If You See a Gold Porch Light, This Is What It Means

Like red, green and purple porch lights, gold porch lights also have a meaning behind them. Here are the three reasons people might swap them for the usual white light.

When it comes to colored porch lights, you might associate them with certain times of the year—orange or purple for Halloween, green or red for Christmas or pastels for Easter. But that’s not the only signifier. Did you know people will often use different colored porch lights to bring awareness to certain societal issues?

If you’ve ever seen a gold porch light, it could mean more than just creating a beautiful home environment. Here’s what you need to know.

What Does a Gold Porch Light Mean?

Different colored porch lights are just one way people are creative in their decorative and communicative acts. Changing the hue of your porch light is a simple act and something that makes supporting a cause more accessible to everyone. Different colors of the rainbow are used in porch lights for various reasons like green lights symbolizing the return of an honorably discharged U.S. veteran and purple lights bringing awareness to instances of domestic violence. Red porch lights could symbolize American Heart Month.

Much like the other colors of the rainbow, gold and yellow are quite common porch light colors. There are a few reasons people might use the golden shade.

Awareness for childhood cancer

Thinking about children with such an illness can be heartbreaking, but it still needs to be talked about. Those who go through such suffering in their lifetimes often feel there isn’t enough funding and awareness for childhood cancer. There’s even a Facebook group for such a cause if you’re interested in learning more or donating to help. These people have also adopted the golden porch lights, like the golden cancer ribbon, to signify their awareness of childhood cancer and their actions to help support research and funding.

Celebration of a special event

Gold is a beautiful color that fits in with almost every single type of celebration, especially Christmas, parties and anniversaries. It’s a warm hue that can make any home warm and welcoming. A gold porch light could be the perfect color to bathe your porch in while sitting outside reconnecting with old friends. It also goes wonderfully with many other color schemes and would be perfect for your holiday get-togethers.

Keeping bugs away

Warm-colored LED lights, like yellow and gold, have been found to keep bugs away. This is because the more muted color isn’t as appealing to bugs as bright white or bluish lights. This kind of act would be perfect for warm summer nights with family, friends or even just solitude. Fewer bug bites and gorgeous golden scenery? We’ll take it!

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