messes all over the container. Honey is stored in the top half, which includes the dispensing handle, while the bottom glass half is where the dispenser sits. Best of all, the hole where the honey pours out has a stopper. This prevents honey from oozing into the bottom half of the container.

When it’s time to drizzle some honey on a cheese board or in a cup of tea, simply remove the stopper from the dispenser, gently squeeze the handle and watch as the golden goodness pours with ease. As for the rate at which it pours? It’s so smooth you’ll be shocked you haven’t snagged this product sooner.

It’s this genius design that Amazon shoppers (and myself) can’t stop talking about. Finally, there’s an aesthetically pleasing way to display, store and pour honey—no sticky mess included.

Honey Dispenser Features

Honey DispenserMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

  • Adorable honeycomb and beehive design
  • Leak-proof glass dispenser
  • Holds eight ounces
  • Includes stopper to prevent honey spills
  • Pours honey, syrup and any liquid you want!

Why I Love It

Out of all the cool Amazon gadgets I’ve tested, there are few products that bring me as much joy and satisfaction as this glass honey dispenser. What’s more, there are a few items I deem worthy of displaying on my kitchen counter. But the glass honey dispenser earns a rightful spot next to my coffee machine for its stunning appearance and incredibly useful nature.

Funny enough, I find myself drinking tea way more often now that this beauty is front and center. And don’t get me started on salad dressing prep. I used to despise digging out my store-bought honey bottle from the cupboard when a recipe called for the ingredient. Now, I actually get excited knowing I have a fun, easy and mess-free solution for storing and pouring honey. I’m officially filing it under useful Amazon products I can’t stop recommending to tea lovers, bakers and everyone in between.

But Don’t Take My Word for It!

Honey DispenserMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

Boasting almost 4,500 glowing five-star Amazon ratings, shoppers can’t stop raving about the glass honey dispenser’s ease of use and versatile functions.

“Switching from sugar to honey in our coffee was hard at first, as the convenience of pouring honey and also having sticky bottles on the counter weren’t appealing or working out for us,” writes verified Amazon reviewer, Eric Dawson. “I love how easy it is to fill the container (just be sure not to throw away that little white cap!). The honey pours out at a nice rate for easy mixing or spreading evenly on cereal or toast. I love that it comes with its own drip holder/catcher and it’s all glass so it’s easy to clean. This is a product I don’t mind having on our coffee bar as it’s authentically pleasing too!”

“No more sticky situations when dispensing honey!” shares Ellen Cappello, a verified Amazon reviewer. “Great for baking, too, as it dispenses evenly and precisely.”

Where to Buy a Honey Dispenser

Hunnibi No Drip Glass Honey Dispenser

Found: A pretty container that makes pouring honey a sweet—and stylish!—task.

Take this as your sign to ditch your current honey storage method (aka in the store-bought bottles) and upgrade to this adorable glass honey dispenser. Find it on Amazon and Walmart where it ranges from $21 to $33. Trust me, prepping everything from tea to salad dressing and pancake batter is a delight thanks to this beauty.


What is the best container for storing honey?

Honey will last just fine in its store-bought container, but if you want to bring some style to this pantry essential, place it in a glass container with an air-tight lid. (Otherwise, your honey might be exposed to air, which will cause it to ferment. Let’s be honest: You don’t want fermented honey in your tea!) You’ll also want to avoid storing it in a metal or a container that’s not food-safe, as these materials might lead to oxidation.

How does a honey dispenser work?

A honey dispenser is similar to a water pitcher or food storage container—only with a sweet twist. Once you pour that golden goodness into the dispenser, it’ll keep your honey safe and stylish. Simply tug on the lever that opens the spout, tip the dispenser on an angle and watch that honey pour out.

Do you refill a honey dispenser?

Once you’ve used up all the honey in your container,  you can easily refill it! While the exact directions will vary based on your dispenser, you can typically refill yours by opening the top, squeezing in some more honey and screwing its lid shut. (Just make sure you close the dispenser’s lid tightly to keep fermenting to a minimum.)

How do you store and dispense honey?

You might have your honey-dispensing know-how down pat, but what about storing it? If you store your honey properly, the golden good doesn’t go bad. The key is to place your honey in a tightly sealed container, preferably somewhere cool and away from natural sunlight.  However, when you place it somewhere too cold, like a refrigerator, your honey can be more difficult to use. Consider placing yours in your pantry or kitchen cabinet as a best practice.