Whether you’re a jetsetter or an armchair traveler, you need to know about the best places to eat in America and beyond. Get our road trip tips here, too.

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    The 8 Airlines with the Best Food

    Depending on which of these airlines you fly, you could be served a delectable meal on bone china or a...

    4 Secrets to Getting a Better Airline Meal

    Sometimes shelling out extra cash while traveling isn’t worth it. In this case, however, it’s encouraged.

    The Best Bagel Shop in Every State

    Whether in your own neighborhood or hitting the road, we've tracked down the 50 best bagel shops, so you can...

    We Found Each State’s Signature Food

    No matter where you roam, every state has a recipe that is beloved by locals and tourists alike!

    The Best Valentine’s Day Date Spot in Every State

    Don't miss making a reservation at one of these romantic restaurants.

    Here’s Why Hotel Breakfasts Are Called “Continental”

    It's the best part about staying in a hotel, after all.

    The Best Dog-Friendly Bars and Restaurants Across America

    You don't have to ditch your pooch to dine out. These dog-friendly restaurants and watering holes happily cater to canines.

    This Airline Is Now Serving Edible Coffee Cups to Reduce Plastic Waste

    That next cup of mid-flight joe is going to look and taste a little different.

    The Best Places to Drink Wine That Aren’t California

    So long, Sonoma. Sip and savor new wines at these top—but sometimes under the radar—destinations around the world.

    This Is the Holiday Travel Essential You Didn’t Know You Needed

    Take the edge off of travel during the holidays with these TSA-approved kits from the Cocktail Box Company.

    16 Old-Fashioned Christmas Towns You Should Visit

    Travel to these small towns around the United States to get in the holiday spirit.

    11 European Fast-Food Chains You Won’t Find in America (Yet!)

    If you want to eat at any of these fast-food chains, you're going to have to travel pretty far.

    This Is the Busiest Travel Time During Thanksgiving Week

    Hitting the road for Thanksgiving travel? Read this first before you pack up the car.

    The Best All-You-Can-Eat Buffet in Every State

    Pile up your plate with everything from fried chicken and mashed potatoes to sushi and stir fry at the best...

    The Best Bakery in Every State

    Fresh bread, crisp pastry, frosted cakes. Your heart beats a little faster when you enter a bakery! Our Community Cooks...

    The Most Iconic Ice Cream Flavor in Every State

    Here are the best ice cream flavors from every state. Does your favorite line up with your state's?

    The Best Food Trucks That Travel from Coast to Coast

    While many food trucks stay local, these big-name restaurants on wheels are making stops all over the country.

    The Best Pie Shop in Every State

    Here's the best pie place in every state, where you can find pies filled with all the good stuff, from...

    The Best Cheeseburgers from Across America

    One thing you can count on finding anywhere in America is a great burger, and we've rounded up the best...

    10 Fascinating Ice Cream Traditions Around the World

    Find out how other countries enjoy everyone's favorite frozen dairy treat.

    The Best Old School Drive-Ins Around the Country

    We found drive-in restaurants that look straight out of American Graffiti! Cruise to one of these '50s and '60s spots...

    Beers of the World: 25+ Best Brews from Around the Globe

    We found beers of the world that are not to be missed!

    The Best Road Trip Games for Kids

    Summer is here—and so are family vacations! These are the best tried-and-true games to keep your kids occupied on the...

    The Best U-Pick Farms in Every State

    Have fun with the whole family while picking (and eating!) the best produce that farmers have to offer. Find the...

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    The Official Food of Every State

    Each state in America has foods associated with it, whether it's a dish invented there or a crop grown in...