The Best Hot Dogs in Every State

From coast to coast, these are America's most iconic hot dog joints!

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Chris' Famous Hot Dogs, Montgomery
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Chris’ Famous Hot Dogs, Montgomery

When they say famous, they mean it: presidents, musicians, authors, movie stars and every Alabama governor since 1917 have all eaten at Chris’ Famous Hot Dogs. What makes these hot dogs so famous is the chili sauce, a guarded, secret recipe known only to a few living souls.

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Chinook Hotdogs
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Chinook Hotdogs, Fairbanks

You will find this favorite Fairbanks eatery in a renovated school bus. Their hot dog creations include the ‘Merican with bacon and cheese, and the Pedro with pinto beans and sriracha mayo. Or go for a Single Hook—a hot dog on a sweet roll with mustard, relish and onions!

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BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs, Tucson
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BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs, Tucson

A hot dog at a Mexican joint? Yes, and it’s a good one! The BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs version of a classic Sonoran is served in a specially made bun with pinto beans, tomato, onions, a secret jalapeno sauce and grilled peppers. You won’t be disappointed by this award-winning dog!

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Bark Bar, Little Rock
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Bark Bar, Little Rock

You’ll find all kinds of dogs here: Bark Bar is a combination bar and dog park! Bring your pooch to this fun space to run and play—while you kick back with a local craft brew and tasty hot dogs creations like The Schnauzer, topped with sauerkraut and spicy mustard. (And they have snacks for your dog, too.)

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Cupid's Hot Dogs
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Cupid’s Hot Dogs, Canoga Park

Richard and Bernice Walsh opened this hot dog stand in 1946. “Cupid” was Richard’s nickname for Bernice. (Aw!) Today all three Cupid’s locations are still run by third-generation Walsh family members. The menu is simple but the hot dogs are as popular as ever.

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Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs, Denver

In the Mile High city? Head on over to Biker Jim’s for a hot dog you won’t soon forget. This hot dog joint boasts 13 kinds of sausages, some you’ve probably never heard of before like ostrich, wild boar and rattlesnake-rabbit. But you can get the classics too topped with anything from bacon-onion marmalade to wasabi aoli to tomatillo salsa. In Denver, the sky’s the limit!

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Carol's Lunchbox
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Carol’s Lunchbox, Farmington

At this charming hot dog stand you’ll find steamed franks, tasty toppings like chili, melted cheddar, homemade hot pepper relish—and you may just get a song. Hot dog proprietor and talented singer Carol loves to belt out hot dog-inspired tunes!

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Deerhead Hot Dogs, Newark
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Deerhead Hot Dogs, Newark

Deerhead Hot Dogs got its start back in 1935 when then-maid Beulah R. Tilghman stirred up the first-ever batch of Deerhead Secret Sauce at the Hotel Olivere. The sauce is still a closely guarded secret many decades later but one worth stopping to try at Deerhead’s Newark restaurant.

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VooDoo Dogs table spread
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VooDoo Dog, Tallahassee

VooDoo will cast a spell on you with hot dog creations like the Atomic Veggie, or the Wake-N-Bake topped with bacon and a fried egg. Plus, their restaurant is a trip down ’80s and ’90s memory lane. The wall decor includes rock albums, Q*bert and a portrait of Princess Leia eating a hot dog.

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The Original Hot Dog Factory, Atlanta
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The Original Hot Dog Factory, Atlanta

The Original Hot Dog Factory has locations in several southern states, but the Atlanta restaurant is the original Original Hot Dog Factory. They have a menu of all kinds of specialty dogs, but who can resist the BLT: a bacon-wrapped beef dog with all the fixings. And if you’re looking for a treat, try a homemade corndog—way better than any you’ll find at the fair.

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Puka Dog
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Puka Dog, Koloa

The hot dog at Puka Dog is completely unique, starting with a Hawaiian sweet roll with a hole right through the middle. The dog is dressed with a secret recipe lemon-garlic sauce that can be as mild or spicy as you like, plus tropical relishes made from pineapple, star fruit and mango.

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Franko's Dog House, Post Falls
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Franko’s Dog House, Post Falls

Franko’s loves creating specialty hot dogs, with seasonal franks made from elk and reindeer. The most unique hot dog has to be the Huckleberry Hound topped with huckleberry chipotle sauce and mozzarella. Want two? Order the Double Dog Dare Ya!

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Courtesy Superdawg


Superdawg Drive-In, Chicago

Everything at this iconic hot dog joint is super. The dogs of course, the drinks, the sides like Superfries and the legacy: family-owned since 1948. Customers at both locations are greeted by 12-foot hot dogs on the roof named Maurie and Flaurie after the original owners. The Superdawg is built like a classic Chicago dog and is delivered “lounging” in a retro-styled box. (How many of these regional hot dogs have you tried?)

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That's My Dog, Jeffersonville


That’s My Dog, Jeffersonville

That’s My Dog specializes in your specialty! While you can order one of their signature hot dogs, owner Thomas Harris says you can have whatever you want on your dog at his restaurant. How good does a hot dog topped with pulled pork or onion strings (or both?) sound?

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The Flying Wienie, Cedar Rapids
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The Flying Wienie, Cedar Rapids

You don’t need to head to the Windy City for a great Chicago-style dog. Instead, blow over to the Flying Wienie. This Cedar Rapids hot dog joint is known for its classic Chicago dogs and dogs-to-go (snag a 12-pack for a party). You can also enjoy Italian beef and other Midwest faves here.

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Wiener Kitchen
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Wiener Wagon, Overland Park

David Derr and Jessica Rush built a loyal following crafting signature frankfurters and sausages. The duo first took their creations on the road in the Wiener Wagon, but have settled in at the Wiener Wagon. Their Classic Dog is made from brisket and flavorful wagyu beef and topped with house-made ketchup.

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Red Top, Louisville
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Red Top, Louisville

Looking for a hot dog that’s a little outside the box? Hit up Red Top in Louisville. This restaurant offers up bison, boar and Waygu hot dogs (and classic all-beef dogs too). Stopping in with a veggie friend? No worries! They offer three kinds of vegan sausages plus plenty of toppings to keep everyone happy.

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Botsky's, Lake Charles
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Botsky’s, Lake Charles

Looking for an alligator sausage? Smoked duck hot dog? You can find them—along with classic hot dogs and veggie dogs—at Botsky’s. With 35+ toppings, you can come up with endless combinations at this Lake Charles restaurant.

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Blue Rooster Food Company hotdog
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Blue Rooster Food Company, Portland

The Blue Rooster has an upscale take on comfort food. The locally sourced dogs have intriguing flavor combinations like the Thai Peanut dog with peanut sauce and daikon, or the Wagon Wheel with bacon, barbecue sauce and pickled jalapenos.

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Stuggy's hotdogs


Stuggy’s, Baltimore

Find Stuggy’s famous dogs at the Fells Street restaurant and also at the ballgames at Oriole Park. The hands-down favorite dog created by this father-son business is the Crab Mac: an all-beef dog topped with homemade mac n’ cheese, crab meat and Old Bay seasoning.

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Grumpy's Dogs
Grumpy's Dogs/Facebook


Grumpy’s Dogs, West Boylston

The name says Grumpy, but the customers say the service at this food truck is wonderful! Paired with great service are delicious hot dogs like the Mac-Roni, and the T.N.T. deep-fried in an eggroll wrapper with jalapeno cream cheese.

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Duly's Place, Detroit
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Duly’s Place, Detroit

Duly’s Place serves up Michigan’s favorite take on a frank: the Coney dog. This classic is topped with onion, mustard and chili. If that’s not enough, grab some chili cheese fries to boot. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself.

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Natedogs, Minneapolis

After spending his youth enjoying footlongs at the Minnesota State Fair, Nate Beck turned his love of hot dogs into a business. From his Natedogs street cart, Nate serves up pork wieners from local suppliers topped with his own homemade mustards and sauteed onions. He was the 2017 Hot Dog Vendor of the Year!

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Hot Dog Man, Vicksburg


Hot Dog Man, Vicksburg

Need a quick and easy bite in Vicksburg? Make Hot Dog Man your must-stop destination. This mom-and-pop shop serves up delicious dogs of course, but other Southern favorites like brisket and Frito pie.

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Steve's Hot Dogs, St. Louis
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Steve’s Hot Dogs, St. Louis

This hot dog shop is a favorite in St. Louis. The menu boasts 12 different specialty hot dogs and gives diners the opportunity to have their favorite order added to the menu. But who needs a special order when you can try Steve’s Gorilla Mac & Cheese Dog loaded with macaroni and cheese, bacon and crispy French’s fried onions?

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Covered Wagon Hot Dogs
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Covered Wagon Hot Dogs, Missoula

The mobile Covered Wagon hot dog kitchens make weekly appearances at Missoula music and food events, and are a favorite to cater private events. We’d like to try the Pepperoni Pizza dog loaded with melted cheese and marinara.

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FlyDogz, Lincoln


FlyDogz, Lincoln

While we all love a classic hot dog, there’s something to be said about the creative combinations that FlyDogz creates. Seriously, who can resist hot dogs topped with treats like Doritos, Fritos or nacho cheese?

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Courtesy Buldogis


Buldogis, Las Vegas

Korean flavors meet hot dogs at this Las Vegas hot dog spot. Buldogis is a play on the name of a Korean beef dish, bulgogi. The gourmet quarter-pound hot dogs feature inventive and feature mouthwatering toppings like kimchi made and aged in-house, nori flakes and spicy aioli.

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Gilley's Diner
Courtesy Gilley's Diner

New Hampshire

Gilley’s Diner, Portsmouth

It’s like stepping back in time when you step into this tiny diner, a Portsmouth fixture since 1912. Anne Ormond of Dover, New Hampshire, says Gilley’s is always packed. The hot dog offerings there are simple classics: plain, kraut and chili.

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Jimmy Buff's, West Orange and Kenilworth
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New Jersey

Jimmy Buff’s, West Orange and Kenilworth

We all know classics like the Chicago dog, but let Jimmy Buff’s introduce you to the Italian Dog. This hot dog is topped with peppers, onions and fried potatoes—what’s not to like? This hot dog shop also serves up Italian sausage, cheesesteaks and burgers—just the basics for this restaurant that’s been in the biz since 1932.

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Urban Hot Dog Company, Albuquerque
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New Mexico

Urban Hot Dog Company, Albuquerque

Heading to ABQ? Better make a stop at Urban Hot Dog Company either at their brick-and-mortar restaurant or food truck. They make a heck of a hot dog like the Spicy Rooster with pico de gallo, avocado salsa, queso fresco and hot sauce, but don’t skip out on the rest of the menu; Guiness-soaked brats sound too good to pass up.

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Frank's Gourmet Hot Dogs
Courtesy Frank's Gourmet Hot Dogs

New York

Frank’s Gourmet Hot Dogs, Buffalo

With a plethora of hot dog carts in NYC alone, it’s hard to choose just one hot dog joint for all of New York. We think we found a good one, though in  Frank’s. These hot dogs are not only delicious, they’re also made on-location with local meats. What’s not to love?

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JJ's Red Hots hot dogs in a line
Courtesy JJ's Red Hots

North Carolina

JJ’s Red Hots, Charlotte

At JJ’s, they take quality very seriously. Almost everything that goes on their gourmet dogs is made in-house and customers say JJ’s has the best dogs they’ve ever eaten. There are three locations in Charlotte to get tasty dogs like the Quarter Hounder, with beer cheese, bacon and secret sauce.

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DogMahal Dog Haus
Courtesy DogMahal Dog Haus

North Dakota

DogMahal Dog Haus, Grand Forks

Comic books, vintage vinyl and incredible hot dogs all in one shop? Get me to Grand Forks! Not only is DogMahal a great spot to browse and shop, the hot dog creations are outrageous. Like the Poutinie Weenie topped with fries, gravy and cheddar cheese curds.

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Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace, Columbus
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Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace, Columbus

Stop by the Palace in Columbus or find one of Frank’s food trucks on the street. Either way, you’ll be happy you stopped by. Dirty Frank’s menu is full of hot dog options including homemade corn dogs, the Tot-cho Dog (with tater tots, of course) and the Classy Lady topped with cheese sauce and crushed potato chips. If this isn’t enough to persuade you to drop in, check out the drink menu. Who wouldn’t want to order a Mule Never Take Me Alive?

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The Gnarley Dawg
The Gnarley Dawg/Facebook


The Gnarley Dawg, Tulsa

Tulsa has thriving arts, music and college scenes…and pretty impressive hot dogs, too! Gnarley Dawg boasts fresh ingredients and huge portions—and they aren’t kidding around. There are classic toppings like the sauerkraut-topped Hooch, but the Silly Philly is a huge quarter-pound dog topped with ribeye steak!

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Victory Dogs
Courtesy Victory Dogs


Victory Dogs, Medford

Customers say that getting a dog from Victory Dogs is like having your buddy grill one for you in his backyard. The food truck’s owners take tremendous pride in their hot dogs. They also have the biggest menu item we’ve seen, The Crack’in: two dogs and two sausages plus 10 more meats, two cheeses and four buns!

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Paulie's Hot Dogs, Honesdale
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Paulie’s Hot Dogs, Honesdale

Wish you could enjoy fair favorites (including hot dogs) any time of year? Get on over to Paulie’s Hot Dogs. You can get your hot dog made almost any way and then grab a funnel cake or deep-fried Oreo for dessert.

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Baba's Original New York System
Baba's Original New York System/Facebook

Rhode Island

Baba’s Original New York System, Providence

The name might be confusing, but New York System wieners are 100% Rhode Island! The name comes from vendors decades ago wanting to bring the New York hot dog craze to the Ocean State. A classic Baba’s New York System is a wiener (never hot dog) with mustard, onion, beef sauce and celery salt.

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Jack's Cosmic Dogs, Mt. Pleasant
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South Carolina

Jack’s Cosmic Dogs, Mt. Pleasant

Alton Brown says that Jack’s dogs are the best he’s ever had. That’s quite a testament and one that’s echoed by all who stop by this roadside hot dog joint. All of their toppings are made in-house, the most famous of which is Jack’s Sweet Potato Mustard.

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Hungry Dog, Mitchell
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South Dakota

Hungry Dog, Mitchell

Hungry Dog a great lunch spot with hot dogs that are delicious and quite creative. The intriguing Egg Dog is fried in an egg roll wrapper, served with slaw and wasabi mayonnaise, and the Slaw Dog is loaded with savory barbecue pulled pork.

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I Dream of Weenie
I Dream of Weenie/Facebook


I Dream of Weenie, Nashville

Quite possibly the best name ever for a hot dog joint! This spot is a bright yellow Volkswagen bus where weenies are charcoal-grilled. Start your day there with a French Toast Weenie or Eggs Benny Weenie. For lunch, maybe a Flamin’ Frank with chili, hot salsa and jalapenos.

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Good Dog Houston
Good Dog Houston/Facebook


Good Dog Houston, Houston

This hot dog joint found success first as a food truck and now as two restaurants in Houston. They’re loved by locals for their fantastic dogs like the Curryous Frank, topped with curry onion relish, chutney, sweet potato crisps and sriracha ketchup. And they have plenty of local brews on tap to wash down the dogs.

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J. Dawg's
J Dawg's/Facebook


J Dawgs, Provo

They keep things simple at J Dawg’s—a beef or Polish hot dog with a handful of condiments, and this means the quality and taste of the dogs are front and center. Their customers swear that these are the best dawgs in Utah.

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Butch and Babe's, Burlington
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Hender’s Bake Shop & Cafe, Waterbury Village Historic District

Visit Hender’s Bake Shop & Cafe for comfort food reimagined. Pull up to Hender’s Bake Shop and Cafe’s Front Porch Window and order one of their five staple dogs! Their Hawaiian Dog is served with pineapple salsa, Teriyaki Aioli, Jalapeños and Cilantro. Oh, and don’t forget to complete your meal with a sweet treat like a slice of their Blueberry Coconut cake!

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Haute Dogs & Fries, Alexandria
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Haute Dogs & Fries, Alexandria

This isn’t your average dog joint! Haute Dogs & Fries offers locally crafted hot dogs with fine finishes. You can rest assured that whether you order a Chicago dog or a Three-Piece Suit (Haute Dogs’ take on a chili dog), you’ll be enjoying something delicious and local.

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The Red Hot, Tacoma
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The Red Hot, Tacoma

A hot dog slathered with cream cheese is a flavor combo born in Washington state. Red Hot‘s version, the “6th Ave,” also includes onions and tomatoes. They also make an Elvis-inspired Hound Dog with peanut butter and bacon, and the Gangsta Mac, which is topped with homemade mac n’ cheese.

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Hillbilly Hot Dogs, Lesage
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West Virginia

Hillbilly Hot Dogs, Lesage

We love a restaurant that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Hillbilly Hot Dogs leans into the funny side of things with dogs like the Mothman (named for the state’s famous cryptid), the Junkyard Dog (it has everything on it) and the Whazz Up Dog that’s deep-fried and served with chili sauce, jalapeños, habanero sauce, barbecue sauce, nacho cheese and ranch.

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Vanguard, Milwaukee
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Vanguard, Milwaukee

A city with German roots like Milwaukee knows its sausage, and Vanguard, located in the city’s Bay View neighborhood, really knows sausage. Their hot dogs, bratwurst, Hungarian sausage and more are all made in-house. The folks there get creative, try options like the Milwaukee (topped with cheese curds, cheese and Cheez Whiz) or the Kimchi Dog (topped with house kimchi, fried egg aoli, scallion and sesame). And because it’s Wisconsin, all menu items have a recommended beer pairing.

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Cook meat skewered on a pitchfork
Courtesy Elliot Berhagen


Pitchfork Fondue Outdoor Western Cookout, Pinedale

If you have ever cooked a hot dog over a campfire, you will love how Pitchfork Fondue takes it to a whole new level. It’s a true Western outdoor cookout with meats skewered on the tines of a pitchfork and cooked over a wood fire.

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