The Best Food Truck in Every State

From classic hot dog carts to pretzel stands to buses serving global comfort food—we've found the best food trucks in every state. Search for these wherever you roam.

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Shindigs Catering
Shindigs Catering/facebook


Shindigs, Birmingham

Their slogan is “local food fast.” so you know you’ll get fresh ingredients at Shindigs. The burgers are served on homemade sweet potato buns—vegetarians and meat-eaters alike will love the Lower Alabama, a veggie burger topped with an avocado puree, grilled onions, heirloom tomatoes and crisp Bibb lettuce.

Try our best recipes from Alabama cooks.

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Mobile Munchies 907, Anchorage

For authentic Alaskan cuisine, pop over to Mobile Munchies 907. On the menu, you’ll find regional specialties like fry bread (warm fluffy dough that’s been deep-fried and drizzled with anything from honey to maple butter to cinnamon sugar) and a modern take on akutuq, often known as Eskimo ice cream.

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Mustache Pretzels
Mustache Pretzels/facebook


Mustache Pretzels, Phoenix

We “mustache” you a question: Have you ever eaten a mustache-shaped soft pretzel? If not, you’re missing out on this snack that’s sweeping Arizona. Go for the Nutstache, a chewy pretzel drizzled with salted caramel and chopped nuts, and make sure you take a silly selfie worthy of one of these famous foodie Instagram accounts.

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Burton’s Comfort Creamery, Fayetteville


Burton’s Comfort Creamery, Fayetteville

Imagine a grown-up version of the ice cream truck of your childhood summers—that’s what Burton’s is. Made with 10% butterfat for an extra creamy cone, you can order their soft-serve ice cream in a variety of unique flavors from sweet to salty to spicy.

For true fans of frozen treats, here’s a list of the best ice cream shops in every state.

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Devilicious, San Diego

Any place whose slogan is “food so good it’s bad” is a place we want to be! Which is why we’re dying for some of Devilicious’ sinfully delicious dishes. Like their super-rich butter poached lobster grilled cheese or the BBBLT (which stands for bacon, bacon, bacon, lettuce and tomato). If you have a sweet tooth, sink it into the s’mores’wich, a treat with marshmallow, Nutella, Biscoff and chocolate syrup between two fluffy sourdough slices.

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Hey PB&J
Hey PB&J/facebook


Hey PB&J, Denver

It’s peanut butter jelly time! The humble sandwich is taken to a new level at Hey PB&J where they make their own jams and nut butters. We’re craving the Boss Hog spread with pecan peanut butter and bacon jam and topped with pulled pork and crushed potato chips. Whoa!

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Fryborg, Milford

At Fryborg, French fries aren’t just a side dish—they’re the main event. The hand-cut fries are served with your choice of unique sauces for dipping, from curry ketchup to “awesomesauce” (a blend of chipotle barbecue and mango mayonnaise).

If you don’t live in Connecticut, satisfy your french fry craving with these delicious recipes.

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Taco Reho, Rehoboth Beach

Run by chef Billy Lucas who has cooked for celebs like Lady Gaga, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Buble and more, this Mexican food truck is home to some of the tastiest tacos you’ll ever eat. Pair a taco stuffed with chipotle-braised chicken and queso fresco with a refreshing lime margarita.

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Bem Bom Food
Bem Bom Food/facebook


Bem Bom, Orlando

How does the food at Orlando’s first authentic Portuguese food truck taste? Bem bom, which literally means “good good.” The fiery piri-piri chicken prego sandwich or the Running Duck tacos (duck confit, Thai basil, slaw and orange dust) should fill you up, but if you’re craving something sweet afterward, whip up this Portuguese dessert.

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The Blaxican, Atlanta

Mexican meets soul food at this Atlanta eatery. Favorite items include the collard green quesadilla served with a side of Mexsoul sauce and the Mexy mac and cheese spiced up with jalapenos and cotija cheese. Bonus: Everything on the menu is grilled (not fried) and cooked fresh every day.

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Leonard’s Malasadamobile, multiple locations on Hawai’i

Leonard’s Bakery has a faithful following in Honolulu. If you can’t make it to their shop, keep an eye out for the Malsadamobile. This food truck serves up the bakery’s signature malasadas—Portuguese donuts packed with custard, chocolate or other tasty fillings and dusted with sugar.

Until your next Hawaiian vacation, make your own donuts at home.

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amanda lyn


Raw Dead Fish, Couer D’Alene

The name says it all (albeit not in a very appetizing way)—this is a sushi food truck. And with over 16 years of sushi chef experience, owner Travis Whiteside knows how to deliver some of the most delicious, freshest rolls. We’re impressed by everything from the classics like salmon and tuna to his signatures like the Caterpillar, which is full of eel, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese.

P.S. The next time you buy grocery store sushi, use our trick to make it taste like the good stuff.

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The Fat Shallot
The Fat Shallot/facebook


The Fat Shallot, Chicago

Go to Chicago for the pizza, but stay for the gourmet sandwiches at the Fat Shallot. Namely, the Truffle BLT—thick slices of bacon, avocado, tomato, fresh arugula and truffle aioli packed between two doughy slices of challah bread. Craving more? Here’s how to make a better sandwich at home.

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Duos, Indianapolis

With ingredients coming from 10 local farms and the owners’ own private garden, the eats you’ll enjoy at Duos definitely live up to their motto of “slow food fast.” Choose the balance bowl for a hearty but healthy lunch filled with beans, rice and fresh veggies.

(You can whip up a copycat version, too. Check out these energizing grain bowl recipes.)

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Top Bun
Top Bun/facebook


Top Bun, Des Moines

Everyone (vegetarians and gluten-free eaters included) can get their burger fix at Iowa’s Top Bun food truck. The menu pays homage to the famous flick Top Gun with movie-inspired names, like the Danger Zone burger featuring queso fresco, jalapenos and Siracha sauce. Ask for a side of the mouthwatering deep-fried cheese curds with your meal!

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The Flying Stove
The Flying Stove/facebook


Flying Stove, Wichita

You never know what you’re going to get at one of Wichita’s most popular food trucks—that’s because the menu changes every single week. But what you do know is that you’ll leave with a full and happy stomach thanks to indulgent items like truffle fries dusted in Parmesan cheese and crispy fries smothered in grilled pork and chile cheese sauce.

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Hi-Five Doughnuts
Hi-Five Doughnuts/facebook


Hi-Five Donuts, Louisville

Every morning should start with a cup of hot coffee and a warm treat from Hi-Five Donuts. Build your own (choose from tons of toppings and glazes) or opt for one of the local favorites like the Kentucky Fried Buttermilk Chicken Donut or the Bourbon Caramel. Fun fact about this food truck: It’s woman-owned and operated.

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Crawfish on the Geaux, Baton Rouge

Looking for some of the best crawfish in the South? Stop by Crawfish on the Geaux in Baton Rouge. This truck is only open during crawfish season (January until June) so you know you’re getting only the freshest out there. Snag freshly boiled crawfish with some sides, or take home some live ones to prep yourself. They’d be great in these savory beignets.

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Bite Into Maine
Bite Into Maine/facebook


Bite into Maine, Portland

Maine conjures up images of rocky shoreline, ocean breezes and, most of all, juicy lobster. Snag the state’s signature lobster roll from this Portland food truck where you’ll have the choice of the traditional Maine-style with mayonnaise and fresh chives or something more out-of-the-box. (Think: curry mayo, wasabi and more.)

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Midnight Confections Cupcakery, Baltimore

Midnight Confections Cupcakery offers up 12 flavors of cupcakes and seven different cookie options daily so you can your sweet fix. The truck offers up classics like carrot cake and salted caramel, but their After Hours flavors are some of the most tempting: Mojito, Fuzzy Navel, Irish Cream and plenty more.

Have a midnight sweets craving? Try our top ten cupcakes.

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The Bacon Truck
The Bacon Truck/instagram


The Bacon Truck, Boston

A food truck completely devoted to bacon? Sounds like heaven! Each item includes thick-cut slices of applewood bacon (what the owners call the single greatest food known to man) from Blackstone Street Smokehouse. Leave room for dessert, too—because yes, even the sweet stuff features salty bacon.

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TruckShuka, Detroit

Looking for authentic Israeli food on the go? Track down TruckShuka in the metro Detroit area and order some favorites. Shakshuka is on the menu, of course, but locals will tell you the chicken shawarma is a must-try. The chicken is slow roasted for 36 hours (!!!) meaning you get a super tender pita sandwich experience topped with fresh veggies.

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TRU PIZZA/facebook


Tru Pizza, Minneapolis

When cauliflower crusts and frozen pizza aren’t satisfying your cravings, track down the Tru Pizza truck. It’s the only place (on wheels) in Minneapolis to find a wood-fired Neopolitan style pie. We’re not sure if it’s the crispy-yet-chewy fermented dough or the homemade tomato sauce, but the pizza here is a must-try.

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One Guy Steak & Chicken, Jackson

Take a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, stick him in a food truck and you get OneGuy Steak & Chicken. The menu boasts dishes worthy of a five-star restaurant, like grilled prime rib and filet mignon with leek mashed potatoes. Grab a second dish to impress your significant other, and use our ideas to inspire a date night in!

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Guerrilla Street Food
Guerrilla Street Food/instagram


Guerrilla Street Food, St. Louis

Not only has this food truck received the stamp of approval from Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, it’s gotten numerous awards and national recognition for its flavorful Filipino fare. You’ll be tempted to try everything, but start with the famous Flying Pig, slow-roasted pork shoulder, fried egg, garlic and black sesame seeds atop a bed of fragrant jasmine rice.

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Tia's Big Sky/facebook


Tia’s Tamales, Missoula

You might not think of quality Mexican cuisine when you think of Montana, but one bite of these tasty tamales and you definitely will. Inspired by the owners’ Costa Rican adventures, there are four flavors of tamales to pick from: seven-chile pork, pumpkin, chorizo or chicken mole. Each one is wrapped in a corn husk and comes with a cilantro-lime sauce, cotija cheese and homemade salsa fresca.

Tamales aren’t as hard to make as you’d think—try this recipe before your next fiesta.

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402 BBQ
402 BBQ/facebook


402 BBQ, Omaha

402 BBQ serves up the best barbecue in Omaha. Start with a protein—pulled pork, beef brisket and smoked turkey are some of the choices—then drench it in one of their six tasty sauces. If you’re feeling inspired to practice your own pitmaster skills, these 32 grilling recipes are a good place to start.

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Rika Arepa Express
Rika Arepa Express/facebook


Rika Arepa Express, Las Vegas

Take a trip to Venezuela without even stepping off the Strip with a stop at Rika Arepa Express. In case you didn’t know, an arepa is a Latin bread made with cornmeal and often stuffed with delicious fillings. At this Las Vegas food truck, there are seven different types you can choose from. For arepa first-timers, your best bet is the Pabellon, which is full of shredded beef, plantains, black beans and mozzarella with Rika sauce.

Or try making this arepas recipe at home!

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Northeast Pie Company
Northeast Pie Company/facebook

New Hampshire

Northeast Pie Company, Rochester

Browse the menu at Northeast Pie Company and you’ll quickly find that pies aren’t just for dessert anymore. While the mobile bakery does offer a sweet selection (we’re eyeing the salted caramel apple!), they also do savory very well with flavors like chicken pot pie, cheesesteak and even Big Mac. Go on Saturday morning and you can build your own breakfast pie, too.

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New Jersey

WTF? Food Truck, Trenton

No, it isn’t what you’re thinking! WTF stands for “Where’s the food?”, something you definitely won’t have to ask when you step up to the window. This colorful Jersey truck is best known for its massive portions of addictive comfort food. For example, order the Heart Attack burger, an eight ounce patty topped with bacon, four slices of pork roll and American cheese.

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Kimo's Hawaiian BBQ
Kimo's Hawaiian BBQ/facebook

New Mexico

Kimo’s Hawaiian BBQ, Albuquerque

You don’t have to book a tropical getaway to get a taste of the Big Island. You can find it at Kimo’s, where they’re dishing up flavor-packed Hawaiian cuisine daily. There’s deep-fried Katsu chicken, Hawaiian fried rice and even the beloved Loco Moco, a burger patty and fried egg atop rice and doused in brown gravy.

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The cinnamon snail
The cinnamon snail/instagram

New York

The Cinnamon Snail, New York City

You’ll drool over the food coming out of this Big Apple hot spot, which happens to have been the country’s first ever vegan organic truck. We don’t know which side of the menu sounds better: the entrees (hello, basil grilled tofu banh mi and chili cheese fries) or the sweet (those lavender pear turnovers!).

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Only Burger
Only Burger/instagram

North Carolina

Only Burger, Durham

Let’s put it this way: A juicy patty from this Carolina cruiser is the “only burger” you’re ever going to want (although if you follow these grilling tips, you can make some pretty delicious ones yourself). Their devoted followers swear by the fresh flavor of the Piedmontese beef they use in all of the burgers, including daily specials like The Texan, which is topped with pepper jack cheese, an onion ring, pickled jalapenos, housemade special sauce and Siracha mayo.

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North Dakota

The Hot Dog Peddler, Fargo

We love a good fancified food truck, but sometimes a classic hot dog cart hits the spot. That’s the case with Fargo’s The Hot Dog Peddler. This stop serves up traditional hot dogs alongside hand-dipped corn dogs (yum!). Don’t skip the fried cheese curds, either!

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via @linksnlemonade/facebook


Links-N-Lemonade, Columbus

You’ll find Links-N-Lemonade driving the streets of Columbus. When you stop for lunch, get their signature Coney dog. Be sure to grab an order of fries too. No frozen fries here—they’re hand-cut daily. If you want to go over the top, order the fries loaded with bacon, Coney sauce, cheese and barbecue sauce.

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MOB Grill
Facebook / MOB Grill


Mob Grill, Oklahoma City

No, this Oklahoma eatery isn’t related to the Mafia—MOB actually stands for Marco’s Onion Burger, the dish that catapulted the food truck to Midwestern fame. Sink your teeth into a juicy burger topped with tangy caramelized onions marinated in Marco’s secret sauce. The crispy twice-fried French fries sprinkled with Bada Bing spice are the perfect side.

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The Frying Scotsman, Portland
Facebook / The Frying Scotsman, Portland


The Frying Scotsman, Portland

It’s hard to choose just one from the city that has been named the best place in America for food trucks! But when you dig into the crispy and juicy fried fish at this British “chippy”, you’ll understand why it tops the list. The only thing on the menu? England’s famous fish and chips (those are French fries, by the way).

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Blue Sparrow, Pittsburgh

You can’t miss Blue Sparrow driving around Pittsburgh—it’s a converted vintage Greyhound bus. This bus serves up streetfood classics from around the globe. Try a banh mi, bibimbap, falafel or even a good ol’ cheese pizza. Be sure to save room for dessert, too! Their Key lime cookies are a favorite.

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Rhode Island

Like No Udder, Providence

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream from Like No Udder, where even vegans and the lactose intolerant can indulge in a scoop of smooth soft-serve. Each of their 12 flavors (which include Thai iced tea and maple grapenut) are made dairy-free using a coconut, cashew or soy base and can be topped with coconut whipped cream… and rainbow sprinkles, of course.

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Roti Rolls
Facebook / Roti Rolls

South Carolina

Roti Rolls, Charleston

For an eclectic line-up of street food, get to Roti Rolls in Charleston. Ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the coolest food trucks in the nation, they serve fresh flaky roti (an Indian flatbread) stuffed with punch-packing flavors like curried vegetables, red garlic hummus, kimchi and smoked pork.

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Dakota Snow
Facebook / Dakota Snow

South Dakota

Dakota Snow, Sioux Falls

Cool down with an ice cold snow cone from this tie-dyed truck. The amount of flavors to choose from is almost overwhelming! Stick to a classic like blue raspberry or root beer, or get a little crazy with one of their premium flavors like birthday blast, which comes with ice cream, rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream. It’s perfect for a hot summer day.

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Facebook / DegThai


Deg Thai, Nashville

Spice up your life with a bite to eat from this Thai-fusion food truck in downtown Nashville. Start with homemade spring rolls dipped in sweet and sour plum sauce, then move onto a heaping plate of pad Thai or one of their two types of curry.

Want to know where to find Deg Thai (and other food trucks in your area)? Download a foodie-approved app.

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Instagram / Paperboy


Paperboy, Austin

Bottomless brunch on the go is now a thing, thanks to this breakfast-only food truck. The revolving menu changes based on the season but always features strong brews from Tweed Coffee Roasters and everyone’s favorite B.E.C., a buttermilk biscuit piled with bacon, egg and pimento cheese.

If you can’t make it to Paperboy, these super quick breakfasts are a tasty alternative for weekday mornings.

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Bruges Waffles & Frites
Instagram / Bruges Waffles & Frites


Bruges Waffles & Frites, Salt Lake City

Skip the frozen waffles in favor of these doughy delicacies—they’re even made with pearls of sugar that have been imported overseas from Belgium. Topped with creme fraiche and strawberries or coated in rich dark chocolate, the Liege waffles from this truck are everything your breakfast dreams are made of.

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Farmers & Foragers
Instagram / Farmers & Foragers


Farmers & Foragers, Burlington

You can tell by the name alone—this mobile restaurant is committed to using only locally sourced ingredients and products. That means that the menu is constantly changing based on whatever produce and meats are seasonally available. Two popular picks you’ll often see, however, are the Vermont cheesesteak and the perch po’boy.

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Captain Cookie and the Milk Man
Facebook / Captain Cookie and the Milk Man


Captain Cookie & The Milkman, Northern Virginia

Chocolate chip, ginger molasses, funfetti… you name it, the Cookiemobile has got it! Each truck is equipped with a full bakery so the sweet treats are baked fresh every single day. Dip yours into cold milk from local Trickling Springs Creamery or, take it one step further and build a cookie ice cream sandwich.

If you’re wondering how they get their cookies so incredibly chewy, this is the secret.

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Fishbasket NW
Facebook / Fishbasket NW


Fish Basket NW, Seattle

There’s nothing like the fresh seafood found along the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy it for yourself at the Fish Basket NW food truck roaming the streets of Seattle. Their specialty? Fish tacos featuring the catch of the day, whether it’s cod, salmon or halibut. Get it beer-battered or simply grilled and, in the words of the owners, you’ll be hooked. Check out what else the Washington locals love to eat.

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West Virginia

Rollin’ Smoke, Charleston

At this food truck, they like to say “we smoke it all,” and one look at the menu and you know it’s true. Order up smoked brisket, sausage, Cornish hens, ribs and much more. They’ve got all the classic barbecue sides at Rollin’ Smoke, but how could you say no to a cheesy hash brown casserole?

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The Gouda Girls
Instagram / The Gouda Girls


Gouda Girls, Milwaukee

There’s a reason the residents of Wisconsin are known as cheeseheads: They love their dairy. Using only local cheeses, the Gouda Girls have crafted a crave-worthy menu of gooey goodness, from the mac n’ cheese grilled cheese to the BLTC (you know what the C stands for…).

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Weitzels Wings aka Double Dub's
Facebook / Weitzels Wings aka Double Dub's


Weitzel’s Wings, Laramie

The locals affectionately call it “Double Dubs,” but we’re calling it one of the best spots for wings in the West. You’ll salivate over the unique sauce selection (there’s even garlic alfredo and habanero mustard) and anyone brave enough can take the Double Dub’s Dozen Challenge. Just eat 12 wings in less than five minutes and you’ll get a set of DD dog tags.

Wondering what to sip on while you eat? Pour one of the most popular craft beers from every state.

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