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The Best Coffee Shop in Your State

From coast to coast, folks like to stay caffeinated. Find out where you can find the best coffee shop in every state so you can start your morning right (no matter where you are).

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Alabama: Prevail Coffee

Set right in the heart of Auburn, you’ll find Alabama’s best coffee shop: Prevail Union. This fair trade cafe serves up the state’s best coffee according to locals (and Inside you’ll find baristas willing to help you choose the exact right brew as well as a whole assortment of fair trade jewelry, accessories and decor. If you’re in the South, it’s worth the trip!

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Alaska: Kaladi Brothers Coffee

Kaladi Brothers Coffee got its start back in 1984 as an espresso cart outside of the Anchorage Visitors Center. Now, more than 30 years later, the brothers own 16 shops across Alaska. Known for expertly roasted beans and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder Kaladi Brothers is a must for locals and tourists alike.

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Arizona: Lux Central

Folks come to Phoneix’s Lux Central to see the fun and quirky atmosphere, but they stay for the coffee. This cafe offers up your favorites like lattes, Americanos and more, but served up in their unique space, they take on new life. While you’re there, be sure to try one of their decadently delicious desserts—locals rave about them.

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Arkansas: ONYX Coffee Lab

In Arkansas, you’ll find ONYX Coffee Lab (one in Bentonville, one in Fayetteville and another in Springdale). These locally owned and operated cafes serve up coffee that’s roasted right in the Ozarks. Proof that it’s one of the best coffee shops around? ONYX Coffee Lab won the 2017 US Roaster Championship and Brewers Cup Championship. Folks looking to replicate perfection at home can take one of the lab’s classes.

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California: Holsem Coffee

At Holsem Coffee in San Diego, you’re more than welcome to order your usual, but their alternative menu just might tempt you with its curious offerings. This shop offers a handful of cold brews on tap, but they aren’t your standard dark roast. Holsem serves up Nutella, lemon meringue pie, colada and banana bread cold brews. How amazing do those sound? They definitely have us craving some lemon meringue desserts.

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Colorado: Weathervane Cafe

Out in Denver, you’ll find Weathervane Cafe, an eclectic coffee shop in the City Park West neighborhood. While it’s loved for its great sandwiches (both breakfast and lunch), Weathervane really shines when it comes to its coffee and espresso drinks. Customers can add a housemade syrup to any drink for a totally novel experience. Try the smoky maple or orange-clove for a cuppa that feels like fall.

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Connecticut: NEAT Coffee

In Darien, Connecticut you’ll find NEAT Coffee, a locally owned shop that’s obsessive about its brews. Coffee geeks will appreciate their rigorously trained staff, micro roasts and dedication to creating the perfect cup. To the folks at NEAT, coffee is a science.

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Delaware: Brew Ha Ha!

With nine locations across the tiny state, Brew Ha Ha! has made a name for itself with its amazing coffee and eclectic interiors. In the past few years, this locally owned collection of cafes has branched out, serving some of the tastiest brunch in the state.

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Florida: Panther Coffee

In Miami, Panther Coffee is a craft coffee pioneer. Their five locations offer a handful of brewing methods—think pour-over and Japanese slow drip—for coffee aficionados. Plus, their cafes are set in emerging neighborhoods leading visitors to check out places slightly off the beaten path.

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Georgia: Land of A Thousand Hills

The motto of this Atlanta roaster is “drink coffee, do good.” We’re all about that message from Land of A Thousand Hills. This collection of coffee shops sources its beans from Rwandan farms providing farmers with good wages. They also head up plenty of charitable projects like creating health clinics and providing fresh water to the communities where they get their coffee. And of course, their coffee and espressos are amazing (the cherry on top of this sundae).

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Hawaii: Downtown Coffee

Hawaii is known for its signature Kona blends—sweet, mellow and low-acid. At Downtown Coffee in Honolulu, you’ll find a wide selection of the islands’ traditional brew. In fact, this small coffee bar exclusively serves Hawaiian-grown coffees from across the islands. The baristas there are more than happy to give you a quick lesson about their coffees and the farms from which they hail—all part of the farm-to-table (well, cup) experience.

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Idaho: Push & Pour

Though relatively new to the coffee scene, Garden City’s Push & Pour is already turning heads in Idaho. The shop offers locally roasted blends which are entirely unique. The shop’s roaster tells Daily Coffee News that the elevation up in Idaho can really affect the flavor profiles of the coffee beans. So stop in for a brew like any other—and feel free to bring Fido! Push & Pour is dog-friendly.

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Illinois: Sawada Coffee

Located in Chicago, Sawada Coffee was founded by champion latte artist Hiroshi Sawada. His team of baristas creates artful cappuccinos, Americanos and pour-over coffees, but this shop is most known for its trademark military latte. This specialty drink combines espresso with matcha tea and steamed milk to create the masterpiece you see here!

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Indiana: Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company

Based in Indianapolis, Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company sets itself apart from the rest not only for great coffee but for having a mission. This cafe is not for profit; Calvin Fletcher’s donates all its profits to local charities.

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Iowa: Mars Cafe

Near Drake University in Des Moines, you’ll find Mars Cafe—an out of this world stop for locals looking for a caffeine fix. In their laid-back cafe, you’ll find students and regulars enjoying a tasty, fair trade pour over from Kickapoo Coffee Roasters. Stay a little longer and grab a salad or panini for lunch.

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Kansas: Reverie Coffee Roasters

In Wichita, you’ll find Reverie Coffee Roasters, a small collection of cafes filled with personality (and great coffee, of course!). Home to exciting takes on classics, like the rosemary salted caramel latte, Reverie offers locals a comfortable, creative place to wake up.

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Kentucky: Please & Thank You

If you’re looking for a unique coffee house experience, just head on down to Louisville. There you’ll find Please & Thank You, the city’s hottest cafe, bakery and record shop. Kick back, listen to some vinyl with their local roast. And don’t forget one of their chocolate chip cookies—they’re some of the best around.

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Lousiana: Drip Affogato Bar

We love dessert and we love coffee, so why not combine both? That’s exactly what Drip Affogato Bar is doing down in New Orleans. This cafe offers your classic drinks (macchiatos, cold brews and lattes) alongside a selection of affogato—a combination of ice cream with fresh espresso poured over the top. The Classique—Tahitian vanilla ice cream, pistachios, a waffle cookie and espresso—sounds particularly tempting.

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Maine: Bard Coffee

Stop by Portland’s Bard Coffee if you’re in need of a caffeine fix. Their baristas will prepare you a beverage exactly to your liking. Their cappuccinos are subject to a lot of praise online. We recommend you pair one with some of their fresh bakery—an oatmeal cookie sounds particularly good.

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Maryland: Rise Up Coffee Roasters

With five cafes across Maryland, Rise Up Coffee Roasters has made a name for itself with exceptionally bold and rich coffees. Patrons can enjoy an expertly brewed cuppa while they watch coffee being roasted right there in one of their cafes. Plus, their decaf is said to be out of this world—coffee lovers know that’s no small feat!

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Massachusetts: Gracenote Coffee

Particular about your coffee and espresso? Then check out Gracenote Coffee in Boston’s Leather District. At this small cafe, you’ll find obsessively and carefully brewed coffee. Not an expert? No problem—the cafe’s friendly baristas are more than happy to help you pick a brew that’s suited to your tastes.

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Michigan: Harless + Hugh Coffee

Stepping into this cafe, you’d think you’re in a big city coffee joint. The impeccably decorated Harless + Hugh just feels like a lush yet comfortable spot you’d find in New York or Chicago. But this treasure is located in little Bay City. This shop has it all—perfectly roasted beans, homemade syrups and a dynamite breakfast menu. For a change of pace, try their M-25, an iced drink made from espresso, syrup and milk all shaken up in a martini shaker.

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Minnesota: Vicinity Coffee

In Minneapolis’s Lyndale neighborhood you’ll find the best coffee shop in the state: Vicinity Coffee (FKA Bull Run). This small cafe offers up a great cup of coffee straight up—many locals can tell you that. But what makes Vicinity so special is their creative latte menu. Seriously, how good does a Teddy bear sound—local honey, cinnamon, graham cracker crumbles and cuddliness (that last one is essential)?

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Mississippi: Strange Brew Coffeehouse

In Starkville, Mississipi’s college town, you’ll find alumni serving up cappuccinos, cafe au lait at Strange Brew Coffeehouse. However, this university hotspot is most beloved for its terrifically uncommon espresso drinks. Depending on the specials, you can walk out with a peanut butter mocha, a Girl Scout frappe (who doesn’t love Girl Scout cookies?) or even a King cake frappe during Mardi Gras!

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Missouri: Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters

At Thou Mayest in Kansas City, you’ll find a coffee shop that follows this motto: take fun seriously. Customers are encouraged to come in, kick back and enjoy their space, be it with a cup of joe or a bowl of cereal and cartoons—the cafe turns on the classics on Saturday mornings.

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Montana: Montana Coffee Traders

With three locations in northwest Montana, Montana Coffee Traders has gained a passionate following for its always hot, always smooth coffee. Locals and tourists on their way to nearby Glacier National Park can get a jump start on their day with an espresso, a hearty breakfast or fresh bakery—their scones are particularly beloved.

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Nebraska: Crescent Moon Coffee

Nestled in Lincoln’s Haymarket District is Crescent Moon Coffee. This coffee-shop-meets-performance-space is loved for its cozy atmosphere and fun specials. Seriously, how fun are these Harry Potter-themed drinks? Just as fun as these Hogwarts treats!

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Nevada: Hub Coffee Roasters

For the best coffee in Nevada, skip the gold and glitz of Las Vegas and head over to Reno. There you’ll find Hub Coffee Roasters, a small group of cafes that focus on sustainability. With expert baristas looking to get locals—including the students at their university location—in and out with an amazing cup of coffee.

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New Hampshire: Café La Reine

Situated across the street from Manchester City Hall is Café La Reine. Decorated with ski poles and snowshoes, owner Alex Puglisi told NH Magazine that she wanted it to feel like “customers just spent the day in the state’s great outdoors and have come inside to rest over a steaming mug—even if they just stepped out…on a coffee break.” That’s a vibe we can get down with (and one that helps it earn its best coffee shop title here).

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New Jersey: OQ Coffee Co.

In Highland Park, you’ll Find OQ Coffee Co., one of the best coffee shops in the country. This cafe focuses on sustainability and provides customers with unique, single origin micro-lots of espresso and coffee beans. This strategy pays off—OQ Coffee was a Good Food Award finalist in 2017 and winner in 2018.

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New Mexico: Deep Space Coffee

At Deep Space Coffee in Albuquerque, you come for the atmosphere—that wallpaper is Instagram famous—and you stay for the delicious coffee. Deep Space’s baristas take their coffee seriously, but never themselves. Need help choosing a coffee? They’re there to help steer you in the right direction with a smile.

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New York: Stacks Espresso Bar

Choosing the best coffee shop in New York is quite the task, but we think we found one of the tops—you’ll just have to jog up to Albany to find it. There you’ll run into Stacks Espresso Bar, a cafe and community space serving up coffee using slow methods. Sit at their pour over bar and learn a few things about their guest brews (limited edition coffees made by guest roasters) or stop on by for a class. The experts there will give you tips on how to best brew at home.

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North Carolina: Cocoa Cinnamon

Over in Durham, you’ll find a cafe that offers more than just a basic cup of coffee. Cocoa Cinnamon brews up cuppas infused with flavors from all over the world. Try a pour-over with cardamom and rosewater or even a bit of orange blossom. Turn it into breakfast with their housemade churros (yum!).

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North Dakota: Twenty Below Coffee Co.

In Fargo, you’ll find Twenty Below Coffee Co. This shop is family owned and it shows. Each day, the shop takes a quick break for lunch—from noon until one o’clock. During this time, customers are welcome to enjoy their community lunch hour: pay-what-you-can coffee and a self-serve toast bar (just $3). As for the coffee—it’s stellar. A barista can recommend the perfect blend and preparation to suit your preferences.

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Ohio: Ghostlight Coffee

At Ghostlight Coffee in Dayton, you get the best of all worlds. That’s because this locally owned shop serves up coffee from a variety of Midwest roasters. Combined with their housemade syrups in unique flavors—we’re talking pumpkin-coconut, black walnut and lumberjack (that’s cinnamon, maple and smoked sea salt)—you really can’t get much better than this cafe.

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Oklahoma: Leaf + Bean

Simple things done well are a great joy—just ask the folks at Leaf + Bean in Oklahoma City. This spot gains rave reviews for their brief menu—just coffee, tea and lattes are listed. Of course, you can add a little punch with a hint of syrup but in the end, their freshly roasted beans still shine.

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Oregon: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown also has a reputation for being Oregon’s best coffee shop. Folks come for their cold brew—and pour-over coffee and extra-smooth lattes and Americanos—and stay for the atmosphere. Their cafes are known for their spacious yet homey feel.

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Pennsylvania: Elixr Coffee Roasters

We love Elixr Coffee Roasters in Philadelphia for going against the grain. While many cafes are offering deep, dark roasts, Elixr is busy making one of the best blonde roasts out there. Blonde or light roast coffees are less bitter than their dark counterparts making for a bright and light cuppa.

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Rhode Island: The Nitro Cart (and Bar)

Rhode Island may be small but Providence’s Nitro Cart knows how to deliver on big flavor. This coffee cart-turned-cafe serves nitrogen-infused coffee on tap. This infusion helps deliver smoother, creamier coffee. If you can’t catch the cart or make it to their new Nitro Bar, you can still get their cold brew on tap in almost 40 locations across the state (and even a few in Massachusetts).

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South Carolina: Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer

Located in downtown Charleston, Kudu offers folks a place to unwind with one of their signature roasts. Locals stop in for the coffee and stay for the conversation—there’s no Wi-Fi at Kudu! In addition to their large menu of specialty drinks—including classic lattes and trendy cortados—Kudu has an ever-rotating beer menu featuring 20 taps. So whatever brew you prefer (be it beans or hops), Kudu has something to offer.

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South Dakota: Dixon Coffee Company

Located in Rapid City, Dixon Coffee Company serves up fresh coffee with a smile. Known for their outstanding customer service and excellent espresso, it’s no wonder locals flock here. The crew at Dixon is also whipping up new specialty drinks regularly, so stop in for a special treat like this beautiful lavender latte.

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Tennessee: Steadfast Coffee

When it comes to coffee, we’ve all had a good hot cuppa and a nice cold brew, but what about coffee soda? Nashville’s Steadfast Coffee specializes in this refreshing twist on a classic coffee. Flash chilled, lightly sweetened and then carbonated, this new take is served over ice with a citrus twist. Of course Steadfast also offers your favorite coffee shop drinks, but we recommend trying the soda!

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Texas: 7th & Park

This business is half bike shop, half coffee house and 100% invested in the local community. Located just a mile from the U.S.-Mexican border in Brownsville, 7th & Park is focused on bringing folks together. Take one look at their calendar of events, and you’ll find something for everyone—yoga, record swaps, bike rides (obviously!). But how’s the coffee? Their website says it all: “The best espresso with the best crema and the best microfoam we are capable of. Every. Single. Time.”

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Utah: Sugar House Coffee

Warm and welcoming, Sugar House Coffee in Salt Lake City is a great place to grab a latte or cup of joe on the way to work or even before a long hike amidst the beautiful landscape. On the weekends, this hot spot gets pretty busy—they’re also known for a heavenly brunch—but locals know it’s worth the wait.

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Vermont: Uncommon Grounds Coffee & Tea

If you find yourself near Burlington and in need of a quick coffee fix, don’t hesitate—just head to Uncommon Grounds. This family-run business sources from local farmers and dairies so you can be sure you’re getting the freshest pick-me-up around. Be sure to try the maple latte—it’s a Vermont must-have.

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Virginia: Colada Shop

Cuba is a long way away from Sterling, but Colada Shop brings that distinct flavor to Virginia through its coffee and food. This cafe—along with its sister location in D.C.—provides locals with strong coffee and a variety of Cuban specialties like the café bon bon (espresso with sweetened condensed milk) and the café Cubano (a shot of coffee with sweet Cuban crema).

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Washington: Narrative Coffee Co.

Washington is no stranger to a good cup of joe, so choosing the best coffee shop in this state is a tall order. But when you visit Narrative Coffee Co. in Everett—just about 30 miles north of Seattle—you’ll understand why this cafe is ranked as one of the best. Owned by a nationally ranked barista, Narrative offers complex brews from local roasters. We recommend visiting for a classic pour over, but get chatting with the folks inside and you might find something new to try.

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West Virginia: Moxxee Coffee

In Charleston, you’ll find a coffee shop with a lot of moxie: Moxxee Coffee on Morris Street. This local institution serves up fresh coffee with a friendly face. After all, this is the South, so hospitality is key! While they have a great cup of joe, this place really shines when it comes to espresso.

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Wisconsin: Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Anodyne is known for its super smooth and flavorful coffee—perfect for folks who take their morning cuppa black. Prefer lattes or cappuccinos? No worries—Anodyne serves them up super rich and creamy. If you stop by their cafes, you’ll want to pull up a chair at their beautiful coffee bar or friendly communal tables. Be sure to check out their calendar if you’re in town—you might just catch a concert while you grab your cafe au lait.

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Wyoming: Paramount Cafe

Set right in the heart of Cheyenne’s historic district is Paramount Cafe. Making its home inside a vintage theater, Paramount serves up a custom roasted espresso blend. Customers can kick back in their friendly, relaxed environment and take in the art displayed throughout the cafe—it does double duty as an artist space.

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