The Best Bagel Shop in Every State

Whether in your own neighborhood or hitting the road, we've tracked down the 50 best bagel shops, so you can always have your nosh.

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Homewood Bagel Company
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Homewood Bagel Company, Homewood

Homewood Bagel Company earned a devoted following selling their homemade New York-style bagels at pop-up locations across their town. Now those eager fans flock to the brand new shop, and the bagels often sell out completely. “Run, don’t walk,” as one customer noted, to get your hands on these bagels. And, by the way, here’s the right way to slice them.

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The Bagel Shop


The Bagel Shop, Homer

Order some fresh-caught wild salmon lox on one of the handmade bagels at The Bagel Shop. This husband and wife team began selling their bagels at local farmers markets and soon opened their own shop. Says one customer, “It’s always good to see people enjoying what they are doing and doing it well. Want to follow their suit? Learn how to make homemade bagels like a pro.

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Biff's Bagels
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Biff’s Bagels, Flagstaff

Come in for homemade bagels from a shop named after the owners’ dog. At Biff’s Bagels there’s a wide array of bagel flavors and spreads, plus creative sandwich and drink specials. The most unique feature of this shop, is that the walls are filled with framed pics of their customers’ four-legged best friends. Cute!

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Ozark Mountain Bagel Co.
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Ozark Mountain Bagel Co., Bentonville

“Spread joy, love and cream cheese.” What a perfect motto for a bagel shop! Ozark Mountain Bagel Co. has made it their mission to do just that. Judging from the glowing reviews of their customers—they are succeeding. Stop in for breakfast or lunch to try their New York-style bagels with your favorite spread or as a sandwich.

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Beauty's Bagel Shop
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Beauty’s Bagel Shop, Oakland

It’s an unexpected and delicious treat to find Montreal-style bagels in California. Beauty’s Bagel Shop has been named in numerous reader polls and articles as having the best bagels. They’re made with organic ingredients and baked fresh, in small batches throughout the day in a wood-fired oven.

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Village Bagel


Village Bagel, Edwards

The owner of Village Bagel moved to Colorado with a passion for the bagels she grew up eating in New York. Her customers agree that bagels here are the tops. They’re made in the traditional method: each one is hand-rolled, boiled and baked. They’re delicious with schmears like hatch green chili, or made hearty with smoked salmon or corned beef.

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Shef's Bagels
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Shef’s Bagels, Cheshire

“Great variety and a staff that knows your order before you do.” Stop by Shef’s Bagels to get amazing water bagels made by hand. There are lots of flavors to try, including spinach, egg and French toast. Have one with breakfast, brunch or lunch sandwich fillings—the Western: ham, pepper, onion and egg sandwich sounds good to us. If you’re looking for a place to sit and dine, check out our list of the best brunch in every state.

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Surf Bagel
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Surf Bagel and Deli, Lewes

The man behind Surf Bagels combined two passions when opening his bagel shop 17 years ago: surfing and authentic New York-style bagels. The shop has a cool, beachy vibe and the bagels are spot-on—that all-important combination of a chewy, crispy crust with a soft interior. There are 23 varieties to try, including coconut—yum!

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Bagel Snack
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Bagel Snack, Pompano Beach

These are bagels made authentically: dough made from scratch, rolled, boiled and baked on boards. Find them at Bagel Snack, a New York deli-style shop that has been a community favorite since the early 1970s. Have a bagel with lox and cream cheese, or slices of pork roll. Customer say their bialys are the best in Florida, too.

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Art's Bagels & More


Art’s Bagels & More, Acworth

For 26 years the folks at Art’s Bagels & More have been boiling and baking their bagels fresh every day. They’re the real deal with that New York-style bite. We love that they’re not afraid to bring the heat, with bagel flavors like jalapeno cheddar, and cream cheese flavored with hot ghost peppers and Carolina reapers. Next up: See our list of the best coffee shops in every state.

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Westside Bagel
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Westside Bagel, Lahaina

Yes, New York-style bagels have traveled 4,900 miles away. The owners of at Westside Bagel moved to Lahaina, Hawaii, from the East Coast. They missed the hand-rolled bagels so much, that they began making their own. One of the bagel sandwiches they offer is the Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese—a nod to one of New Jersey’s favorite sammies.

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Big Hole Bagels & Bistro


Big Hole Bagels & Bistro, Driggs

You will not walk away hungry when you make a stop at Big Hole Bagel & Bistro. Customers love their New York-style bagels that are baked fresh daily, and those are just the beginning. Have one slathered with huckleberry cream cheese, or in a Teton Benny with poached eggs and sausage.

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Kaufman's Deli
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Kaufman’s Bakery & Delicatessen, Skokie

The bagels at Kaufman’s Bakery & Delicatessen have been revered here for decades, boiled and baked to give them the perfect combo of crispiness and chewiness. The delicatessen has plenty of house-made toppings to add to those bagels: four kinds of lox, sablefish, veal pastrami and corned beef. This family-owned bakery is a foodie destination.

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Bagel Fair Inc
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Bagel Fair, Indianapolis

This old-school shop has been serving up bagels for over 40 years. Bagel Fair takes no shortcuts—they use the boil and bake method authentically. That’s why devoted customers drive out of their way to pick up a fresh batch. We hear their bialy bagels are must-try items!

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5 Borough Bagels


5 Borough Bagels, Clive

When the reviewers gush about the friendliness of the staff as much as how delicious the bagels are—you know you’ve got to stop. Visit 5 Borough Bagels to try one of their New York-style bagels. Have the Bronx Sandwich: roast beef on a bagel with sriracha bacon cream cheese.

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Meshuggah Bagels
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Meshuggah Bagels, Overland Park

Customers rave that these bagels are crazy good! (Meshuggah means “crazy” in Yiddish.) Owners Janna and Pete opened Meshuggah Bagels to share the flavor of the bagels they loved to eat in New Jersey, with crisp crusts and soft, moist interiors. On occasion, they make bagels to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs, who play just over the border in Missouri.

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Native Bagel Company


Native Bagel Company, Berea

The owners of Native Bagel Company gained a loyal following selling their hand-rolled bagels at the farmers market, and delivering to local offices. The bagel offerings at their busy shop include blueberry lemon zest or pretzel, and ingredients are locally sourced. Customers agree that their rosemary honey spread is the best.

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Humble Bagel


Humble Bagel, New Orleans

Get to this bagel shop early! Humble Bagel bakes small batches of New York-style bagels fresh daily, so delicious that they often sell out. The owners support local businesses like the Steen’s cane sugar syrup used to make their bagels. Find all the bagels flavors you’d expect plus specials like sourdough and cinnamon sugar.

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Scratch Baking Co.
Courtesy Scratch Baking Co.


Scratch Baking Co., South Portland

All of the from-scratch baking here is perfectly executed and that definitely goes for the bagels. Scratch Baking Co. uses local ingredients and their own sourdough starter to make their flavorful dough. The bagels are boiled and hearth-baked, and customers say they’re the best they’ve ever had.

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Goldberg's New York Bagels
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Goldberg’s New York Bagels, Silver Spring

There are three locations of Goldberg’s New York Bagels in the capital area. The fresh and authentically-made bagels are filling: with thick schmears, or piled high with lox, tomato, red onion and capers. There are several other sandwiches, or pick up a dozen to enjoy at home.

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Bagelsaurus, Cambridge

Bring your T-Rex-sized appetite for the artisan bagels at Bagelsaurus. This bakery is less than a decade old, but is already renowned for their slow-fermented and hand-rolled bagels. There are traditional flavors like Everything and Salt, plus specialties like Black Olive or Chocolate Chip Pretzel. The Charcuter-Brie sandwich with brie and fennel salami is calling my name.

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New York Bagel Baking Company
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New York Bagel Baking Company, Ferndale

Four generations have been making bagels here for almost a century—so they definitely know their stuff. At New York Bagel they make old-fashioned, boiled and baked bagels the same way they always have. Two unusual items on the menu: flagels (flattened bagels) and dogels—bagels for your pup! Check out the best diners in every state too.

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Tandem Bagels


Tandem Bagels, Mankato

Find kettle-boiled and freshly-baked bagels made from scratch, plus locally-sourced coffee at Tandem Bagels. Try the Tour de France sandwich with roast beef, crispy shallots and Thousand Island horseradish sauce. On request, they’ll “skinny” out your bagel to make more room for all the veggies and fillings.

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Lil' Market Deli & Bagelry
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Lil’ Market Deli & Bagelry, Ocean Springs

The bagels at Lil’ Market Deli & Bagelry taste so authentic you might assume they’re made by a native New Yorker—but owner Oren Zweig actually grew up in the South. He developed and meticulously tested his own recipe, and each bagel is hand-rolled and kettle-boiled. Our favorites? The Loaded Everything and the colorful Mardi Gras-inspired bagels.

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B&B Bagel Company


B&B Bagel Company, Columbia

The sentiment of true bagel fans is the motto of this shop: “If it’s not boiled, it’s not a bagel!” B&B Bagel Company has two locations in Columbia to make plenty of fresh bagels for everyone with cream cheese or as a sandwich. Attention pizza lovers: B&B has seven kinds of pizza bagels.

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Bagels On Broadway
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Bagels On Broadway, Missoula

Missoulians have been enjoying the bagels at Bagels On Broadway for 27 years. Owner Sue Thompson takes great pride in the quality and freshness of their bagels, which are baked on-site every day. Not only are they served at the West Broadway shop, these bagels are supplied to cafes and grocery stores throughout the area.

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Bagel Bin
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Bagel Bin, Omaha

Visit this kosher bagel shop that has been in business for over 40 years. At the Bagel Bin, the Brezacks use family recipes to create their traditional New York-style bagels, with shiny, chewy crusts and soft centers. It’s a favorite place for the community to gather for an affordable, delicious breakfast. Like to sleep in on your road trips? Check out the best bed and breakfast in every state.

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The Bagel Cafe


The Bagel Cafe, Las Vegas

Whether you’re a homesick New Yorker or just looking for a really great bagel, The Bagel Cafe is where you need to be. This shop is stocked with New York deli favorites like fresh breads, pastrami and corned beef, but customers love their bagels best. They’re hand-made, boiled and baked daily, and scrumptious with a schmear.

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Big Dave's Bagels & Deli
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New Hampshire

Big Dave’s Bagels & Deli, North Conway

Locals have voted this shop the “Best in New Hampshire” two years running, and Big Dave’s Bagels & Deli is planning to make it three. Their bagels are made using recipes from 1940s bagel bakers in New York. Grab a bagel for one, or their huge, famous Bagel Wheel sandwich platter to feed a crowd. They offer hot dogs too, if you’re a frankfurter fan.

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Bagel Masters
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New Jersey

Bagel Masters, Shrewsbury

“When the line is out the door, you know you’ve come to the right place!” It’s worth the wait at Bagel Masters—we hear the line moves fast. Always fresh, the bagels are real New York-style: hand-rolled and kettle-boiled to give them a crunchy crust and a soft, light interior.

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Alicea's NY Bagels & Subs Llc
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New Mexico

Alicea’s NY Bagels & Subs Llc, Rio Rancho

This place is a haven for East Coasters looking for a New York-style bagel in the Southwest, and the locals love it there, too. At Alicea’s NY Bagels & Subs the food is made from scratch and supports local producers. The bagels deliver that perfect marriage of chew and softness that you’d expect in a top-notch bite.

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BO's Bagels
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New York

BO’s Bagels, New York

It’s not just the New York water that makes a good bagel. The owners of BO’s Bagels quickly won over discriminating bagel fans with the recipe they perfected and authentic techniques. Though a relative newcomer to the scene, this shop has made several prominent “top bagel” lists since opening in 2017. Two must-try varieties: Za’atar seasoned and the Black Russian.

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Barrier Island Bagels

North Carolina

Barrier Island Bagels, Kitty Hawk

After apprenticing together at a local bagel bakery, owners Allie and Josh Legg opened their own shop in 2017. At Barrier Island Bagels locals and tourists love the family-friendly atmosphere. One of their creations sounds heavenly: a French toast bagel with peanut butter cream cheese and strawberry jelly. If you appreciate a good bakery, you’ll want to make sure you know the best bakeries in every state.

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via BernBaum's/Facebook

North Dakota

BernBaum’s, Fargo

This innovative eatery in downtown Fargo gets a lot of buzz, thanks to a unique menu influenced by the owners’ Scandinavian and Jewish heritages. At BernBaum’s, the bagel varieties are kept deliciously simple so that the fillings can shine—like smoked trout salad with pickled apple, or the “Iceland” with lox, gravlax, fennel and chevre.

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Bagel & Deli


Bagel & Deli, Oxford

This is the quirkiest bagel shop on our list. Bagel & Deli is an Oxford institution, a hot spot for students and locals that’s open all day and night. Over 100 steamed bagel sandwiches varieties came from ideas submitted by customers: like the Crunch and Munch loaded with turkey, smoked cheddar and—Doritos! Want to know the best snack recipe from every state?

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Old School Bagel Cafe
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Old School Bagel Cafe, Tulsa

The owner of Old School Bagel Cafe spent 20 years perfecting the techniques that go into authoritative bagels. Some of these include overnight curing for the dough, and boiling the bagels before baking. They proved so popular, he quickly opened several locations in the state. Customers recommend the BLT Bagel, Hawaiian Pizza Bagel, their gluten-free options and phenomenal service.

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Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels
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Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels, Portland

West Coasters rejoice: there are credible New York-style bagels near you. Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels have the crackly crust and tender inside you expect—they make for awesome sandwiches. Their Reuben is a pumpernickel bagel stuffed with corned beef, Swiss and sauerkraut. Add this shop to your list of West Coast foodie destinations.

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Knead Bagels
Courtesy Knead Bagels


Knead Bagels, Philadelphia

These are some of the most unique flavors and pairings we’ve seen for bagels and fillings! Knead Bagels makes kettle-boiled bagels and adds uncommon toppings like black sesame seeds or Japanese togarashi spice. Cream cheese flavors include orange marmalade and scallion lime. For sandwiches, try the smoked whitefish on a poppy seed bagel.

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Rebelle Artisan Bagels
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Rhode Island

Rebelle Artisan Bagels, Providence

Owner Milena Pagan opened Rebelle Artisan Bagels after rigorously testing and developing her own recipe at home. The dough is hand-shaped, slowly fermented and then boiled in malty water before baking. Sample their crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside bagels in flavors like roasted garlic and pumpernickel everything. Custom schmears at this East Coast foodie destination include caramelized onion and maple sea salt.

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Greenfield's Bagels & Deli

South Carolina

Greenfield’s Bagels & Deli, Greenville

Greenfield’s Bagels & Deli has been so popular that owner Robin Greenfield is adding two more shops to meet demand. Homemade spreads, kosher-style deli sandwiches, gourmet soups and specialty coffees and teas are just some of their offerings. Stop by and try their popular bagels, including the Twisted Sistah—a twisted rye bagel.

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Bagel Boy
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South Dakota

Bagel Boy, Sioux Falls

There are no short-cuts with these bagels. Bagel Boy owners take a lot of pride in making their bagels from themselves, using traditional methods. The family-run business has been a favorite of Sioux Falls for 20 years. How can you not want to stop when their motto is “peace-love-bagels.”

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Proper Bagel
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Proper Bagel, Nashville

This bagel shop is striking in every way: from the beauty of their sleek, black-and-white shop to the incredible flavor of their hand-made bagels. Proper Bagel also has mouthwatering toppings like lavender honey and cookie dough. Eggs and smoked salmon are so tasty together in their New York Leo breakfast sandwich.

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Jersey Bagels
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Jersey Bagels, Houston

Two East Coast natives opened a bagel shop in Houston, and the demand for their Jersey Bagels is off the charts. Get to this bagel shop early to get your hands on hand-rolled boiled and baked bagels with cream cheese or dripping with melted butter. The flavor we’re dying to try? Fruity Pebble.

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The Bagel Project


The Bagel Project, Salt Lake City

The owners of this shop began with a seemingly impossible task: to recreate the taste and texture of a New York-style bagel in Salt Lake City. That was The Bagel Project and they enjoyed success, following the traditional fermentation and boiling methods. As one customer says, “They have the most authentic East Coast-style bagels I have found in Salt Lake.”

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Myer's Bagels


Myer’s Bagels, Burlington

You will find the most delicious bagels at Myer’s Bagels, and owner Lloyd Squires is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. He opened his Burlington shop after apprenticing with legendary Montreal bagel maker Myer Lewkowicz. The Montreal-style bagels are boiled in honey water, then baked in a wood-fired oven. Our family’s favorite? The zesty Montreal Spice.

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Bodo's Bagels
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Bodo’s Bagels, Charlottesville

“How do you spot a tourist at Bodo’s Bagels? He’s the one leaving because the line looks long.” This local joke illustrates two things that Charlottesville natives and Bodo’s Bagels fans know well: the line moves fast and the bagels are totally worth it. Head to one of the three shops in town to experience these legendary bagels.

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Whidbey Island Bagel Factory
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Whidbey Island Bagel Factory, Clinton

It’s worth the trip to the island to try these to-die-for bagels. At the Whidbey Island Bagel Factory, the owner is serious about making his bagels as flavor-packed as possible—like folding bits of baked cheese in the dough of the cheese bagels, adding fresh ginger to seasonal pumpkin bagels, and creative flavors like the banh mi. Are you an Asian-fusion fan?

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Royalicious Bagel Bakery
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West Virginia

Royalicious Bagel Bakery, Charles Town

This bakery and deli has a baking legacy going back four generations, reflecting the family’s Jewish and Italian heritage. Among the many breads, pastries and sweets at Royalicious Bagel Bakery you’ll find dozens of varieties of New York-style bagels that are so popular loyal customers travel in from out of town to get one.

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Hudson Bagel & Coffee Co.


Hudson Bagel & Coffee Co., Hudson

Hudson Bagel & Coffee Co. has been in business for 15 years, and they’re everyone’s favorite place to stop for fresh-baked bagels any time of day. In addition to classic varieties, they make cheese bagels topped with Swiss, cheddar or Asiago. The cream cheese we’d most like to try: chocolate chocolate chip. If that got your sweet tooth tingling, check out this list of the best pie shops from coast-to-coast.

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Pearl Street Bagels


Pearl Street Bagels, Jackson Hole

The bagels at Pearl Street Bagel are baked throughout the day—so fresh that they don’t need toasting. When the bagels are sliced open, they’re still piping hot from the oven, and in flavors like everything, tomato herb, and seven-grain. The shops in Jackson Hole and Wilson are both favorite stops for bicyclists and skiers.

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