Forget Creamer—Stroopwafel Is the Best Thing to Pair With Your Coffee

Bring European flavor to your coffee break when you learn how to eat a stroopwafel.

I don’t know about you, but a cup of coffee is an indispensable part of my morning routine. Coffee is great on its own (or sipped with a favorite make-ahead breakfast), but allow me to share a secret that will transform the way you take your coffee: the stroopwafel.

What Is a Stroopwafel?

The stroopwafel was born in Gouda, of Gouda cheese fame, sometime in the late 18th or early 19th century. It’s made by pressing dough in a waffle iron until it’s ultra-thin. The fresh waffle is taken off the iron while it’s still warm and split into two, and the warm, gooey filling (stroop aka syrup) is spread on each half before putting the sides back together.

The sumptuous filling is made of cinnamon and caramel, which is one of the reasons why it’s such a brilliant pairing with a cup of coffee. But if you just nibble on your treat between sips, you’re missing out—the magic is in the method.

How to Eat a Stroopwafel

To elevate your humble cup of joe to an indulgent me-moment before you start your day, simply fill your mug with piping hot coffee, place your stroopwafel over the top of your mug and leave it for a few minutes until it softens up.

It’s a magical combination. The gentle heat from a hot cup of coffee warms the stroopwafel to perfection, softening it just so. With the optimal level of chewiness, it’s as though the stroopwafel has just come straight off the waffle iron. Not a coffee drinker? Not a problem. This neat trick works just as well with a hot cup of tea.

You can find stroopwafel on Amazon or keep an eye out for them at your local market. You can even find gluten-free stroopwafel. The hardest part will be trying to limit yourself to just one, but then, everyone deserves a little pampering now and again!

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Camille Berry
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