The Best Diner in Every State

Updated: Feb. 07, 2024

Fine dining is great and fast food is fine, but sometimes all you crave is good old-fashioned diner fare. Find our picks for the best diner stops from coast to coast.

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Bob’s Downtown Diner, Mobile

Located at “the corner of fat and happy,” you know Bob’s Downtown Diner is the spot for Southern comfort food. Its doors open at 7 a.m. every day and it’s rated one of the city’s best spots for brunch, which you can enjoy on a picnic table outside.

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Sami's diner Mac And Cheese


Sami’s City Diner, Anchorage

This 1950s-style diner serves breakfast all day and they have plenty of delicious milkshake options to choose from (hello, Oreo milkshake!). Sami’s also offers other diner favorites like sandwiches, burgers and other finger foods.

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Welcome Diner, Garfield

Located in a mid-century building with tons of character, the Welcome Diner boasts an outdoor patio and plenty of veggie and vegan options for customers to choose from. Its signature dish, the Big Jim, is a biscuit with fried chicken, sausage gravy, cheddar and bacon. Sign us up!

P.S. Welcome Diner’s Garfield location is open, but their Tucson location is temporarily closed for the time being.

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Rolling Pin Cafe


Rolling Pin Cafe, Fayetteville

At this Arkansas eatery, order their namesake dish, The Rolling Pin. It’s an open-faced biscuit topped with an egg over easy, cheese, breakfast meat (sausage, bacon or ham) and your choice of gravy. Tip: You might want to consider swapping your usual sausage gravy for their homemade chocolate gravy.

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Peggy Sue’s 50s Diner, Yermo

This ’50s-themed diner is known especially for its curly fries. Bonus: Peggy Sue’s is on the way to Vegas, so make sure you stop at this nostalgic diner on your next road trip to the Entertainment Capital of the World.

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Sam’s No. 3, three locations

Now with three locations, Sam’s No. 3 is known for its breakfast burritos, stuffed with hash browns, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and their famous Kickin’ Pork Green Chili. With over 100 delicious items on their menu, the diner wasn’t voted “Best in Denver” for nothing!

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Elm Street Diner, Stamford

You can’t go to a diner without ordering a milkshake… and the over-the-top ones at Elm Street Diner definitely don’t disappoint. While there are plenty to choose from (including basic vanilla), don’t miss the cake and donut shake which is topped with, you guessed it, a slice of cake and a donut.

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Hollywood Grill Delaware


Hollywood Grill, Wilmington

The name says it all: Everyone, including former president Bill Clinton, enjoys a meal at the Hollywood Grill. We love it for the extensive eggs Benedict selection where you can order the traditional or mix it up with fancier toppings like jumbo crabmeat, smoked salmon and even filet mignon.

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Peter Pan Diner, Ft. Lauderdale

Family-owned since 1979 and open 24 hours a day, the Peter Pan Diner is a local favorite. The menu is massive but its known for its authentic (and delicious) Greek fare so try the chicken souvlaki or a classic Gyro sandwich (their tzatziki sauce is homemade!).

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Marietta Diner, Marietta

This Georgia must-visit was named one of Buzzfeed’s “21 American Diners You Should Eat At Before You Die,” and for good reason. Not only is the atmosphere at Marietta Diner everything you want in a diner (cozy and eclectic, complete with neon signs), the cakes are incredible. So save room for dessert!

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Liliha Bakery, Honolulu

Don’t be thrown off by the word “bakery” in the name of this Honolulu hot spot. Liliha Bakery does make delicious cakes, pastries and their famous coco puffs, but they also have an attached dining section. Its menu contains classic diner fare along with traditional Hawaiian dishes like miso butterfish and oxtail soup.

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Dixie’s Diner, Idaho Falls

Dixie’s Diner is the complete 50s diner experience with booths, stools and a personal jukebox at every table. Try out their all-day breakfast or one of their delicious burger or sandwich options. You can’t leave Dixie’s without grabbing an old-fashioned milkshake, too.

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Charlie Parker’s Diner, Springfield

When you stop at this establishment, you have to dig into the dish that earned Charlie Parker’s Diner the title of Grand Champion in the Thomas’ Hometown Breakfast Battle: the horseshoe. It’s essentially an open-faced burger topped with scrambled eggs, cheese sauce and Tater Tots.

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Edward’s Drive-In, Indianapolis

One of the Midwest’s best food traditions is the Hoosier breaded pork tenderloin sandwich. Which you can find at Edward’s Drive-In, a ’50s-esque diner in the heart of the city. Order yours with a side of hand-dipped onion rings and a glass of cold house-made root beer.

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Bluebird Diner, Iowa City

If you’re looking for “Midwest soul food,” you’ll find it at the Bluebird Diner. Known for their breakfast spread, they take classic staples up a notch with dishes like cinnamon roll French toast, homemade buttermilk pancakes with grilled bananas and chili verde with smoked pork over Parmesan polenta.

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Jimmie’s Diner, Wichita

You’ll feel like you stepped back in time with a trip to Jimmie’s Diner where there’s an old-fashioned soda fountain and the waitresses even wear poodle skirts. Some of the favorite sides on the menu include fried cornmeal mush and apples with bacon.

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Ramsey’s Diner, Lexington

At this Lexington legend, you might want to order off its infamous “meat and three” menu, where you choose one country-style entree plus three side veggies. Another favorite at Ramsey’s Diner is the traditional hot brown, an open-faced sandwich topped with sliced turkey and Mornay cheese sauce.

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sandwich at Dots Diner in Louisiana
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Dots Diner, four locations

Dot’s Diner prides itself on its welcoming, at-home atmosphere. Dot’s goes by the motto, “I’m not your Momma, but you’re always at home at Dot’s Diner.” Order their famous “Dotwich,” a scrambled egg and sausage patty covered in cheese and served on a grilled buttermilk biscuit. Pair it with one of Dot’s other favorites: “All the Way” hashbrowns.

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Becky’s Diner, Portland

Housed in a waterfront cottage, Becky’s Diner serves breakfast all day. Be prepared to eat a lot, too, because the dishes are hearty to say the least—the popular “Hobson’s Wharf Special” comes with your choice of meat, two pancakes, two eggs, home fries and toast.

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Papermoon Diner, Baltimore

Eclectic and eccentric—both describe the Papermoon Diner where the walls are covered in bright art and childhood toys and its menu is described as “comfort food meets Baltimore with a twist.” Be brave and order the bacon milkshake or bananas foster French toast. You won’t regret it.

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Agawam Diner, Rowley

Come for the atmosphere (the Agawam Diner is located inside of an old diner train car), stay for the pies. From apple to banana cream to lemon meringue (and even a delicious chicken potpie), the homemade pies here can’t be missed. P.S. The diner is on the National Register of Historical Places, too!

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Homemade Wholesome American Breakfast with eggs, toast, and hashbrowns
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Fleetwood Diner, two locations

If there’s one thing you have to order at the Fleetwood Diner (there are locations in Lansing and Ann Arbor), it’s their famous Hippie Hash, aka a pile of homemade hash browns topped with grilled tomato, green pepper, onion, mushrooms and broccoli. Oh, and feta cheese. Hungry yet?

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Mickey’s Diner, St. Paul

Another diner listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Mickey’s has been open for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for over 70 years. It’s known for its all-day and all-night breakfasts (especially the fluffy omelettes and giant pancakes) along with its old-fashioned milkshakes.

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Ajax Diner, Oxford

Holding many local titles including “best downhome soul food” and “best cornbread,” the Ajax Diner is loved by celebs like John Grisham and Eli Manning. Stick to the Southern classics on the menu—the jumbo po-boys, fried pickles and southern fried catfish won’t disappoint.

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Crown Candy Kitchen, St. Louis

While this local attraction is known for its world-renowned desserts and homemade candy, Crown Candy Kitchen also a great place to grab a bite to eat. Brave souls can order the “Heart-Stopping BLT” which has about 14 (!!!) slices of bacon sandwiched between white toast and a thick layer of Miracle Whip. Find out the difference between Miracle Whip and mayonnaise.

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Roadhouse Diner, Great Falls

Known around town as “the log cabin restaurant,” the Roadhouse Diner prides itself on serving the freshest burgers around. They grind their own meat and use locally sourced rolls. And, every two weeks, the chef comes up with a new burger creation like the recent muffaletta burger.

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Lisa’s Radial Cafe, Omaha

Go big or go home should be your motto when you visit Lisa’s Radial Cafe. The aptly-named “The Titanic,” one of the more popular orders, is a bed of hash browns topped with two eggs, chicken fried steak and biscuits. And, of course, covered in sausage gravy.

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Southwest Diner, Boulder City

Open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., the Southwest Diner is home to Grandma favorites like meatloaf and breakfast griddles. The cutesy diner even updates its decor each season, so make sure to stop by winter, spring, summer and fall to see which antique pieces are on display next.

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New Hampshire

Red Arrow Diner, four locations

A diner that serves over 500,000 breakfasts a year has to be good at what it does. While you’re at the Red Arrow Diner (they have four locations in New Hampshire), you have to try their Dinah Fingers which are their version of homemade Twinkies.

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New Jersey

Tops Diner, Harrison

New Jersey is home of the diner so there are a lot of great options. But Tops takes the cake with its menu that’s as extensive as it is creative. One of our “top” picks? The Fatty Melt, which is a burger (with bacon) between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

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66 Diner

New Mexico

66 Diner, Albuquerque

Located on the side of Route 66, this retro restaurant is as “diner” as it gets, from its jukebox to its Pez collection. There’s no lack of Southwestern fare at 66 Diner, either—dig into the “Pile Up,” pan-fried potatoes topped with bacon, green chiles, eggs, cheddar cheese and chile sauce.

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New York

Stella’s Diner, Syracuse

NYC has its share of greasy spoons, but travel upstate to Stella’s Diner for a breakfast worth its weight (literally!). Started by three sisters, the Betty Boop-themed restaurant offers oversized portions at an affordable price. Choose from one of the 15 omelette options and your stomach will thank you.

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North Carolina

Midnight Diner, Charlotte

You’ve got to have shrimp and grits when visiting the Carolinas, and Midnight Diner‘s get a raving review from customers. Their chicken and waffles deserve an honorable mention, too.

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North Dakota

Kroll’s Diner, four locations

Kroll’s tagline says it all: “Sit down and eat!” This ’50s diner serves primarily German and American fare—order a bowl of their award-winning knoephla soup (a creamy, dumpling style soup) or sauerkraut fleischkuechcle (a savory fried pastry) for a meal to remember.

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Reuben Sandwich with Corned Beef and Sauerkraut
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Big Al’s Diner, Cleveland

Food Network chef Michael Symon has dubbed the corned beef at Big Al’s the best he’s ever had. Of all the stick-to-your-ribs comfort food on the menu (and there’s a lot!), according to the general manager, the crowd favorite is the liver and onions.

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Tally’s Cafe, Tulsa

Voted Tulsa’s Best Cinnamon Rolls and Best Chicken Fry Sandwich in Oklahoma by USA Today, Tally’s Cafe knows how to do every meal from breakfast to dinner right. You might try “Tally’s Favorite,” too—a Belgian waffle served with whipped cream and a side of two fried chicken tenders and two eggs.

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The Roxy Diner, Portland

Perfect for those with a sense of humor, the Roxy claims to be “keeping Portland weird!” When you look at the menu, you’ll see funny food like Eggs Over Sleazy, Lord of the Fries and “Too Snobby to Even Look at You” French Toast.

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Pamela’s P&G Diner, Pittsburgh

Bottomless cups of coffee paired with light crepe-style pancakes makes Pamela’s a hidden gem. Definitely order breakfast here—you can get your hotcakes stuffed with anything from thick-sliced bacon to bananas, chocolate chips and whipped cream or try the croissant French toast smothered in caramel sauce.

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Rhode Island

Modern Diner, Pawtucket

The first diner to be accepted on the National Register of Historic Places, Modern Diner puts an elevated twist on some of your favorite diner dishes. You might try one of the specials tacked on the wall like the linguica (Portuguese sausage) Benedict, lobster cheese grits or Canadian bacon apple brie omelet.

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South Carolina

Early Bird Diner, Charleston

Any place that has all-you-can-eat pancakes every Friday is a win in our book. Which is exactly what the Early Bird Diner offers along with a spin on chicken and waffles (think: pecan-crusted chicken with a slightly sweet cinnamon waffle).

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South Dakota

Phillips Avenue Diner, Sioux Falls

No visit to downtown Sioux Falls is complete without a stop at Phillips Avenue Diner, a nostalgic restaurant serving hearty American platters. Fans of breakfast for dinner will love their “a.m. in the p.m.” section and don’t miss the French toast ham and cheese sandwich.

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Arnold’s Country Kitchen, Nashville

It doesn’t get much more mom-and-pop than Arnold’s, where diners receive their food cafeteria-style. The uber casual atmosphere and buffet trays of roast beef and mashed potatoes are still top quality, though—the restaurant received a highly coveted James Beard award a few years ago.

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The Diner, Farmers Branch

The Diner believes that everything really is bigger in Texas. They’ve got “Texas-sized” breakfast, lunch and dinner portions that they serve up on the daily. Their larger-than-life pies and cakes are worth noting, too.

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Ruth’s Diner, Salt Lake City

The second oldest restaurant in Utah, Ruth’s Diner is a Salt Lake City staple. Order some of Ruth’s famous mile-high biscuits with country gravy (one of their signature sides), then enjoy your super-sized meal on the outside patio with a gorgeous mountain and river view.

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Chelsea Royal Diner, West Brattleboro

Get your maple fix at the Chelsea Royal Diner, located at the foot of the Green Mountains. Serving blue plate specials and breakfast (complete with real maple syrup, of course), their trademark is the Cajun breakfast skillet: sausage with grilled onions, peppers, potatoes, two eggs over easy and melted cheese.

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Galaxy Diner, Richmond

This restaurant is out of this world. Decorated with stars and rockets, the space-themed Galaxy Diner offers cosmic creations like black hole pancakes (they have an Oreo in the center), space juice (aka Tang) and local favorite: trailer park pancakes (peanut butter and banana stuffed French toast).

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The 5-Point Cafe, Seattle 

Stop in The 5-Point Cafe from 6 to 9 a.m. for breakfast happy hour complete with mimosas (or a man-mosa with a shot of vodka) and bloody Marys. As for food, you can order Seattle’s biggest chicken-fried steak (it weighs 11 ounces!) or “The Mess,” a pile of hash brown goodness.

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West Virginia

Mountain View Diner, Charles Town

If you find yourself in Charles Town, grab a bite to eat at the retro Mountain View Diner. While their extensive breakfast has been voted “best of the best,” their desserts, made at their in-house bakery, are a must-order. So save room for a slice of Black Forest cake or apple pie.

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North Avenue Grill, Wauwatosa

Just west of Milwaukee, you’ll find North Avenue Grill, a new American diner that’s always serving up something new. In addition to their standard menu full of everything from jalapeno popper burgers to wolf omelets (that’s an omelet filled with plenty of meat and cheese) to amazing fish frys. But the best dish at this diner might just be one of their specials like Valentine’s Day red velvet pancakes or St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Charms shakes.

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Johnny J’s Diner, Casper

If the heaping plates of meat loaf and smothered sirloin don’t fill you at Johnny J’s, the old-fashioned soda fountain sure will. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a seat at the ’50s style counter while you enjoy hand-dipped ice cream sundaes, milkshakes and authentic malts.