If You See White Stuff on Your Peach Pit, This Is What It Means

Enjoying a juicy ripe peach? Don't let the white stuff (also known as peach callus tissue) stop you.

Summer is prime time for fresh stone fruits. Everything from cherries and plums to peaches is in season and at your fingertips. Whether you grab stone fruits from a local farm stand, head out to an orchard to pick them yourself or pick up a pound in the grocery store, they’re ideal for baking crisps and crumbles, as well as munching on their own for a refreshing summer snack.

Of course, plump, juicy peaches are a summer favorite, but have you ever cut open a peach to find white spots on the pit? It’s peach callus tissue. And while it may seem unappetizing, there is good news! This strange white substance is perfectly safe.

What Is Peach Callus Tissue?

There’s nothing worse than taking a bite out of a piece of fresh fruit, only to find something weird inside. But in this case, there’s no need to worry. Its appearance may seem alien-like, but it’s certainly not a foreign substance, You may find this white residue or white dots on the actual pit of your peach, or it may be hiding in the cavity once you’ve removed the pit.

Callus tissue may also be referred to as undifferentiated cells, meaning that it’s a group of cells that hasn’t actually fully developed just yet. It occurs naturally within the peach, and it’s quite common to find when you dive in to take a bite.

Is It Safe to Eat?

While it’s not the most appetizing feature of a peach, it’s still safe to consume. It’s not a parasite, bacteria or any other harmful substance, nor is it mold or bug eggs, though I definitely frantically searched the internet for all of these when I found white stuff in my peach!

If you’ve got more questions about stone fruit, we broke down the differences between nectarines and peaches.

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