Ice Tea Recipes

A summer day isn’t complete without an iced tea recipe or two. Check out our collection of sweet iced tea, unsweetened iced tea, Thai iced tea and so much more.

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    We’re Obsessed with the Tea Forte Iced Tea Pitcher

    Treat yourself to an elegant iced tea pitcher—because you're worth it.

    What Is Sun Tea?

    For many people, learning how to make sun tea was an essential part of growing up—but is this nostalgic method...

    This Is the White Peach Iced Tea Recipe You’ve Been Waiting For

    For the ultimate summer sipper, combine the flavor of fresh, juicy fruit with the refreshing taste of iced tea with...

    How to Make Perfect Iced Tea at Home

    We'll teach you how to make iced tea three different ways: the traditional hot brew method, cold brew and harnessing...

    The Best Iced Tea Bags for Summertime Sipping

    Keep your cool this summer by sipping on a refreshing beverage made with one of these popular iced tea bags.

    How to Cold Brew Tea and Make It Taste Great

    For a sweeter, smoother steep, learn how to cold brew tea like a pro.

    Lemony Pineapple Iced Tea

    1 review

    I like to garnish this iced tea with some of our sweet Hawaiian pineapple. —Beverly Toomey, Honolulu, Hawaii

    Pineapple Iced Tea

    4 reviews

    We have a large family, so we go through beverages quickly at our house. This thirst-quenching tea is simple to...

    Victorian Iced Tea

    2 reviews

    Pretty and refreshing, this flavored iced tea was well-received at the Victorian-theme shower. To vary the taste, simply mix in...

    Sweet Citrus Iced Tea

    2 reviews

    My family has been making iced tea this way ever since I was a child. When I recently prepared it...

    Sparkling Ginger Iced Tea

    Our home economists created a pleasant gingerroot syrup for a refreshing, fizzy beverage.

    Refreshing Citrus Iced Tea

    1 review

    I found this refreshing iced tea recipe in a 1932 women's magazine that my grandmother had. The lime adds a...

    Lemon-Orange Iced Tea

    1 review

    "I finally hit on a recipe for iced tea that doesn't have the aftertaste of artificial sweetener," relates Dawn Lowenstein...

    Smooth Sweet Tea

    3 reviews

    A pinch of baking soda eliminates bitterness in this smooth and easy-to-sip tea and it has just the right amount...

    Spiced Iced Tea

    1 review

    This was my mom's iced tea recipe, which had a special spot in our refrigerator on hot summer days. I...

    Ginger Iced Tea

    5 reviews

    Here's a refreshing beverage that goes with any meal. Carbonated ginger ale makes it a wonderful alternative to ordinary iced...

    Refreshing Raspberry Iced Tea

    This recipe makes a gallon, so it's a great choice for a springtime party when you have a medium-size crowd....

    Honey-Citrus Iced Tea

    A frozen orange or lemon slice in the glass looks pretty and helps keep this refreshing punch nice and cold....

    Mom’s Tangerine Iced Tea

    1 review

    Simple syrup gives a smooth finish to this sweet tea with a citrus twist. It's so refreshing on a hot...

    Apricot Lemonade Iced Tea

    4 reviews

    Every special occasion deserves a refreshing beverage (and a lovely punch bowl). Our tea has a tangy flavor from lemonade,...

    Peach Citrus Iced Tea

    My husband and I are peach tea fans, but couldn’t find a decaffeinated version. After experimenting, I came up with...

    Lemony Iced Tea

    This beverage is one of our favorites to serve during the hot humid summer months. We keep a jug in...

    Raspberry Iced Tea

    15 reviews

    One sip and you'll likely agree that this is the best flavored tea you've ever tasted. —Chris Wilson, Sellersville, Pennsylvania

    Iced Raspberry Tea

    22 reviews

    Frozen raspberries lend fruity flavor and lovely color to this pretty iced tea that's good throughout the year. The recipe...

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    Hibiscus Iced Tea

    1 review

    This calorie and caffeine-free tea has a delightful rosy color.—Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Greendale, Wisconsin

    Citrus Iced Tea

    I catered for 5 years, and this was by far my most-requested beverage recipe. Fresh citrus juice makes it special....

    Cran-Raspberry Iced Tea

    The fruity flavor of this refreshing ruby-red beverage from our Test Kitchen has just the right touch of sweetness. It's...

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    Citrus Iced Tea with Mint

    1 review

    "I think I have finally hit on a recipe for iced tea that doesn't have that artificial sweetener aftertaste," notes...

    Sweet Tea Concentrate

    5 reviews

    Sweet iced tea is a Southern classic and this is a fabulous recipe for those tea lovers or for a...

    Lemonade Iced Tea

    13 reviews

    I have always loved iced tea with lemon, and this irresistible thirst-quencher takes it one step further. The lemonade gives...