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    This String of Turtles Plant Has Leaves That Look JUST Like Mini Turtle Shells

    The string of turtles plant is our latest houseplant obsession!

    10 Charming Planters That Make It Easy to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

    Stop overbuying fresh herbs only to watch them spoil in the fridge. Instead, get an indoor herb garden and grow...

    Vegetable Gardening for Beginners: 8 Mistakes to Avoid, According to the Mocha Gardener

    Our expert helps make vegetable gardening for beginners a success. Learn about some of the most common gardening mistakes, plus...

    Should You Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden?

    Should you save your coffee grounds and add them to your garden soil? Learn how the garden expert says gardeners...

    20 Vegetables You Should Never Grow Together, Plus Ideas for Companion Vegetables

    Some vegetables should just not be planted together. Instead, put companion vegetables next to each other to yield a robust...

    “Eye-Leaves” Is a Real Dwarf Succulent with Showy Flowers

    You need this succulent for your indoor garden.

    The Best Gifts for Gardeners

    Looking for the best gifts for gardeners? We've rounded up some of the cutest (and most practical) gifts for all...

    How to Grow Rhubarb

    It's almost spring, and spring means rhubarb time! Learn how to grow rhubarb for your own supply of this much-anticipated...

    Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers Will Make Your Yard Look Dark and Decadent

    This chocolate cherry sunflower looks good enough to eat.

    The ‘Frizzle Sizzle’ Is a Houseplant That’ll Make You Happy

    The 'Frizzle Sizzle' is easy to grow and has the cutest curls! Add one to your houseplant family.

    10 Great Trees to Consider Planting in Your Yard This Spring

    Trees will not only bring you joy season after season, but the right species planted in the right spot can...

    How to Grow Seedlings in an Empty Egg Carton

    Don't throw away that empty egg carton!

    12 Pretty (and Easy) Plant Combos

    Variety is the spice of life. Try some of these savvy plant combinations to add flavor to your garden.

    Moonflower Vine Is the Fragrant, Night-Blooming Plant You Need in Your Garden

    Move over, morning glory—there's a new plant in town.

    21 Early Blooming Flowers for Spring

    These pretty, early blooming flowers are the first to pop up in spring. That’s what makes hellebores, winter heath and...

    Here’s What to Do with Banana Peels Before You Toss Them Out

    Hint: Your DIY fertilizer game is about to get a big boost.

    How To Get Rid of Mealybugs and Scale Insects on Plants

    Gardening expert Melinda Myers shares her sure-fire tips on how to get rid of mealybugs. Also, learn how to get...

    Tips for Caring for Your Christmas Cactus

    Learn how to care for a Christmas cactus to ensure it blooms in time for the holidays.

    Why Does My Plant Have Brown Tips on the Leaves?

    Noticing brown tips on the leaves of your indoor plants? Solve the problem with proper watering tips from a gardening...

    Why Are the Leaves on My Indoor Plant Yellow?

    Are your indoor plant leaves turning yellow? Learn the proper way to water and fertilize indoor plants, and get rid...

    10 Best Herbs to Grow Indoors

    Make some room near your sunniest window for the best herbs to grow indoors—and add fresh-picked flavor to your cooking...

    How to Protect Shrubs From Heavy Snow

    Extend the life and general appearance of your shrubs over the winter time with this simple tip.

    11 Gifts for Hunters and Anglers That’ll Hit the Mark

    No trout about it—we found the best gifts for hunters and fishers!

    Here’s Why Burning Leaves Is a Bad Idea

    Burning leaves might be the most convenient way to get rid of fallen leaves from your lawn. But that doesn't...