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20 Foodie Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Want to Eat Your Phone

Feeling hungry? You will be after scrolling through these stunning Instagram accounts that showcase food in the most beautiful way.

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food photography, instagramCourtesy @alphafoodie/instagram

At Taste of Home, we think we have a pretty good handle on how to showcase food beautifully. (Check out the most beautiful cakes we’ve ever made!) It helps that we have an incredibly talented photo team, but these home cooks prove sometimes you don’t need a professional studio to create stunning food photography—and even just a glance at their Instagram feeds is enough to take your cravings to a whole new level.  If you don’t feel just a little bit hungry after scrolling through this list, congratulations—you have a whole lot more willpower than we do.

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cinnamon rolls, instagramCourtesy @thesweetandsimplekitchen/instagram

Kristie of The Sweet and Simple Kitchen knows a thing or two about incredible food photography—she’s the editor of the mouthwateringly gorgeous @thefeedfeed, an account that curates stunning food visuals from across Instagram. But her own feed is pretty impressive in its own right. It’s filled with baked delights like peanut butter chocolate pretzel bark, gooey chocolate cookies, honey-pecan sticky buns and so much craveable sugary goodness it could give you a toothache (in the best way).

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pasta, instagram,Courtesy @theoriginaldish/instagram

From dark chocolate ravioli to barbecue carrots to rosemary cheese bread, Kayla of The Original Dish does it all—and as a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, she shows off her impressive education with flourish. Her original recipes are as inventive as the clever styling she creates for each dish she photographs.

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instagram, foodCourtesy @rebelrecipes/instagram

Vegetables never looked so good—until Niki of Rebel Recipes gets a hold of them. The self-professed “veg obsessive” creates plant-based recipes and showcases them in simple, beautiful settings. From butternut squash hasselbacks to peanut butter blueberry toast, she makes the vegetarian lifestyle look irresistibly delicious.

Psst… You can make some pretty hasselback sweet potatoes with our recipe.

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food, instagramCourtesy @dadwithapan/instagram

Yep, Derek’s a dad, but he’s also an IT professional by day and a pretty darn good home cook by night. He serves his lucky family waffle iron pepperoni pizza sandwiches, pulled pork taquitos and whiskey bacon burgers. And he shares it all through his gorgeous Instagram feed at Dad With a Pan. Coolest dad ever? Yeah. Coolest dad ever.

Check out our favorite recipes, straight from dads across the country.

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instagram, foodCourtesy @cosetteskitchen/instagram

Cosette of Cosette’s Kitchen takes classic food favorites and gives them a modern twist. Plus, she creates over-the-top cakes and desserts that practically make you want to lick your phone screen (PSA: Don’t). But she also develops incredible savory dishes to honor her Lebanese heritage, like Labneh Za’atar Tomato Pie. Of course, she keeps her three kids happy with chewy chocolate chip cookies, too.

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instagram, food, cakeCourtesy @amandasplate/instagram

Amanda is a master chef—literally! She was a contestant on MasterChef’s sixth season, and she shows off her competition-worthy creations on her beautiful Instagram feed, Amanda’s Plate. From stunning layer cakes to beautiful cheeseboards, it’s obvious to see her food styling skills are just as honed as her cooking chops.

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food, instagramCourtesy @alphafoodie/instagram

Take a peek at Samira’s Alpha Foodie account and just try not to crack a smile. It’s filled with brilliant colors, inventive stylings idea and whimsical recipes that look (almost) too beautiful to devour. If it’s true that you eat with your eyes first, then you’ll feel stuffed after taking in the gorgeousness of each image shared.

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food, instagramCourtesy @grilledcheesesocial/instagram

Sandwich lovers, prepare yourselves. MacKenzie’s Grilled Cheese Social feed is the stuff of your toasty, gooey, melty, meaty dreams. Her sandwiches are off-the-charts amazing looking, but she whips up so much more. As the executive chef of the Black Dolphin Inn in Florida, she creates gotta-have-it recipes like salted caramel challah French toast and breakfast mac ‘n’ cheese (for real), and shares the goodness with her followers almost daily.

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instagram, blueberry muffinsCourtesy @dianemorrisey/instagram

A mom of six (!), Diane Morrisey has her hands pretty full. But that doesn’t stop her from getting creative in the kitchen and serving up the most impressive-looking family cooking there is. She takes everyday favorites like pizza, pancakes, cookies and tacos, and turns them into stunning visual treats that practically pop from the screen.

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Courtesy @halfbakedharvest/instgram

Take a glance at the feed of Teighan at Half Baked Harvest, and you’ll instantly understand why she’s amassed nearly half a million Instagram followers. Her lighting is gorgeous, food styling is impeccable, and recipes find that happy balance between approachable yet elevated. It’s a feast for the eyes with every post.

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instgram, piesCourtesy

New York-based food stylist and recipe developer Judy Kim creates some of the most intricate, elegant pie crusts imaginable. But she also shows off hearty home cooking, steamy soups and beautiful spaces outside of her kitchen. She has a background in floral design, which influences her food styling from delicate buttercream rosettes on her cakes to basil flourishes on heirloom tomato tarts.

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hot dogs, instagramCourtesy @honestlyyum/instagram

We were pretty relieved when we learned there are three editors behind Honestly Yum—they put out so much intensely craveable food content it would make us feel like underachievers had it been the brainchild of just one home cook. But no matter who’s behind the camera, the photography, styling and recipe ideas are instant hungry-makers.

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acai bowl, instagramCourtesy @lulusdreamtown/instagram

LulusDreamtown certainly lives up to its name. This breathtaking Instagram feed is brimming with dreamy, magical imagery of food in every color of the rainbow and way, way beyond. Her pastel-hued smoothie bowls, drizzled stacks of pancakes and twee toasts are like works of art, and the fact that every recipe is made vegan makes it all the sweeter.

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Courtesy @justataste/instagram

There’s no way we’d stop at a nibble for anything featured on Kelly’s Just a Taste feed. The mom, chef and author makes family classics like meatballs, pretzels, pizza, waffles, brownies and more look absolutely devourable. And her recipe tutorials make everything from to red velvet cookies to frozen yogurt look super easy to master at home.

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cake, instagramCourtesy @katie_clova/instagram

The beautifully baked creations made by Katie Clova are enough to inspire anyone to grab their oven mitts and get to the kitchen. Her frosted cakes, flaky slab pies and gooey cinnamon rolls have upscale bakery-quality looks, and her simple styling and clean white backdrops make her saccharine stars shine.

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food plate, instagramCourtesy @lenaskitchenblog/instagram

On Lena’s Kitchen Blog, your eyes get to feast on a little bit of everything. Lena’s all about healthy cooking with a dash of guilty pleasure, so her feed is a happy balance between bright, crunchy salads and pork belly bahn mi sandwiches. Plus, she makes gorgeous, extravagant cheeseboards that have the potential to make you feel super envious of her lucky partymates.

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pizza, instagramCourtesy @salted_mint/instagram

Comfort food classics get a modern update on the Salted Mint feed. Chef Deborah adds her personal touch to pillowy pizzas, spicy noodle bowls, chicken soup and chocolate tarts. She’s brilliant at finding clever ways to healthify hearty recipes, but has a soft spot in her heart for a glazed Bundt cake amongst the roasted cauliflower and radicchio salads.

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bread, instagramCourtesy @thebrokenbread/instagram

Seasonality plays a big role in the cooking at The Broken Bread. There, photographer, stylist and author Kristan show off seasonal flavors and peak-freshness produce in her breathtaking cakes, cookies, pies, cocktails and more. No matter what comes out of her oven, it’s photographed beautifully and styled elegantly.

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Courtesy @krista_nelson_/instagram

Sweets are the major stars for Krista Marie Nelson, but her Instagram feed isn’t just pretty pictures of doughnuts, ice cream and cake. She shares a little glimpse of her world and everyday life as a marketer and baker, and adds plenty of personality to go along with it.

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Courtesy @gourmelita/instagram

Over on the Gourmelita feed, you get a healthy dose of muffins, pasta and all things sunny-side up, but you’re also taken on a visual tour of the little nooks, crannies, and standout spaces of London, England. Whether Marilita is trying out a new restaurant, poring over the produce at an outdoor market or pulling up a stool at a pub, she treats you to an exploration of the city she loves just as much as she treats you to delectable homespun recipes.

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