‘Candy Crush’ Hibiscus Flowers Will Make Your Garden Even Sweeter

The bright pink color will be the highlight of your summer garden.

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It takes a lot of research and upkeep to make sure our garden beds are neat and tidy. But it’s all worth it once bright tulips and other early-blooming spring flowers emerge from the soil! If you’re anything like me, you love a bed full of rainbow hues—red to violet and everything in between.

That’s why this Candy Crush hibiscus flower may be the perfect flower to plant this summer. It’s bright, tall and hardy!

“Candy Crush” Hibiscus Is So Easy to Grow

This pretty-in-pink flower is a new variety of rose mallow, a favorite garden perennial. Much like the tropical hibiscus you’re familiar with, this variety has large, hot pink petals for all to see. The reason people can’t stop talking about Candy Crush isn’t just because of its color, but because of its strength and adaptability. These flowers can withstand snow, ice and cold temperatures that dip below freezing.

They can grow up to five feet tall, attract plenty of bees and deter deer. Blooms grow all along the stem for a flashy flower show you wish could last all year round. Seriously, we can’t get enough of this beauty!

But what about growing them? Simple. These perennials love moisture. They’ll survive summer heat and humidity if you keep them properly watered. Don’t let the flowers dry out or you risk losing the season’s blooms! Spread a layer of mulch around their base and make sure they’re placed in full sun or light shade.

Where Can I Get It?

I know you’re super excited—I totally understand. However, these flowers do best when planted in summer. It’s not quite growing season yet, but you can prepare by signing up for the mailing list on Breck’s website. They’ll let you know as soon as “Candy Crush” is back in season. A single package is currently listed at $39.99. And we just know it’ll be the most satisfying purchase you’ll make this year!

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