Tested and Reviewed: The Best Dyson Cordless Vacuum for Every Space

Updated: Apr. 11, 2024

Our Product Testing Team worked 40 hours and gathered over 300 data points to find the best Dyson cordless vacuum for every space. Roughly 15 tests later and now with a squeaky clean Testing Lab, here's what we discovered.

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The Best Dyson Cordless Vacuum For Every Space Ft SseditTMB STUDIO

Those seeking a new vacuum have no doubt seen online reviews raving about Dyson’s lineup of cordless models. Known for their true HEPA filters, powerful suction and myriad dust busting attachments, these tech-forward cleaning machines certainly earned their place in the age-old Shark vs. Dyson debate. However, at price tags tipping towards the higher end of three figures, it’s important to know whether they’re worth the investment.

In addition to considering cost, Dyson’s cordless vacuum selection offers a whopping nine models, which then begs the question: Which is the best Dyson cordless vacuum? Well, there’s a few things to think about before you secure the best Dyson cordless vacuum for your home. Allen Rathey, cleaning professional and Director of the Indoor Health Council, suggests the following: “Look at the surfaces, habits and sensitivities of family members and pets that will benefit from vacuuming, then choose a unit and toolset that addresses it.”

In addition to doing our research and speaking to vacuum experts, we put six popular Dyson models to the test. Our Product Testing Team busied themselves in the testing lab, sucking up glitter, emptying bins and checking the clearance of four different vacuums for nearly 40 hours in order to determine which is truly the best cordless Dyson vacuum. In addition, we tested two picks in our own homes to see how well they stand up to daily dirt and grime.

Whether you’re tight on space or suffering from allergies, we’re confident that we found the best Dyson cordless vacuum for every space and lifestyle.


  • Large collection bin
  • Slick LCD screen
  • Multiple attachments
  • Easy emptying system
  • Eliminate tufts of long hair
  • Includes second battery
  • Sleek, minimalistic design


  • Poor clearance due to larger head
  • Pricey

Dyson Gen5outsize Toha Stvacuum 031324 Ef 0783

Weight: 8.55 lbs. | Run Time: 26 min | Bin Size: 0.5 gal. | Attachments: Hair Screw, Built-in Crevice Tool, Combination Tool, “Fluffy Optic” Head | Converts to Handheld: Yes

After putting four Dyson models through rigorous testing in our Product Testing Lab, we chose the Dyson Gen5outsize as the overall best Dyson cordless vacuum. This pick not only performed well on all surfaces (including low- and high-pile carpet and tile), but it also impressed with its fleet of attachments, sleek LCD screen and enormous dust collection bin.

Like the rest of the vacuums, we put it to the test against a fleet of opponents, including glitter, cornflakes and real human hair. Its performance was impressive, successfully sucking up most everything in its path. Even big tufts of hair were no match for the tangle-free head. On high-pile carpet, it did struggle a bit with larger debris and was a bit difficult to push, but in a way that indicates it’s working hard. On low-pile carpet and tile, it performed beautifully. It’s a great pick to keep kitchen rugs looking like new.

One of our favorite aspects is the huge arsenal of attachments, including a second battery (!!!), a Fluffy Optic cleaner head with dirt-illuminating headlights for dim spaces, a har screw tool, a combination tool that tackles dust and upholstery and a built-in crevice tool. Another is the slick LCD screen on the top of the vacuum that allows you to adjust the power level, see battery life and dive into stats regarding the current vacuum session (i.e. types of particles sucked up and the total amounts).

While it impressed with its performance, it was difficult maneuvering the larger head around tight spaces like between furniture, and the clearance was the worst of all the vacuums. However, the tradeoff is that the sizable footprint effectively cuts down on the number of passes required in large areas. Because the “joint” on the vacuum is looser, it’s easier to control than the others we tested, too.


  • Extra large head deep cleans pet hair
  • Cordless vacuum with docking station
  • Two batteries for extended run time (up to 120 minutes)
  • Detangling vanes that prevent hair from catching
  • Laser-beam feature detects tiny particles
  • Multiple attachments, including Hair Screw Tool and Crevice Tool
  • Smart display


  • Must hold power button to operate
  • Heavy, does not stand on own

Weight: 17.5 lbs. | Run Time: Up to 60 min | Bin Size: 0.5 gal. | Attachments: Hair Screw, Crevice, Combination Tool, Mini Dusting Brush | Converts to Handheld: Yes

When it comes to vacuums for pet hair, Dyson offers a few solid options. However, we deduced that the very best Dyson cordless vacuum for pet hair is the Dyson Outsize Plus. Featuring a 150% bigger bin and a 25% wider cleaner head than the Dyson V11, this cordless cleaning machine can easily snatch up even the biggest pet hair messes.

“It’s bad enough that my pit bull mix, Ernie, sheds a lot, but his fur actually weaves deep into carpet and upholstery as if it were part of the fabric,” says Nancy Snyder, Former Pets Senior Shopping Editor. “Most vacuums and pet hair removers simply don’t discern between the two.”

The Dyson Outsize Plus performs well in this regard, eliminating Ernie’s hair from deep within the fabric of her couch. “I also tested the hair-suctioning power of the Digital Motorbar XL on a strip of carpet and was amazed and embarrassed after seeing how much pet hair was pulled into the bin,” she says.

A hinged body lets it bend down low to sneak under couches and beds, and the extra-large head with detangling vanes prevents a clogged mess. Like some of the other options on this list, this model comes with a hair screw tool for upholstery, along with a soft nylon dusting brush and combination tool.

Best Dyson Cordless Vacuum for Allergies

Dyson V11 Torque Drive


  • HEPA filter
  • Cordless
  • Easy to use and charge
  • Three cleaning modes
  • Several attachments
  • Low-profile head
  • Long battery life
  • 2-year warranty


  • Hold-down trigger may be difficult to use
  • Pricey

Kitchen Floor After Dyson V11

Weight: 6.61 lbs. | Run Time: Up to 60 min | Bin Size: 0.2 gal.| Attachments: Hair Screw, Crevice, Combination Tool | Converts to Handheld: Yes

Those with allergies know that a vacuum that spreads around dust and particulates isn’t an option. That’s why we recommend the powerful and lightweight Dyson V11 to cut through allergens. Able to convert to a handheld, this lean, mean cleaning machine boasts a HEPA filter and built-in Dynamic Load Sensor system, which automatically adjusts between floor types. This means that whether we’re talking dirt or dust, it’s dead meat.

Like the other options on this list, it comes with mounting hardware that makes it so easy to pack up when chores are done. Used in tandem with an air purifier, the Dyson V11 makes allergies a problem of the past. Senior Editor Katie Bandurski gives it high marks after testing it for her full review of the vacuum.

“First, I vacuumed the hardwood floors in my apartment on Eco mode. I was impressed (and slightly horrified) with how much dust and hair the Dyson picked up,” she writes. “I consider myself a fairly clean person, but this machine had so much more power compared to the vacuum I previously used. But what really sold me was how clean my apartment felt after just one use. I suffer from allergies, and there’s nothing more satisfying than picking up dust and placing it in the trash where it belongs.”

“I’ve been using Dyson’s V11 Torque Drive cord-free vacuum for over four years now—and I still love it,” she goes on to write. “In that time, I’ve moved from a small studio apartment to a larger two-bedroom to a full house, and the Dyson V11 has kept each space free of dust, dirt and other debris.”


  • Affordable
  • Easy-button operation
  • Lightweight
  • Hair screw and crevice tools included
  • Quieter than other models
  • Dust chamber is easy to clean
  • Washable filter


  • Only two settings: Low and Max
  • Small collection bin

Dyson V8 Toha Stvacuum 031324 Ef Mg 0585

Weight: 5.5 lbs. | Run Time: 29 min | Bin Size: 0.14 gal. | Attachments: Hair Screw Tool, Crevice Tool, Dusting Tool, Combination Tool | Converts to Handheld: Yes

“Budget” and “Dyson” are rarely synonymous, but the Dyson v8 is the most inexpensive of all the Dyson models we tested. While more basic than the others, it impressed with a lightweight design, uncomplicated settings and stellar performance when maneuvering around furniture and under couches. As a bonus, it was also the least noisy pick of the bunch.

This value vacuum worked very well on carpet, though it’s perhaps a little less successful at sucking up larger debris on vinyl. However, it did eventually accept the larger cornflake pieces when we plopped it down directly on top of them. It even grabbed nearly all of the glitter and most of the cornflakes on carpet.

When used on low power, the crevice tool offers decent performance. However, we suggest sticking to the low setting as the high setting quickly surged, shut off and smelled like it was burning. Similarly, the vacuum itself definitely doesn’t feel as powerful as the overall best pick, but it’s still a solid choice for families that don’t deal with daily spills or pet hair.

With stellar performance on carpet and edge-to-edge cleaning capabilities, it’s a valuable addition to any eco-friendly cleaner’s arsenal.


  • Small head performs well in tight spaces
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek LCD screen
  • Automatically adjusts suction
  • Dust cup easy to wipe down
  • Performs well on carpet


  • Small waste bin
  • Suction too aggressive for area rugs

Dyson V12 Detect Slim Toha Stvacuum 031324 Ef 0676

Weight: 5.25 lbs. | Run Time: 29 min| Bin Size: 0.09 gal.| Attachments: “Fluffy Optic” Head, Hair Screw Tool, Crevice Tool, Combination Tool | Converts to Handheld: Yes

Our final recommendation, the Dyson V12 Detect Slim, is one powerful-yet-compact pick that works perfectly for smaller spaces. Apart from the inclusion of the standard crevice tool and combination and hair screw tools, we appreciated that the “Fluffy Optic” head (which we loved from our top Dyson pick) also comes with this model.

It’s the lightest and slimmest of all the Dyson cordless vacuums, earning its place as the best option for apartments and other tight spaces like small living rooms. At only 5.25 pounds, it’s easy to carry from room to room thanks to the smaller waste container. While it didn’t impress with its performance on tile, this is a solid choice for both high- and low-pile carpet.

This was the easiest Dyson dust cup to wipe down because of the way it was oriented (i.e., the stubborn rubber rings present on all the vacuums were easier to access and clean). Also, this is the only filter that actually had anything on it, so it certainly does its job!

The real selling point is the stellar performance, though—it performed almost as well as our top pick, only suffering from a few setbacks when faced with the cornflakes on high-pile carpet. Overall, this is a smart choice for anyone looking for a lightweight vacuum that lasts.

What to Look for When Buying a Cordless Vacuum

According to Allen, important considerations include suction, dirt capacity, weight, ergonomics, noise, a battery life greater than 20 minutes and easy emptying. “Ergonomics is an important consideration since on-board batteries are typically heavy,” he advises. “Given the additional weight often associated with onboard batteries, consider vacuuming part of your daily workout, and have fun!”

Allen also mentions that filtration type is often most important for household members have allergies or sensitivities. “HEPA final filters are important for fine dust capture but should be balanced with pre-filters to intercept ‘boulders’ (relatively larger dust particles that will quickly clog the system),” he says.

In order to narrow down your options, think about the most important aspects in your home. Taking into account allergies, pet hair, the amount of space available and the type of flooring in your home helps determine which model best fits your lifestyle.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our testing team has three years of experience testing and evaluating everything from the best toasters to the best flower delivery services. Our product testing experts spend around 40 hours conducting firsthand research in our Testing Lab. We strive to recommend the very best products using honest and fair testing practices and never recommend a product we don’t love, regardless of how popular it is or how big the brand is.

In order to inform this article, we spoke to Allen Rathey, an educator specializing in Healthy Facilities. He has assembled an advisory group of scientists, PhDs, facility and public health experts who share his passion for helping people everywhere create and maintain safe, healthy indoor environments. He is past-president of The Housekeeping Channel (HC), The Healthy House Institute (HHI), The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI), and current Director of the Indoor Health Council (IHC). He is the principal of Winning Environments, LLC, promoting best practices that enhance the living, working, and learning environment.

How We Found the Best Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

In order to find the best Dyson cordless vacuum, our expert Product Testing Team tested four popular models in our Product Testing Lab. We looked at the following considerations in order to create an accurate and detailed profile on each vacuum:

  • Packaging and setup
  • Specs and features
  • Performance
  • Accessories
  • Cleaning and emptying
  • Value

In order to score high marks in packaging and setup, we looked at what arrives in the box and each component’s arrangement, along with the package condition upon arrival. From there, we took note of ease of assembly and the time it takes to charge each vacuum’s battery from 0-100%.

For specs and features, we looked at the weight of each vacuum, measured the decibels each puts out while running and notable features like lights, HEPA filters, LED screens and whether it converts to a handheld. We also analyzed visual aspects, such as how attractive the vacuum looks and whether it comes in multiple colors. Similarly, our analysis of the included accessories considered ease of assembly and performance between cushions and on dusty shelving, where applicable.

Overall performance is the most important consideration. We opted to test a handful of different debris including cornflakes, glitter and real human hair (yes—really!). We monitored how well each vacuum sucked up the cornflake and glitter debris after three passes on tile, high- and low-pile carpet. We only tested each vacuum’s performance with human hair on carpet. Other data points we tested for include how long the battery lasts, maneuverability around furniture and clearance under furniture.

Lastly, we followed the manufacturer’s cleaning and emptying instructions. The testers tried emptying the canisters hands-free. They noted any difficulties in the cleaning process and the effectiveness of the suggested cleaning methods.

Looking at each vacuum’s performance, we then decided if its worth the price, which determined its value rating. From there, we looked at the total scores of each and picked the best options for this piece.


How do I clean a Dyson cordless vacuum?

The method for cleaning each Dyson cordless vacuum depends on the model, but it’s basically the same across the board. First, remove the cyclone by pulling the bin release catch upwards and push the cyclone release button (behind the cyclone) to remove it from the machine. Remove the bin by pulling back on the red catch located on the base, then slide the bin down and pull it off your machine. Once removed, wipe the bin with a damp, lint-free cloth. Do not put in dishwasher or use detergents, polishes or air fresheners. Dry thoroughly before replacing.

How do I empty a Dyson cordless vacuum?

In order to empty a Dyson cordless vacuum, simply hold the machine over the trash and pull the bin release catch upwards.

How long do Dyson cordless vacuums last?

Dyson vacuums are some of the longest lasting vacuum cleaners on the market, with some customers claiming theirs lasted up to 10 years. As a general rule of thumb, clean your Dyson vacuum between each use to increase longevity and reduce the amount of grime that gets into nooks and crannies. This not only keeps your vacuum looking fresh for years, but it also helps it continue to run at optimal performance.