Thermapen One: Our Test Kitchen’s Favorite Meat Thermometer for Summer Grilling

Updated: Nov. 01, 2023

The Thermapen One instant-read thermometer is our go-to gadget for any grill master or home chef.

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Even the grandmaster grill masters and the handiest home chefs need a little help figuring out when that roast chicken is ready, or when that T-bone is at a precise medium-rare.

If you’ve been a Taste of Home reader for a while, you’ve likely gotten the hint that our Test Kitchen loves Thermapen products for cooking up *chef’s kiss* perfect cuts of protein. But if we had to choose just one essential kitchen gadget from the line, it’s the Thermapen One, an instant-read thermometer we simply can’t cook protein without.

What is the Thermapen One?

How “instant” is the Thermapen One instant meat thermometer? Glad you asked. It takes less than one second to get an accurate reading. One second!

Simply take hold of the handle and fold out the metal thermometer. Insert the needle in the protein you’re preparing and voila!  You have an accurate internal temperature reading. In fact, it takes longer to say, “Who’s ready to eat?” than to find out whether the feast is actually ready to eat.

Unlike other kitchen tools that require electricity or yet another charger, we’re pretty impressed that the Thermapen One just needs a single AAA battery to work its magic.

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Why We Love It

Let’s be frank: We love any grilling tool that helps us whip up the juiciest hamburgers and hot dogs, whether it’s on the Fourth of July or any other day that calls for a sizzling backyard barbecue.

But it’s more than just serving up the most delectable cuts of beef, pork, chicken, fish and other carnivorous delights. Cooking meat to the correct internal temperature ensures everyone is safe from germs and food-borne illnesses.

Though this won’t affect how this kitchen gadget operates, the Thermapen earns major bonus points for coming in 10 different colors, everything from black and white to blue and green—and yes, even pink and purple.

But Don’t Take Our Word for It!

Take it from these very satisfied customers to see why this grilling accessory earns our shopping experts’ and Test Kitchen’s seal of approval.

“Whether I’m grilling, cooking or baking, the Thermapen One is always in my back pocket,” shares Taste of Home‘s Prep Kitchen Manager, Catherine Ward. “Its speed and accuracy mean I don’t have to rely on the feel of the meat for doneness, which is something professionals and home cooks alike will certainly benefit from. The display is bright and easy to read, even without my cheater glasses.”

“The best! Worth every penny,” adds five-star reviewer, Alison H. “Simple and reliable. No buttons, no beeping, and no Wi-Fi required. We have our own, and we gave one as a gift. Recipients are equally enthusiastic.”

“I should have bought this years ago,” writes Shawn W. “Stop guessing on the temp or using cheaper thermometers like I did for years that took 20-30 seconds for temperature readings.”

Where to Buy the Thermapen One

Thermappen One Meat Thermometervia merchant

The Thermapen One is available exclusively on the Thermoworks website for $99.95. Bonus: You can score the Thermapen One for just $92 when you purchase five or more. Considering how much time (and sanity) is saved with this genius little gadget, it’s a well-worth-it investment for home cooks and serious pit masters.

It also makes a thoughtful Father’s Day gift for serious meat lovers. Get a perfect cook every time now that the temperatures are heating up. What will you grill first?

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