The Best Deli in Every State

We found the best deli in every state, based on reviews and hat tips from our Community Cooks. Here's where to go for deli meats, cheeses and of course, sandwiches!

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Mr. P's Deli, Birmingham


Mr. P’s Deli, Birmingham

Customers love the food at Mr. P’s Butcher Shop & Deli, from the fresh meats from the deli case to the handmade sandwiches. One of the most popular sandwiches there is the muffuletta, available in 1/2 pound or 1/3 pound size and loaded with ham, salami, their homemade olive salad and extra provolone cheese.

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Eastern European Store & Deli, Anchorage


Eastern European Store & Deli, Anchorage

Eastern European Store & Deli specializes in delicacies from countries like Russia, Poland and Germany. They have an extensive selection of European deli meats, cheeses and fish. The lunch menu includes sandwiches, borscht and many varieties of the meat-filled buns known as piroshki.

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Defalco S Italian Deli in Arizona


DeFalco’s Italian Deli & Grocery, Scottsdale

Since 1972, customers have loved coming to DeFalco’s Italian Deli & Grocery for the friendly service and the incredible food. Find imported ingredients at this Italian market plus a well-stocked deli case. They also have a full menu of hot and cold dishes, like the Centurian Calzone, filled with sopressatta, homemade marinara, mozzarella and roasted red peppers.

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Richards Country Meat Market


Richard’s Country Meat Market, Fayetteville

“My go-to market for fifteen years.” Come to Richard’s Country Meat Market for the huge selection of sandwich meats and cheeses, but also to find bottled sauces, hot foods and to-go lunches. It’s a favorite one-stop spot for locals to pick up any number of mealtime necessities like brisket, ham, prepared kebabs, even Thanksgiving turducken.

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Molinari Deli in California


Molinari Delicatessen, San Francisco

This deli is such a San Francisco institution—it’s rumored baseball legend Joe DiMaggio requested in his will that their food be served his funeral reception. Molinari Delicatessen was first established in 1896, and still has an Old World feel with cured salami hanging from the ceiling, deli cases filled with meats and cheese and sandwiches made fresh to order.

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The Bagel Deli Colorado


The Bagel Deli & Restaurant, Denver

This classic Jewish deli has been family-run for 50 years. Inside The Bagel Deli & Restaurant half of the space is dedicated to bagels with schmears plus deli meats and cheeses. The other half is the restaurant—on the menu are dozens of sandwiches and deli treats. Guy Fieri even stopped by for their matzo ball soup!

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Rein's New York Style Deli & Restaurant, Vernon


Rein’s New York Style Deli & Restaurant, Vernon

“It’s a staple in Connecticut and beyond.” Taste of Home Community Cook Ruth Hartunian-Alumbaugh loves the traditional and unique fare at Rein’s New York Style Deli. From bagels to bialys to deli meats, this shop has something for everyone. The favorites here include the sour garlic pickles, huge sandwiches and a good selection of gluten-free options.

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Frank & Louie's Italian Specialties, Rehoboth Beach


Frank & Louie’s Italian Specialties, Rehoboth Beach

“This is the best Italian deli around,” says one local Community Cook. Frank & Louie’s Italian Specialties is the destination for locals and visitors alike for authentic Italian meats, cheeses, pastries and sandwiches. A favorite is the simple Tiny Dancer: mozzarella, olive oil, fresh tomatoes and basil on a crusty ciabatta roll. Still hungry? Find a slice of the best pie in every state.

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Italian Combo Sub Penne


V & S Italian Deli, Boca Raton

V & S Italian Deli has been a South Florida favorite for over 20 years, and is revered for its subs, like eggplant Parmesan and capicola with cheese. They also have fresh salads, desserts and prepared deli dishes to bring home for dinner.

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E 48th Street Market Italian


E. 48th Street Market, Dunwoody

Family and Italian heritage are at the heart of this 25-year-old shop. The E. 48th Street Market has everything: stuffed deli sandwiches, cold cuts, cheese, house-made mozzarella, Italian cookies, homemade pastas and more. Try one of 26 sandwiches like the Sam’s Hero with grilled capicola, onions and mustard.

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Cheeseburger at Butcher & Bird, Honolulu


Butcher & Bird, Honolulu

“Onolicious” is the local word for exceptional Hawaiian food, and that’s how customers describe the food at Butcher & Bird. This shop combines the fresh meats of a butcher shop with the sliced meats and cheeses of a classic deli. There are several house-made meats to try, like cured ham and mortadella in their Italian sandwich. Don’t forget to try these Hawaiian recipes.

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Das Alphenhaus Delikatessen, Boise


Das Alphenhaus Delikatessen, Boise

Visit this authentic German deli and you will be astounded! Das Alphenhaus Delikatessen has an extensive selection of desserts, German beer and wines, specialty foods and German deli meats like leberkase, braunschweiger and wursts. You can order to go or stay for a tall stein and a schnitzel sandwich.

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Corned Beef On Rye from Manny's Cafeteria & Delicatessen, Chicago


Manny’s Cafeteria & Delicatessen, Chicago

This deli was deemed by the Chicago Tribune to be the best deli experience in Chicago. Manny’s Cafeteria & Delicatessen has been bringing homestyle meals, as well as bulk meats, cheese, salads, blintzes and pastries, to Chicagoans for over 60 years. And don’t forget the sandwiches, like the Chazzer, piled high with pastrami, corned beef, coleslaw and their very own mustard.

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Shapiro S Delicatessen


Shapiro’s Delicatessen, Indianapolis

With a legacy that goes back over 100 years, Shapiro’s Delicatessen is hands-down the favorite deli in this state. Along with their original Meridian Street location, they’ve since opened two others, including one at the airport. Favorites here include melt-in-your-mouth pastrami, perfect Reuben sandwiches and dozens of cheesecakes, pies and cookies.

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B&B Grocery Meat & Deli, Des Moines


B&B Grocery Meat & Deli, Des Moines

Driving by, you might not expect that Iowa’s best deli is inside this storefront. B&B Grocery Meat & Deli has been a family business for almost a century, selling quality meats and “killer sandwiches.” The most popular of their 40 sandwiches is the Dad’s Killer with four meats and three cheeses.

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Bolling's Meatery & Eatery, Iola


Bolling’s Meatery & Eatery, Iola

The name says it all. Bolling’s Meatery & Eatery is an all-in-one meat market, deli and restaurant. Customers praise the freshness of the food and the friendliness of the staff. Find meats and cheeses by the pound, or grab lunch like an overstuffed Italian with capicola, ham, salami and pepperoni. Don’t miss these other small town restaurants across the country!

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Frank's Meats & Produce, Louisville


Frank’s Meats & Produce, Louisville

You can find pimento loaf, braunschweiger, Tillamook Cheddar and more deli meats and cheeses at Frank’s Meats & Produce. This Louisville favorite also has sandwiches and regional foods like fried bologna and smoked spare ribs.

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Kosher Cajun Deli & Grocery, Metairie


Kosher Cajun Deli & Grocery, Metairie

Stop by to find an intriguing blend of sports memorabilia, grocery items, Judaica and certified kosher foods. Kosher Cajun Deli & Grocery offers New York deli classics like matzo ball soup and hot pastrami sandwiches, along with a taste of New Orleans in menu items like the shrimp po’boy.

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Kosher Cajun Deli & Grocery, Metairie


Morse’s Sauerkraut, Waldoboro

For 80 years, Morse’s Sauerkraut focused solely on the kraut, which is made the same way today as it was 100 years ago. Now this shop holds much more, including dozens of German deli meats plus European cheeses and delicacies. The lunch menu has schnitzels, liverwurst sandwiches, Reubens, pierogi and spaetzle.

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Polka Deli, Silver Spring

Opened in 2018, Polka Deli has become a favorite stop for Polish meats, food and groceries. Find smoked fish, sausages, sauerkraut and deli meats like Polish ham and headcheese. Their homemade selections include sandwiches and pierogi filled with pork or potato, onion and cheese.

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Bricco Salumeria & Pasta Shop, Boston


Bricco Salumeria & Pasta Shop, Boston

Down a narrow alley in Boston’s North End lies a real treat. The Bricco Salumeria & Pasta Shop is like walking into an Old World Italian delicatessen. Find imported deli meats, hand-rolled pastas, cured sausages hanging from the ceiling and mozzarella made by hand every day. Their most popular sandwich combines that fresh mozzarella with tomato, basil and olive oil.

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Zingerman's Deli, Ann Arbor


Zingerman’s Deli, Ann Arbor

Zingerman’s Deli is famous across the Midwest. Come in to pick up classic deli meats or stay for lunch. Order “nosher” or “fresser” (Yiddish for small and big) size sandwiches. And sandwiches are only the beginning: You’ll also find breakfast, Jewish specialties, fresh bread and more.

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Kramarczuk Sausage Company, Minneapolis


Kramarczuk Sausage Company, Minneapolis

The sausages from Kramarczuk Sausage Company are Twin Cities favorites, and their delicatessen is a treasure, too. Walk inside and find yourself transported to a traditional European deli: sausages, sliced meats, cheeses, pantry items, baked goods and more. In their restaurant, try the griddled pastrami brisket sandwich, or the Krakowska with garlic ham sausage and Havarti cheese.

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Lil’ Market Deli & Bagelry, Ocean Springs

This shop has everything you want or need from a deli. Lil’ Market Deli & Bagelry makes fresh soups and incredible hand-rolled New York-style bagels. In fact, those bagels are so good that Lil’ Market also made our list of the best bagel shop in every state.

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Carollo's Gourmet Grocery & Deli, Kansas City


Carollo’s Gourmet Grocery & Deli, Kansas City

For over 30 years, Carollo’s Gourmet Grocery & Deli has been the go-to spot for classic sliced-to-order deli fare. They also have a vast array of Italian foods like wine, pastas, imported olive oil and freshly made cannoli. Customers love the sandwiches, like the Napolitano with capicola, salami, prosciutto and Provolone.

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Tagliare Delicatessen, Missoula


Tagliare Delicatessen, Missoula

You’ll find a large selection of cured meats and cheeses at Tagliare Delicatessen, but that’s not all. Mix and match antipasti like marinated olives and stuffed peppers. Or try sandwiches named after bands, like the Beach Boy or the Journey. We’re up for the Megadeth: five kinds of cured meats plus smoked mozzarella, slaw and pepperoncini.

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Citta’ Deli, McCook

Owners Bill and Jade Lesko dreamed of opening their own New York-style deli, and made it happen in McCook. At Citta’ Deli, find traditional deli offerings like premium meats and cheese sliced to order, stuffed olives, specialty foods and tempting desserts. Hungry for lunch? Try a melty panini or loaded chopped salad.

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Roma Restaurant & Deli, Las Vegas


Roma Restaurant & Deli, Las Vegas

As one reviewer writes, “The best Italian food in Las Vegas.” Roma Restaurant & Deli is fully stocked with deli items by the pound as well as a large lunch and dinner menu. Their Sicilian sandwich is stacked with four kinds of meat including Sicilian salami. And for dinner try the beef braciole, stuffed with prosciutto.

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Joe's Meat Shoppe, North Hampton

New Hampshire

Joe’s Meat Shoppe, North Hampton

For over 30 years, this has been a favorite local shop in this busy seaside town. Joe’s Meat Shoppe has fresh baked goods, subs, cheeses, beer and wine. They have meats ranging from deli cuts sliced to order to selections of beef, pork, poultry and lamb for holiday roasts or to throw on the grill.

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Deli King of Clark, Clark

New Jersey

Deli King of Clark, Clark

One look at the overstuffed sandwiches at Deli King Of Clark and you know this is a deli that knows its stuff. This kosher deli and restaurant has been family-run in Clark for over 30 years. Come in for pastrami, corned beef and brisket. Try house specialties like challah, knishes, potato pancakes and noodle pudding, too.

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New Mexico

DG’s Deli & Market, Albuquerque

“Freshest ingredients in the best sandwiches in the city!” Taste of Home Community Cook Rd Stendel-Freels tipped us off to Albuquerque’s favorite stop, DG’s Deli & Market. They use high-quality Boar’s Head meats to make their popular sandwiches, and we hear the Green Chile Philly is a must-try: sliced ribeye, mushrooms, green chiles and cheese.

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Pastrami Queen, Manhattan

New York

Pastrami Queen, Manhattan

This iconic New York delicatessen has been around since 1956, first as Pastrami King and then later renamed Pastrami Queen. This deli and their famous Hot Pastrami Sandwich were the longtime favorites of Anthony Bourdain. They’ve since opened a second location near Times Square, making it even easier to get a taste of a true New York deli.

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Mediterranean Deli, Bakery & Catering, Chapel Hill

North Carolina

Mediterranean Deli, Bakery & Catering, Chapel Hill

A feast for all your senses awaits at Mediterranean Deli, Bakery & Catering, where you can find kosher, halal and organic foods. Pita bread is baked here fresh daily and shawarma meats rotate on vertical spits. Find row upon row of beautiful stews, salads and dishes with flavors of Lebanese and Greek cuisines. They also sell meats and cheese by the pound.

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3Be Meats, Bismarck, North Dakota

North Dakota

3Be Meats, Bismarck

The family-owned 3Be Meats is a community favorite. Find deli cold cuts and cheeses here, along with reasonably priced sandwiches. 3Be is a butcher shop as well, with jerkys, plenty of cuts for the grill and brats in unusual flavors like Cheesy Pickle and Tater Tot Hotdish.

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Slyman's Deli, Cleveland


Slyman’s Deli, Cleveland

Three generations of Slyman’s have been serving up the biggest and best corned beef sandwiches in Cleveland. Staffers at Slyman’s Deli make melt-in-your-mouth corned beef on site and stack it high on toasted rye bread. Regulars say this restaurant and deli is like a time capsule—they’ve been doing it perfectly for 50+ years, so why would they change?

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Amish Cheese House, Chouteau


Amish Cheese House, Chouteau

There’s a lot more to be found than cheese at the Amish Cheese House. Find an impressive selection of deli meats too, all sliced to order. Selections include sweet Lebanon bologna and hickory peppered ham. Grab lunch here, and have those meats and cheeses on their homemade bread.

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World Foods, Portland

There is a lot to find and experience at World Foods in Portland, a Mediterranean market and deli brimming with fresh and unique foods. Visit their deli to find artisan cheese and deli meats plus spanakopita, savory tarts, hummus and more.

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Koch’s Take Out Shop & Deli, Philadelphia

Step into this old-school deli and sandwich shop, a favorite in Philly for over 50 years. Koch’s Take Out & Deli is known for its corned beef and pastrami, which is worth the wait as it’s sliced by hand. Some of the dozens of sandwiches are named for local colleges, like the Penn Special.

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Rhode Island

Ma & Pa’s Country Store, Hope Valley

Ma & Pa’s Country Store is a market with the feel of an old-fashioned general store, and it’s family owned and run. They have all the provisions you expect to find as well as tasty grinders made with freshly sliced deli meats and cheeses. And customers can’t say enough about the friendly, helpful staff.

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Pulaski Deli, Myrtle Beach

South Carolina

Pulaski Deli, Myrtle Beach

It might surprise you to find this incredible Polish deli in coastal South Carolina. Pulaski Deli has fresh and homemade Polish specialties like stuffed cabbage, kielbasa and potato pancakes. In the deli case find Polska ham, krakowska sausage, head cheese and packages of farmer’s cheese—a necessity to make authentic Polish pierogi.

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Look's Marketplace, Sioux Falls

South Dakota

Look’s Marketplace, Sioux Falls

Look’s Marketplace has been a fixture here for over 130 years. What was once a small meat shop has evolved to be a full-service market. Find sliced meats, cheese, fresh bakery items, pantry staples, a full-service restaurant and more. Walk around the store with a Walk Around Po’boy: andouille sausage and fire-roasted peppers on a roll.

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Mitchell Delicatessen, Nashville


Mitchell Delicatessen, Nashville

Mitchell Delicatessen is a favorite with travelers visiting the Music City for their fresh sandwiches, homemade sweet tea and hearty breakfasts. Many claim that it’s the best sandwich they’ve ever had! Enjoy your sammy outside on a warm, sunny day on their patio.

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Carshon's Delicatessen, Fort Worth Texas


Carshon’s Delicatessen, Fort Worth

Bring your friends to Carshon’s Delicatessen to get a true kosher deli experience in Texas. Carshon’s has been serving customers for over 90 years, and it’s the favorite deli of Community Cook Joan Hallford. Favorite sandwiches there include the corned beef Reuben and the grilled pastrami on rye. Wash them down with a Dr. Brown’s Soda.

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Caputo's Market & Deli, Salt Lake City


Caputo’s Market & Deli, Salt Lake City

Local Community Cook Elisabeth Larson has a favorite deli in Salt Lake City, and seems a lot of people agree with her. Caputo’s Market & Deli is the top stop for groceries, meats and cheeses. Come here for the sandwiches and also for tastings of imported olive oil.

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Gil's Delicatessen, Rutland


Gil’s Delicatessen, Rutland

This deli is the overwhelming favorite in the Green Mountain State. Bring your cash and head to Gil’s Delicatessen. Pick up deli meats and cheeses cut to order, but what everyone comes for are the grinders. (You may call them hoagies, subs or heros but in New England they’re grinders!) The spicy Hot Italian is one of the favorites.

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The Cheese Shop, Williamsburg, Virginia


The Cheese Shop, Williamsburg

It seems safe to say that everyone loves The Cheese Shop! It’s the best place to find artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, wine and specialty foods like mustards, honey and coffee. And don’t forget to pick up a bottle of their popular house dressing. Try one of their top-notch sandwiches, such as the roast beef or Virginia ham.

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John & Joanie, 2 of the owners of "Hess Bakery & Deli"


Hess Bakery & Deli, Lakewood

Community Cook Ann Marie Eberhart of Gig Harbor tells us that this deli and bakery is excellent. Hess Bakery & Deli brings the experience of a genuine German delicatessen. Find fine meats and cheeses here, and in their bakery pick up warm German pretzels and other baked goods. Their sandwiches are authentic “belegtes brots,” also known as open-face sandwiches.

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Hermosilla's Deli Market, Fairmont
via HermsFairmont/

West Virginia

Hermosilla’s Deli Market, Fairmont

Dennis Hermosilla’s family has been in the market business for a century, and he wanted to bring the experience of their Philadelphia store to Fairmont. At Hermosilla’s Deli & Market, stock up on sliced-to-order meats and cheeses, visit their olive and salad bar, or order a sandwich—like the spicy Italian Bomb.

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The Stalzy's Triple


Stalzy’s Deli & Bakery, Madison

Wisconsin Community Cooks called this a sweet spot for anyone near Madison. Stalzy’s Deli & Bakery has been serving up from-scratch menu items for the last decade, along with meat and cheese sliced by the pound. Find Reubens, triple-deckers and pastrami and corned beef sandwiches known simply as “Bread Meat Bread.”

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Grant Street Grocery & Market, Casper

This market has been a fixture in Casper for a century. In recent years, it was purchased and revitalized by residents who didn’t want to see it close. Grant Street Grocery & Market continues to be a destination for sandwiches, take-home meals, charcuterie and sliced meats. They have an extensive selection of unique pantry items like teas, chocolates, crackers and wine, too.

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