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    Home for the Holidays: Christmas Edition

    From Grandma’s top-secret scalloped potato recipe to the cousins’ annual baking extravaganza, Christmastime is filled with nostalgic traditions that folks wait for all year. Pull up your favorite Christmas playlist to get in the spirit, then start scrolling. Taste of Home‘s collection of festive dishes and activities is here to help you bring back the magic of holidays past and create new memories, too.

    Beef Prices Keep Going Up—Here’s Why

    Here's why beef is so expensive right now, plus tips for coping with rising beef prices at the store.

    How to Make Easy DIY Pumpkin Candleholders

    This fall simple craft is budget-friendly, too.

    Thrive Market Review: Can This Online Grocery Store Really Save You Money?

    Better-for-you ingredients shipped directly to your door—at a discount? We tested Thrive Market to see if this online grocery...

    The 13 Best Blankets of 2024, According to Our Tests

    We tested over 30 blankets to find the absolute best picks for decorating, cuddling, sleeping and outdoor activities. Here are...

    Aldi Advent Calendars Will Be Back in Stores on November 1

    Aldi Advent calendars drop on November 1—and we expect the wine, beer and cheese calendars to sell out ASAP!

    Everything You Need to Know About Air Plants

    Air plants are the super cool, spiky rosettes you see in hanging bowls or on driftwood at garden stores. They...

    How to Make a Caramel Apple Charcuterie Board

    This caramel apple board will be love at first bite!

    Taste of Home Shopping Wins: Everything Our Editors Are Loving for Cozy Season

    From pumpkin-scented decor to a spooky bat wine opener, here are the products our shopping editors can't stop talking about...

    EveryPlate Review: I Tried This Meal Kit and the Quality Stays High While the Cost Stay...

    How do EveryPlate reviews compare to the competition? Well, the price (and the fresh produce, stellar customer service and easy...

    How to Make the Cheesecloth Ghosts That Are All Over TikTok Right Now

    This craft is so simple—and the results are to die for!

    18 Air-Purifying Plants for Every Room in Your Home

    Not only do plants brighten your home, but some can even double as natural air-purifiers! These are some of our...

    AirHood Review: The World’s First Portable Range Hood

    The small-but-mighty Airhood slays odors, greasy particles, smoke and is portable enough to take anywhere. No range hood, no problem!

    You Can Finally Buy Harry Potter-Inspired Butterbeer Jelly Beans

    This is even better than Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

    Color-Changing Ghost Candles Are the Spooky Season Decorations of Your Dreams

    Spooky season is right around the corner, and Michaels obviously has the perfect decor for Halloween.

    20 Types of Air Plants That Will Brighten Your Home with Barely Any Work

    Did you know that there are hundreds of types of air plants? These low-maintenance plants, which are from the Tillandsia...

    The Best Ooni Pizza Ovens: Which Model Is Right for You?

    Looking to purchase a pizza oven? Learn all about Ooni pizza ovens to find the best fit for your backyard.

    Do Pickles Need to Be Refrigerated or Can They Be Left Out?

    Do pickles need to be refrigerated? It's a fair question, and you might be surprised by the answer.

    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent So You Never Have to Buy It Again

    To clean clothes, you don't need a detergent packed with complex, smelly and harsh chemicals. Instead, you can quickly mix...

    Why Do Pregnant Women Crave Pickles?

    Why do pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream? Well, the science is mixed.

    4 Simmer Pot Recipes That’ll Make Your Home Smell Heavenly

    Don't even worry about lighting a candle! Instead, put together a simmer pot, aka stovetop potpourri.

    This $12 Wrapping Paper Organizer Is the True Santa’s Helper

    Your days of wrangling rolls of paper, ribbons and gift bags are over, thanks to this handy wrapping paper organizer...

    2 Things to Do with Cucumber Peels for Healthy Plants

    This plant care DIY is the perfect way to use cucumber peels.

    12 Ooni Pizza Oven Accessories to Make the Absolute Best Pies

    Love your home pizza oven? Improve your pizza game with these handy Ooni pizza oven accessories for better hosting and...

    Your Guide to Growing Mint Indoors, Plus When to Harvest It

    Mint juleps, mojitos, chimichurri and pesto are just a few reasons why growing mint indoors will become one of your...