This Best-Selling Amazon Tool Organizes Pots and Pans In Seconds

Updated: Oct. 19, 2023

Still digging through cabinets to find pots and pans? It’s time to add the Mudeela Pan Organizer to your Amazon cart. 

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Every kitchen has that one frying pan that manages to find its way to the back of the kitchen cabinet. It often requires getting down on your hands and knees and emptying the cabinet to fish it out, no matter how many smart ways to clean and organize the cupboards you use. That is, until now. The hard work of keeping pans within reach is over thanks to the Mudeela pan organizer.

The Mudeela pan organizer is racking up rave ratings on Amazon (over 16,000!) for answering our pot and pan-organizing woes. So, what’s the secret behind this genius kitchen organizer? Reviewers swear by the Mudeela pan organizer’s “de-cluttering” sorcery, calling it a hassle-free space saver that provides a home for pots, pans and even their lids. They love that the organizer features three assembly methods, making it a convenient spot for cookware in spacious cabinets and awkwardly narrow spaces alike.

Intrigued by its magical organization powers, I tested the Mudeela pan organizer to see if the tool can corral my messy pots and pans collection—and give me back some precious cabinet real estate. Spoiler: I don’t know why I didn’t buy this tool sooner. 

What is the Mudeela pan organizer?

The Mudeela pan organizer is an eight-tier adjustable rack that stores pots, pans, lids and even baking pans and cutting boards on individual, M-shaped shelves. Furthermore, it’s a durable yet compact organizer and sits one of three ways depending on the amount of space you’re working with. Moreover, pots and pans sit comfortably on their individual racks, which are adjustable based on their height and length. The best part? No screws or heavy-duty installation required.   

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Mudeela Pan Organizer Product Features

  • 3.2 pounds  
  • Ideal for cabinets at least 18.5-inches tall
  • Black iron construction
  • Non-slip silicone M-shaped dividing racks 
  • Three adjustable sizes

How We Tested It

Before and after Mudeela Pots Pans EcommMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

Despite my best efforts to organize every corner of my kitchen, I’ve never bothered to corral my pots, pans and lids. Stacking them all together always worked just fine. But once I started investing in high-quality cookware (looking at you Our Place Always Pan 2.0 and Caraway ceramic cookware), I didn’t want my new pots and pans to scratch. That’s when I discovered the Mudeela pan organizer—aka my sign to start organizing my cookware the right way.


In my apartment kitchen, there’s one cabinet that’s just wide enough to fit the Mudeela pan organizer. To be safe, I measured the area before ordering the Amazon tool to ensure the new organizing method would prove successful. The cabinet measures 19″ x 24″ x 24″. We’re off to a good start! The best way to configure the organizer is with the rack sitting vertically toward the sky and the M-shaped shelves pointing out horizontally. Plus, this set-up maximizes the number of pots, pans and lids you’re able to organize (it fits eight pieces of cookware!). And yes, this configuration even fits deep pots.


Unfortunately, my cabinet has an interior shelf that makes the organizer unable to sit vertically with the shelves facing out. Still, I don’t have that many cookware pieces, so I opted for a horizontal rack set-up with the M-shaped shelves pointing up toward the sky. I adjusted the shelves to my liking, ensuring there was enough space in between each slot to hold every size of lid, pot and pan in my collection. That’s the beauty of the Mudeela pan organizer. The shelves and rack are adjustable to best fit your cabinet length and cookware sizes.


Much to my delight, I was able to fit two lids, three fry pans and one sauce pot on the organizer, instantly decluttering my cabinet. Because the cabinet is awkwardly deep, I’m losing a tiny bit of accessible space in the very back. But I’ll take that over a messy, hard-to-work-with cabinet any day. Within five short minutes of assembling the rack and placing it in the cabinet, it tidied up every last bit of cookware in a flash.


  • Can be assembled in three different ways to fit various cabinet sizes
  • No installation tools required
  • Easy to assemble
  • Non-slip shelves keep items in place
  • Adjustable length and shelves
  • Organizes up to eight pots and pans at a time
  • Versatile organizing uses for pots, pans and lids or baking sheets and cutting boards


  • Cabinets must be at least 24″ x 18.5″ x 9″ (W x H x D) for the organizer to work
  • Not ideal for organizing heavy-duty cookware like cast iron pans or Dutch ovens
  • Though it can be assembled three different ways, some of the configurations won’t work depending on your cabinet’s height and length

What Other Shoppers Had to Say

Verified Amazon reviewer Kat gives the Mudeela pan organizer five stars, adding, “Durable and adjustable, this cookware organizer is exactly what I needed. This thing is versatile and can be used in several ways to meet your needs. You can move each divider wherever you want it. My pans are heavy and this thing holds up really well. It did take up all the room in my cabinet and I did not want to pull out my cabinet shelf, so I stuck it on the countertop and have gotten a few compliments. Overall, this organizer really meets the mark and does what I need it to do.”

Gaby, another verified Amazon reviewer, attests to the organizer’s sturdiness: “The fact that it’s adjustable should be the only selling point you need. It’s so easy to put together once you know the measurements of where you want it to go. It’s sturdy, doesn’t tip and actually organizes everything to make it easily accessible. Worth the price and no tools required.”

And verified Amazon reviewer, JoAnna Jensen, speaks to the product’s versatility. “It’s great for the price. For now, I prefer having the pans on their sides. It makes it very convenient to quickly grab a pan and easily put away dishes without having to restack pans every time they need to be put away.” 

While Amazon reviewers attest to the Mudeela pan organizer’s ability to hold heavy pots and pans without tipping over, some reviewers have found that it’s not sturdy enough to hold cast iron skillets. We recommend using this product to organize non-cast iron pans only.

Final Verdict

Before the Mudeela pan organizer, I found myself on my hands and knees hunting for my favorite fry pan. This was the most annoying part of cooking and putting the dishes away because, well, I didn’t have a strong organization solution in place. Now, I’m thrilled to see all my best cookware neatly lined up in the cabinet, each accessible for any meal I wish to whip up.

Where to Buy the Mudeela Pan Organizer

Pan Organizer Rack For Cabinet Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

If you’re ready to implement one of the best kitchen storage ideas, the Mudeela Pan Organizer is available to purchase on Amazon where it goes for $36. A similar option is also available on Walmart. So long, cluttered kitchen cabinets!

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