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Whether you like to cook it hot and fast or low and slow, we’ve assembled the best grilling and barbecue tips, product reviews, explainer guides and more that’ll make you want to cook outdoors year round.

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55 Barbecue Recipes That’ll Make You Feel Like a Pitmaster

Fire up the grill and mop on the sauce, it's time to feel like a barbecue pitmaster! These slathered, rubbed, spiced and smoked barbecue recipes are an outdoor cook's dreams.

12 Ooni Pizza Oven Accessories to Make the Absolute Best Pies

Love your home pizza oven? Improve your pizza game with these handy Ooni pizza oven accessories for better hosting and...

How to Grill Chicken Breast

Learning how to grill chicken breast is the easiest and most delicious way to chow down on chicken.

How to Make S’mores in Foil Packets for Your Next Backyard Barbecue

Parents love this s'mores packet hack! You can skip the mess (well, some mess) and make a bunch of s'mores...

20 Best Grilling Accessories You Need at Your Station

It's time to get outside (and get cooking!) with the best grill accessories and gadgets.

Traeger Ironwood XL Review: We Tried the Pellet Grill and It Smokes Competitors

Consider this your (smoke) signal to buy a pellet grill! The Traeger Ironwood XL delivered meatloaf, pork shoulder and chicken...

The Heavy-Duty Scrub Daddy Grill Brush Is Bristle-Free and Cleans with Steam

The secret to better-tasting burgers? A deep-cleaning Scrub Daddy grill brush.

11 Blackstone Grill Accessories for Making Epic Outdoor Meals

Experience the versatility of Blackstone grill accessories as you sizzle up juicy burgers, pancakes and stir-fries.

12 Must-Have Traeger Grill Accessories

Power on the grill! These Traeger grill accessories will take your next backyard cooking session to the next level.

11 Weber Grill Accessories for Better Grilling

Summer is the perfect season for firing up the grill! Take your outdoor cooking to the next level with these...

This Easy-to-Install Kit Turns Your Kettle Grill Into a Pizza Oven

Did you know that you can turn your kettle grill into a pizza oven? You just need the simple KettlePizza...

This Bristle-Free Brush Is the Safest Way to Clean Your Grill

Thousands of pitmasters swear by the Grill Rescue brush—and for good reason.

Steak Lovers, Listen Up—You Need This Custom Branding Iron for Grilled Meats

Nothing says, "I'm the grill master behind this feast!" more than a custom branding iron.

6 Best Meat Thermometers for Perfectly Cooked Steak and Chicken Every Single Time

For delicious steak, chicken and more, having the best meat thermometer at your disposal is an absolute must.

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How to Smoke a Pork Butt, According to Our Test Kitchen Grilling Pro

Ready to become a pitmaster? Here's how to smoke a pork butt in your own backyard.

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Himalayan Salt Block Grilling Takes Summer Eats to the Next Level

Want to make delicious, complex dishes this summer and beyond? Salt block grilling is our new favorite cooking method thanks...

Thermapen One: Our Test Kitchen’s Favorite Meat Thermometer for Summer Grilling

The Thermapen One instant-read thermometer is our go-to gadget for any grill master or home chef.

The Best Gas Grills to Buy in 2023, According to Our Test Kitchen

If you love the convenience of grilling with gas, our Test Kitchen pros picked out the best gas grills for...

The Best Charcoal Grill to Buy in 2023, According to Our Test Kitchen

There's no comparison to the smoky flavor of meat cooked over charcoal. If you love to cook outdoors, it's time...

You Can Now Make Cocktails with Smoked Ice—Here’s How

Smoky cocktails are popular, but have you ever tried smoked ice? It's easy and adds zing to your drink.

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How to Grill a Turkey Perfectly This Thanksgiving

Take the turkey outside and learn how to grill a turkey using a charcoal or gas grill. The smoky flavor...

How to Grill a Turkey Perfectly This Thanksgiving

It's not the most common way to cook for Thanksgiving, but once you learn how to grill a turkey, you'll...

43 Gifts for Grillers Who Have Everything

What do you get for the backyard chef in your life? From clever tools to bold flavors, we found the...

The Dangerous Reason You Should Never Use a Wire Brush to Clean Your Grill

It's important to keep your grill clean, but using a wire grill brush can be more dangerous than helpful.

How to Clean Grill Grates for Better Tasting and Safer Food

Learn how to clean grill grates the right way! Follow these tips and your grilled food will taste better and...

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How to Use a Charcoal Grill

This summer, learn how to use a charcoal grill. Mastering this skill means you'll have some amazing cookouts, delicious food...

What Is Liquid Smoke?

Liquid smoke is an ingredient surrounded by controversy. Many turn their noses up at it, but should they?

Easy Ways to Make the Most of Your BBQ Leftovers

You made hot dogs, hamburgers and steak for a family of 12—but only have a family of four. It happens!...

The Difference Between Barbecuing and Grilling

Though most cooks tend to think of "barbecuing" and "grilling" as the same thing, the two cooking methods are different....

12 Regional Barbecue Sauce Styles All Grill Masters Should Know

Some barbecue sauces are tangy and sweet, while others are thick and spicy. Here's what you need to know about...

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The Best Tailgate Grill for Your Cookout

You'll be the MVP of game day when you show up with the best tailgate grill in tow.