This Simple Trick Will Make Grocery Store Sushi Tastier

You'll have better sushi in seconds, promise.

Shrimp tempura, California rolls, sashimi…all words that will make any sushi lover salivate. And you would eat it more often than you do if it didn’t require driving to the local sushi joint or spending extra money on delivery.

Fortunately, you can buy most of your favorite rolls at the grocery store (or you can make your own—here’s how to make sushi). The only problem? You’re a little skeptical. After all, it’s pre-packaged and who knows how long it’s been sitting out. And if it doesn’t taste like the stuff from your favorite takeout spot, you don’t want it.

But wait! We’ve discovered a handy hack that will make any grocery-store sushi taste 100 percent better. And it only takes a few seconds. The trick is to zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds. (Just make sure you take it out of the container first, of course.) A little bit of heating will fluff up the rice and enhance those delicious flavors you love so much.

A half a minute is the sweet spot for saving that store-bought sushi. Any less and you won’t notice any difference. But any more and you will either dry out the rice in your roll or end up with a piping hot dish (not normal and not good).

While microwaving a roll you grabbed out of the prepared-foods section lacks the ambiance of a sushi restaurant or the extra-fresh ingredients (or the after-dinner fortune cookies), it does taste just as good (we promise) and will most likely save you a lot of money. Which means that if you’re on a strict budget, it might be the best way to satisfy your crab- and avocado-roll craving.

Whether you’re a sushi snob or just someone looking for a convenient lunch on the go, this hack is a great way to take your grocery-store roll from “so-so” to “so good!” in just 30 quick seconds.

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Amanda Tarlton
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