Costco Is Selling a Whole Thanksgiving Dinner for $200, and It Will Feed 8 People

Updated: Oct. 25, 2023

Costco Thanksgiving dinner sells out long before Turkey Day.

It’s the fall feast we look forward to all year long: Thanksgiving! While most people love a Thanksgiving celebration, it’s no secret that cooking turkey and all the sides isn’t for the faint of heart.

It can take hours, days, (sometimes even weeks!) of advance prep to perfect a Thanksgiving spread before it reaches the table. In other words, Thanksgiving dinner can be a heavy lift.

That’s where Costco comes in handy to ease Thanksgiving dinner pains. Forget rushing to the store for last-minute ingredients. Costco has a meal kit with an entire Thanksgiving dinner.

What is Costco’s Thanksgiving meal kit?

Costco’s Fortune Gourmet Thanksgiving Dinner is a $199 Thanksgiving meal kit that serves up to 8. It’s a full holiday spread that features 10 items! Chock full of Thanksgiving sides and other festive staples (including desserts!), Costco swears your guests will think the meal is homemade.

What’s in the Thanksgiving meal kit?

Costco Family Thanksgiving Dinner Plate Via MerchantVia Merchant

We spy mac and cheese and apple pie! OK, that has our attention. Take a look at the full list of items shoppers can expect to find in this Costco Thanksgiving dinner:

  • 5 pounds All Natural, Amish Farm Raised Skin-on, Netted Turkey Breast
  • 2 pounds Tray of St. Claire Dressing/Stuffing
  • 1.5 pound Tray of Mashed Potatoes & 8 ounces Turkey Gravy
  • 1.6 pounds Tray of Mac and Cheese
  • 2 pounds Pack of Sweet Corn
  • 2 pounds Pack of Whole Green Beans
  • 0.75 pound Jar of Cranberry Relish
  • 12 Dinner Rolls
  • 8 inches Whole Pumpkin Pie
  • 8 inches Whole Apple Pie

According to Costco, items are all “worthy of your festive table.” The turkey is raised on small farms and is hormone and antibiotic free. The mashed potatoes are “as close as you can get to scratch-made,” minus the peeling, boiling and mashing. The mac and cheese is handcrafted, green beans thawed, cranberry relish accented with cinnamon.

As for dessert, Costco challenges us to wonder why we should choose between two classic Thanksgiving pies when we can serve both pumpkin and apple. A sentiment I can fully get behind.

How do I order Costco Thanksgiving dinner?

Costco has the Thanksgiving meal kits available to order on its website. You don’t even have to go to the store! In other words, no chaotic day before (or, let’s be real, day of) Thanksgiving trip to the store to pick up last-minute ingredients.

The kits take around 2 to 3 business days to arrive. For customers who pre-order by November 5, Costco says the kit will arrive between November 8 and 17. But, take note that these kits are only available while supplies last.

After the meal kit arrives, simply pop these frozen items in the freezer. Then, swap out the stressful prep time for defrosting time and heat up a Thanksgiving dinner that may be the easiest ever.