The Best Coffee Shop in Your State

From coast to coast, folks like to stay caffeinated. Find out where you can find the best coffee shop in every state so you can start your morning right (no matter where you are).

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Prevail Coffee Alabama

Alabama: Prevail Coffee

Set right in the heart of Auburn, you’ll find Alabama’s best coffee shop: Prevail Union. This fair trade cafe serves up the state’s best coffee according to locals. Inside you’ll find baristas willing to help you choose the perfect brew as well as a whole assortment of fair trade jewelry, accessories and decor. If you’re in the South, it’s worth the trip!

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Kaladi Brothers Coffee Alaska

Alaska: Kaladi Brothers Coffee

Kaladi Brothers Coffee got its start back in 1984 as an espresso cart outside of the Anchorage Visitors Center. Now, almost 40 years later, the brothers own 14 shops across Alaska (and one in Washington!). Known for expertly roasted beans and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder Kaladi Brothers is a must for locals and tourists alike.

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Arizona: Peixoto Coffee Roasters

At Peixoto Coffee Roasters, coffee isn’t just business—it’s a family business. Owner Julia Peixoto Peters’ family has been growing coffee in Brazil for more than 100 years! Today, you can sample the fruits of the family’s land at one of Peixoto Coffee Roasters’ two locations in Arizona: Chandler and Gilbert.

To really appreciate the work of the talented farmers, roasters and baristas, try a pour-over coffee. And because we know that won’t be enough, consider purchasing a coffee subscription so you never have to be without.

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Arkansas: ONYX Coffee Lab

In Arkansas, you’ll find ONYX Coffee Lab (two in Bentonville, one in Fayetteville and another in Rogers). These locally owned and operated cafes serve up coffee that’s roasted right in the Ozarks.

Proof that it’s one of the best coffee shops around? ONYX Coffee Lab regularly places at the World Coffee Championships. In 2022, the team took home second place in both World Barista Championship and World Brewers Cup. Folks looking to replicate perfection at home can take one of the lab’s classes.

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Go Get Um Tiger Coffee Shop California

California: Go Get Em Tiger

Go Get Em Tiger is the stuff California dreams are made of. Each of the local chain’s nine LA-area locations is sun-soaked, vibrant and comfortably trendy.

But GGET’s appeal is more than skin deep. When you walk into one of these cafes, you can take a seat right at the counter and order directly from a barista—much the same way you’d order a drink at a bar. This lets coffee fans talk directly with the pros. And what should you order? On a hot day, an espresso tonic (that’s two shots of espresso served over tonic water) can really hit the spot!

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Colorado: Weathervane Cafe

Out in Denver, you’ll find Weathervane Cafe, an eclectic coffee shop in the City Park West neighborhood. While it’s loved for its great sandwiches (both breakfast and lunch), Weathervane really shines when it comes to its coffee and espresso drinks. Customers can add housemade syrup to any drink for a totally novel experience. Try the smoky maple or orange-clove for a cuppa that feels like fall.

If you want a taste of fall without the trip to the café, try making coffee creamer at home (we’ve got our own twist on pumpkin spice!).

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Connecticut: NEAT Coffee

In Darien, Connecticut you’ll find NEAT Coffee, a locally owned shop that’s obsessive about its brews. Coffee geeks will appreciate their rigorously trained staff, micro roasts and dedication to creating the perfect cup. To the folks at NEAT, coffee is a science.

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Delaware: Brew HaHa!

With nine locations across the tiny state, Brew HaHa! has made a name for itself with its amazing coffee and eclectic interiors. In the past few years, this locally owned collection of cafes has branched out, serving some of the tastiest brunch in the state.

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Florida: Panther Coffee

In Miami, Panther Coffee is a craft coffee pioneer. Their five locations offer a handful of brewing methods—think French press and Japanese slow drip—for coffee aficionados. Plus, their cafes are set in emerging neighborhoods leading visitors to check out places slightly off the beaten path.

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Georgia: Land of a Thousand Hills

The motto of this Atlanta roaster is “drink coffee, do good.” We’re all about that message from Land of a Thousand Hills.

This collection of coffee shops sources its beans from Rwandan farms providing farmers with good wages. They also head up plenty of charitable projects like creating health clinics and providing fresh water to the communities where they get their coffee. And of course, their coffee and espressos are amazing.

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Honolulu Coffee Hawaii

Hawaii: Honolulu Coffee

Hawaii is known for its signature Kona blends—sweet, mellow and low-acid. That’s precisely what you’ll find brewing at Honolulu Coffee. This coffee company sources all its beans from farms on the slopes of Mauna Loa. The coffee is then roasted and served up at 11 locations across the Big Island and Maui.

You can try Kona coffee in its purest form: brewed and served hot (you can even choose your brewing method!). If you want something a little flashier, try the Hawaiian latte made with espresso, milk, coconut and macadamia nut syrup.

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Push & Pour Coffee Idago Fr

Idaho: Push & Pour

Push & Pour opened its doors in Garden City back in 2017. Soon this skater-founded café expanded its footprint with two more trendy outposts in Boise.

Today, Push & Pour offers locally roasted blends that are entirely unique. The shop’s roaster tells Daily Coffee News that the elevation in Idaho can really affect the flavor profiles of the coffee beans. So stop in for a brew like any other—and feel free to bring Fido! Push & Pour is dog-friendly.

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Push & Pour Coffee Shop Idaho

Illinois: Chicago French Press

Chicago French Press is a cafe with a mission. Not only does this South Loop destination serve up fair-trade, non-GMO coffee, it also donates a percentage of its sales to nonprofit organizations like Alzheimer’s Association and The Simple Good.

But how’s the coffee? Tasty! Owner Kris Christian made it her mission to create coffees that don’t require added cream and sugar. To accomplish this, Kris and her team blend and grind coffee with dried fruits, chocolate and nuts. The result is flavor-forward coffee that doesn’t need any extras—though you’re still welcome to add them for extra oomph.

Some popular blends include Coconut Creme, which is 100% arabica coffee blended with coconut flakes, and Maple Pecan which is mixed with Vermont maple syrup and toasted pecans.

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Indiana: Parlor Public House

At Parlor Public House in Indianapolis, the motto is “coffee ’til cocktails.” As you can guess, that means this Indy stop is a must-visit on the way to work—and for happy hour after.

While it can be tempting to sneak a peek at the Paloma listed on the post-5 PM menu, we assure you that the morning sips are just as delicious. All the classics (lattes, americanos and the like) are present along with some house specialties like an horchata latte, London fog and the Parlor Shot—that’s a shot of espresso floated over the top of your go-to milk.

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Mars Cafe Iowa Coffee Shop

Iowa: Mars Cafe

Near Drake University in Des Moines, you’ll find Mars Cafe—an out-of-this-world stop for locals looking for a caffeine fix. In their laid-back cafe, you’ll find students and regulars enjoying a tasty, fair-trade pour-over from Wonderstate Coffee Roasters.

And while it’s not technically coffee, we’d be remiss not to recommend Mars Cafe’s moon milk. This blue-hued latte is made with antioxidant-filled tea, lavender and vanilla.

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Reverie Coffee Roasters Kentucky

Kansas: Reverie Coffee Roasters

In Wichita, you’ll find Reverie Coffee Roasters, a small collection of cafes filled with personality (and great coffee, of course!). Home to exciting takes on classics, like the rosemary salted caramel latte, Reverie offers locals a comfortable, creative place to wake up.

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Please And Thank You Coffee Kentucky

Kentucky: Please & Thank You

If you’re looking for a unique coffee house experience, just head on down to Louisville. There you’ll find Please & Thank You, the city’s hottest cafe, bakery and record shop. Kick back, listen to some vinyl and snag a cup of their local roast. And don’t forget one of their chocolate chip cookies—they’re some of the best around.

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Lousiana: Rêve Coffee

The folks at Rêve Coffee know that coffee plays a part in many rituals, be it sipping your morning cuppa before work or meeting up with pals for book club. That’s why they’ve made it their goal to make sure that your cup or tumbler is full of the best brew possible.

For some, that may be a single-origin coffee with cream, a coffee flight or maybe something more whimsical like a king cake cappuccino. Swing by Lafayette, Baton Rouge or Eunice to order your favorite.

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Bard Coffee Shop Main

Maine: Bard Coffee

Stop by Portland’s Bard Coffee if you’re in need of a caffeine fix. Their baristas will prepare you a beverage exactly to your liking. Their cappuccinos are subject to a lot of praise online. We recommend you pair one with some of their fresh bakery—an oatmeal cookie sounds particularly good after walking along Casco Bay.

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Maryland: Bump ‘n Grind

What happens when you mix a café with a record store? You get Bump ‘n Grind in Kensington, a favorite of assistant editor Lauren Jarvis-Gibson. This small coffee roaster serves up pour-over coffee, herbal tea and much more. While you sip, be sure to browse the extensive vinyl selection.

And in case you wanted even more of Bump ‘n Grind, be sure to check out Analog Market, the brand’s sister shop. It is open on weekends and is a great place to check out used records, vintage goods and handmade items.

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Massachusetts: Gracenote Coffee

Particular about your coffee and espresso? Then check out Gracenote Coffee in Boston’s Leather District. At this small cafe, you’ll find obsessively and carefully brewed coffee. Not an expert? No problem—the cafe’s friendly baristas are more than happy to help you pick a brew that’s suited to your tastes.

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Cahoots Cafe Michigan Coffee Shop

Michigan: Cahoots Cafe

In Ann Arbor, you’ll find a student-favorite coffee shop: Cahoots Cafe. Inside this one-time insurance building, you’ll discover an airy and fresh environment—the ideal spot for perking up on a busy day. Feel free to order your typical coffee order, but be sure to keep an eye on their drink specials: inventive sips like five spice lattes and calicos (that’s a mocha with a hint of orange!).

And if you’re not in a rush on your way to class or work, stop in for one of Cahoots’ comedy, music or poetry performances. They also host markets with handmade goods.

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Minnesota: Backstory Coffee Roasters

You’ll find a Backstory Coffee Roasters in each of the Twin Cities. The St. Paul location is a favorite of associate editor Lauren Pahmeier who says that this spot is her go-to “because it always has super quality coffee and espresso.”

Backstory Coffee Roasters also has a robust menu that changes with the season. “There’s always something new to try,” according to Lauren. In spring, that means a rose miel (that’s a Spanish coffee sweetened with honey) or lemon matcha—iced or hot. Stop in during the cold months and enjoy a stroopwafel cappuccino.

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Mississippi: The Greenhouse on Porter

Looking for a coffee shop like no other? Visit Ocean Springs’ Greenhouse on Porter. You guessed it: This cafe is located in a former greenhouse. Suddenly this morning ritual turns into a cottagecore fantasy. So what should you order while enjoying the warm weather and budding blooms? Try an Age of Aquarius latte (that’s made with peanut butter and honey) or a creamsicle latte.

Don’t forget to order up some treats while you sip. Thumbprint cookies, breakfast sammies and a rotating selection of biscuits are always on the menu.

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Vested Coffee Missouri

Missouri: Vested Coffee

Get your caffeine fix at Kansas City’s Vested Coffee. This local institution has two locations in the city and, according to editor Rosie Siefert, “the vibes are immaculate in both.”

What truly makes Vested Coffee special, though, is the welcoming atmosphere. “The owners know all their regulars and are just the cutest people ever,” says Rosie. If you’re a local, be sure to become a regular.

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Montana Coffee Traders Montana

Montana: Montana Coffee Traders

With three locations in northwest Montana, Montana Coffee Traders has gained a passionate following for its always hot, always smooth coffee. Locals and tourists on their way to nearby Glacier National Park can get a jump start on their day with an espresso, hearty breakfast or fresh bakery—their scones are particularly beloved (and so are many of these scone recipes from our library!).

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Nebraska: Crescent Moon Coffee

Nestled in Lincoln’s Haymarket District is Crescent Moon Coffee. This coffee shop meets performance space is loved for its cozy atmosphere and fun specials. You’ll find a rotating menu of themed drinks like ones inspired by Alice in WonderlandCoraline and even the barista’s pets!

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Star Village Coffee Nevada

Nevada: Star Village Coffee

Get a new perspective on your morning cup of coffee at Star Village Coffee in Reno. Here, the owners blend coffee culture with their Native American heritage. Of course you’ll find classic coffees on the menu, but there are also recipes that weave in staple ingredients from the Great Basin like sage, pine nuts and chokecherries. You’ll find that blending these plants with coffee is an earthy and earthly delight; try the mint-sage latte to start!

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Portsmouth Book & Bar Coffee New Hampshire

New Hampshire: Portsmouth Book & Bar

There’s nothing better than a good book and an even better cup of coffee—and the folks at Portsmouth Book & Bar know that. Enjoy browsing the stacks as you sip a macchiato or iced mocha. Maybe you’ll find a new cookbook to take home! If you’re visiting this locale a little later in the day, you can try a cold brew martini (similar to an espresso martini) or a local beer.

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New Jersey: The Moth Coffeehouse

The Danch family had a vision for the old grist mill in Allentown: to see it become a vibrant part of the community again. And in 2015, they opened the doors of The Moth Coffeehouse.

Today, this café is the center of this small community (Allentown has just about 2,000 residents). But you’ll find more than just locals inside enjoying the fresh coffee and veggie-friendly menu. Folks from all over flock to this rustic retreat to enjoy brews from Ethiopia, Costa Rica and beyond. And if you’re craving something sweet, check out their cake shop!

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New Mexico: New Mexico Piñon Coffee

New Mexico Piñon Coffee is the biggest roaster in the state, but it offers a style of coffee you’re unlikely to find outside of the southwest. NMPC roasts a blend of arabica coffee beans and then adds in locally harvested piñons. These are similar to pine nuts and impart a slightly nutty and smooth flavor to the coffee; they help to combat any bitterness.

You can sip this distinctly New Mexican coffee at several cafés around Albuquerque or pick up a bag at many local grocers (or online!).

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Josie's Coffee Shoppe New York

New York: Josie’s Coffee Shoppe

Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life? Head up to the Catskills and grab a cup of joe at Josie’s Coffee Shoppe. Here, owner Vanessa Piazza has created a space for folks to gather in the small town of Saugerties—much the same way Vanessa’s grandfather created a vacation spot here for his own family to connect.

When you stop by Josie’s on your way to hike or just unwind, snag a flat white or maple-vanilla-cinnamon latte. You can also linger a while and enjoy a short stack of pancakes or a breakfast sandwich.

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North Carolina: Moji Coffee

In Winston-Salem, you’ll find Moji Coffee: a café with a mission. According to their website, Moji is more than just a coffee shop, it’s “a job training and employment advocacy program for people with diverse abilities.”

At Moji, folks with intellectual and developmental challenges are taught valuable workplace skills like customer service and teamwork. While they learn, customers get to enjoy a great cup of coffee—or a latte or espresso.

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North Dakota: Youngblood Coffee Roasters

Youngblood Coffee Roasters in Fargo prides itself on being a place for everyone. According to the website, “You might see a skater punk next to a lawyer next to a teacher next to a soccer parent.” After all, if there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s good coffee.

As you settle in at Youngblood’s communal tables with the latest vinyl spinning in the background, you can enjoy ethically sourced coffee that the team roasts themselves.

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Parable Coffee Ohio

Ohio: Parable Coffee

Ohio native and deputy editor Rachel Seis can’t recommend Parable Coffee in Colombus enough. “The space is stunning!” she says—and so is the coffee. The menu here is full of the standards you expect as well as innovative sips like a sesame miso caramel latte and a rosemary-pink peppercorn cappuccino.

But what really makes Parable Coffee stand out is that this shop allows its employees to “engage with customers on a gratuity-free basis,” according to the company website. “Liveable wages and benefits are made possible through the pricing structure.”

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Spiked Coffee Oklahoma

Oklahoma: Spiked

On Oklahoma City’s northeast side, you’ll find Spiked. Drop by in the morning for a macchiato or cappuccino to pick you up. Swing by later (or on the weekend) to enjoy any of Spiked’s sips, well, spiked. The Awe Amore is especially tempting; it’s a blend of espresso, brandy, amaretto and whipped cream.

You can also enjoy coffee-free cocktails as well, like the Eastside Mule—a twist on the classic Moscow Mule but with a splash of pineapple.

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Oregon: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown has a reputation for being Oregon’s best coffee shop. Folks come for their cold brew—and pour-over coffee and extra-smooth lattes and americanos—and stay for the atmosphere. Their cafes are known for their spacious yet homey feel.

Good news if you don’t call the Beaver State home: You can find Stumptown Coffee at many supermarkets and online.

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Pennsylvania: Elixr Coffee Roasters

We love Elixr Coffee Roasters in Philadelphia for going against the grain. While many cafes are offering deep, dark roasts, Elixr is busy making one of the best blonde roasts out there. Blonde or light roast coffees are less bitter than their dark counterparts, making for a bright and light cuppa.

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Rhode Island: The Nitro Bar

Rhode Island may be small but Providence’s Nitro Bar knows how to deliver on big flavor. This coffee cart-turned-cafe serves nitrogen-infused coffee on tap. This infusion helps deliver smoother, creamier coffee. If you can’t catch the cart or make it to their new Nitro Bar, you can still get their cold brew on tap in almost 40 locations across the state (and even a few in Massachusetts).

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Lodi Coffee South Carolina

South Carolina: Lodi Coffee

North Charleston’s Lodi Coffee is one of the top-rated coffee shops in the whole country, according to Yelp. One glimpse at the menu, and you’ll understand why. Lodi Coffee is the sort of spot that keeps you coming back for more.

According to the site, the folks at Lodi are “always trying something new.” That means “new flavors, new beverages and new recipes to help you charge your day.” So what are those new flavors and recipes? Well, they go way beyond flavored lattes. You’ll find a whole host of flavored cold brews like Nutella and French toast. There’s also a long list of rotating blended drinks. Recently these included riffs on Girl Scout cookies (yum!).

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South Dakota: Dixon Coffee Company

Located in Rapid City, Dixon Coffee Company serves up fresh coffee with a smile. Known for their outstanding customer service and excellent espresso, it’s no wonder locals flock here (even in the snow!). The crew at Dixon is also whipping up new specialty drinks regularly, so stop in for a special treat like a latte made with local honey.

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Bongo Java Nashville Coffee Shop

Tennessee: Bongo Java

At Bongo Java in Nashville, you’ll find all the coffee classics plus seasonal menus full of silly names like the Pumpkin Patch, First Kiss, or Warm and Fuzzy. Make no mistake, though, Nashville’s oldest coffeehouse is serious about its brews.

Founder Bob Bernstein told Taste of Home that to him, paying fair wages to farmers for the work they do is paramount. Bongo Java (and its sister shops Fido and Grins) pay above fair-trade prices for their beans and maintains close relationships with the folks that grow them. Another bonus: The coffee at Bongo Java is 100% organic.

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Texas: 7th & Park

This business is half bike shop, half coffee house and 100% invested in the local community. Located just a mile from the U.S.-Mexican border in Brownsville, 7th & Park is focused on bringing folks together. Take one look at their calendar of events, and you’ll find something for everyone—yoga, record swaps, bike rides (obviously!).

But how’s the coffee? Their website says it all: “The best espresso with the best crema and the best microfoam we are capable of. Every. Single. Time.”

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Sugar House Coffee

Utah: Sugar House Coffee

Warm and welcoming, Sugar House Coffee in Salt Lake City is a great place to grab a latte or cup of joe on the way to work or even before a long hike amidst the beautiful landscape. On the weekends, this hot spot gets pretty busy—they’re also known for a heavenly brunch—but locals know it’s worth the wait.

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Vermont: Scout

Visit Winooski or Burlington to get your espresso fix—or to satisfy your sweet tooth with ice cream. That’s right: Scout serves up both!

And because it wouldn’t be a Vermont institution without it, you’ll find maple syrup on the menu in the form of a smoked maple latte. How good does that sound?

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Colada Shop Coffee Virginia

Virginia: Colada Shop

Cuba is a long way away from Sterling, but Colada Shop brings that distinct flavor to Virginia through its coffee and food. This cafe—along with its sister location in D.C.—provides locals with strong coffee and a variety of Cuban specialties like the café bonbon (espresso with sweetened condensed milk) and the café Cubano (a shot of coffee with sweet Cuban crema).

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Washington: Caffe Vita

Washington’s Caffe Vita prides itself on building meaningful connections. These partnerships include growers and roasters as well as the relationships between the cafés and the community. Essentially, when you walk into one of Caffe Vita’s seven locations, you’ll feel like you’re visiting an old friend.

So while you settle in to visit, what should you order? Associate editor Lesley Balla who calls the Evergreen State home suggests a classic cold brew.

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Mountaineer Roasting Co.

West Virginia: Mountaineer Roasting Co.

Founded in 2017, Mountaineer Roasting Co. in Morgantown has quickly become a craft coffee leader in the Mountain State—and not just for its supreme coffees.

Yes, you can enjoy a cuppa from Peru, Colombia, Honduras and Ethiopia, each with unique flavor profiles, but many visitors note that the customer service is the real draw. Friendly baristas are happy to walk you through tasting notes on each coffee—or just help you to decide whether you should order a cold brew or iced coffee.

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Wisconsin: Vendetta Coffee Bar

Step into Vendetta Coffee Bar and you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to Italy. Inside each of these homey cafes (one in Milwaukee and another in neighboring Wauwatosa), you’ll find pastry cases stocked with sfogliatelle and bombolini.

And the drink menu also has plenty of Italian flair. Try a caffe Florian—that’s cold espresso served with orange blossom honey and orange bitters—or caffe Pedrocchi, a pull of espresso with fresh mint-infused milk and dark chocolate shavings. Of course, you can also order more traditional coffee drinks like macchiatos, cortados and affogatos.

And if your afternoon at Vendetta turns into happy hour, you can even order a glass of wine.

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Wyoming: Paramount Cafe

Set right in the heart of Cheyenne’s historic district is Paramount Cafe. Making its home inside a vintage theater, Paramount serves up a custom-roasted espresso blend. Customers can kick back in their friendly, relaxed environment and take in the art displayed throughout the cafe—it does double duty as an artist space.

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