Dyson V11 Review: Is a Dyson Vacuum Really Worth the Money?

Are Dyson vacuums worth it? One editor put the V11 Torque Drive cord-free vacuum to the test.

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I’m proud to announce that I reached peak adulthood. How do I know? I got excited about a vacuum cleaner.

Now, previously, vacuuming was a chore I absolutely dreaded. I mean, who actually enjoys lugging a heavy machine around to each room, plugging it into a different outlet every five minutes and sticking their hand into a grimy filter? I certainly don’t. Especially once I learned how often I should be vacuuming!

So, when I got the opportunity to test out Dyson’s V11 Torque Drive cord-free vacuum, I was intrigued. This modern cleaning tool looks more like a spaceship than a vacuum cleaner, and it boasts a lot of impressive features. The only downside? A $700+ price tag.

We put this vacuum cleaner through the paces so you can decide once and for all, are Dyson vacuums worth it?

What is the Dyson V11 vacuum?

Vacuum Dyson V11Katie Bandurski/Taste of Home

The V11 is labeled as “Dyson’s most intelligent, powerful cordless vacuum.” It boasts up to an hour of run time and is suitable to use on a variety of floor types. The V11 works as both a standard, upright vacuum as well as a handheld cleaner for hard-to-reach spots.

Plus, we can all but guarantee this is the smartest vacuum you’ll ever use. An LCD screen indicates battery level, remaining run time, filter cleaning reminders and blockages. And the built-in Dynamic Load Sensor system automatically adjusts between floor types—so no more fumbling with pedals and buttons as you transition between the carpeted hallway and hardwood bedroom floors.

As an added bonus, the V11 is a completely cordless vacuum. And it runs on the impressive suction power Dyson is famous for.

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Dyson V11 Product Features

Vacuum + Attachments Dyson V11Katie Bandurski/Taste of Home

  • Cordless
  • Sleek design and LCD screen
  • Three intelligent cleaning modes: Eco, Auto or Boost
  • Weighs just under 7 pounds
  • Battery lasts up to an hour on a full charge
  • Measures roughly 51 inches long x 10 inches wide x 10 inches deep
  • Includes multiple attachments and an easy-to-mount docking station
  • 2-year warranty

Unboxing the Dyson V11

When the Dyson V11 arrived, I was impressed by how much they were able to fit into a relatively small package. Upon opening, I unveiled the vacuum, a connecting shaft, several attachments, a docking station, a charger and the Torque Drive head.

At first, all of these pieces looked pretty intimidating. But with the help of the operating manual, I had the vacuum fully assembled in mere minutes.

The next step was to charge the machine. Since I live in an apartment (where drilling holes in the wall is a major no-no), I opted to just plug the vacuum directly into the wall charger. But the vac does come with a mounting plate, if you’re so inclined.

How the Dyson V11 Works

Eco Mode Dyson V11Katie Bandurski/Taste of Home

Start by selecting your desired power mode: Eco, Auto or Boost. Eco is for longer cleaning projects and ensures you’ll get the most bang out of your battery’s buck. Auto mode is a medium setting that will help your vacuum automatically adjust its power when transitioning between floors. And Boost—an intense cleaning mood that will suction even the most ground-in dirt and grime. To toggle between power modes, simply press a button on the vacuum’s LCD screen. (Yeah, it’s that fancy).

Once you select a power mode, start the vacuum by holding down a trigger. This design definitely takes a little time to get used to. At first, I thought I was doing something wrong because the vacuum would shut off when I let go. But in hindsight, this feature helps preserve your vacuum’s battery life since it uses power only when you’re cleaning. (As opposed to a standard vacuum that keeps running until you turn it off).

How We Tested It

The Cleaning Test: Hardwood and Tile Floors

Kitchen Floor During Dyson V11Katie Bandurski/Taste of Home

First, I vacuumed the hardwood floors in my apartment on Eco mode. I was impressed (and slightly horrified) with how much dust and hair the Dyson picked up. I consider myself a fairly clean person, but this machine had so much more power compared to the vacuum I previously used. Plus, since I didn’t have to worry about plugging it in, I could move the vacuum into hard-to-reach areas I’ve never been able to access, like underneath radiators. This was just one of the spots I’m not vacuuming, but should be.

I had to empty the cleaning bin twice as I vacuumed my tiny one-bedroom space. Yikes! But luckily the process was super simple. I disconnected the machine from the shaft, pulled down the opening bin over the trash and snapped the bin back in place.

A few weeks later, after a mishap with cereal in my kitchen, I tried the Dyson on my tiled kitchen floor. A single pass on Auto mode picked up most of the pieces, and after five swipes, the floor was completely crumb-free. The power of the Torque head did send a few larger pieces flying off into the corners, but they were easy to track down and suck up on the second try.

I will admit, vacuuming in my kitchen made me nervous. Since the Dyson V11 uses such sophisticated technology, even small amounts of water can harm the vacuum. I’m mindful to only clean my kitchen floors when I’m confident there are are no wet spots from washing dishes or rinsing produce. I also avoid the bathroom entirely.

The Cleaning Test: Carpeting and Rugs

Carpet During Dyson V11Katie Bandurski/Taste of Home

To really stretch this vac’s legs I took it to my parents’ house, which has carpet, hardwood and tile floors. My mom was initially skeptical—she typically changes the settings in between each flooring type—but instantly fell in love. The Dyson performed just as well on carpet as it did on hardwood, sucking up a full bin of dust, hair and dirt. (And my mom’s stricter about her vacuuming schedule than I am!) The only drawback? On some settings, the vacuum was a little hard to push on carpet.

I also used the Dyson to clean up a plant that fell on my rug. In just one pass, all of the dirt and debris was gone. It’s as if the mess never even happened! I did have to be careful vacuuming near the edges, though, as the Dyson tries to suck up the rug itself.

The Cleaning Test: Furniture

Couch Dyson V11Katie Bandurski/Taste of Home

I also tested out the hand-vac attachments on my couch. At first, I accidentally plugged in the wrong attachment, but the machine quickly alerted me with a warning message on the LCD screen. Once I rectified my mistake, I put the vacuum on Boost mode and worked my way around the furniture. In less than five minutes it was crumb-free and just as clean as when I first bought it. I frequently use the hand-vac feature in my car, too. Find out what the best hand vacuum options are for your dust-busting needs.

Dyson V11 Update

I’ve been using Dyson’s V11 Torque Drive cord-free vacuum for over two years now—and I still love it. I’ve moved to a larger space with all hardwood and tile floors, and the Dyson V11 keeps dust, dirt and other debris at bay. Plus, it still runs and charges like the day I first opened it! The only signs of wear are some scuff marks on the Torque Drive head.

Oh, and my mom is officially a convert, too. She bought a Dyson V11 to pick up dog hair my sister’s golden retriever leaves behind. After all, Dyson is known in the industry for making one of the best vacuums for pet hair.

The one (slight) downside to this vacuum cleaner is that it doesn’t have a wet option. Even small amounts of water can harm the LCD screen and other smart components, so I take extra care when vacuuming my kitchen floor. By the way, here are more things you should never try to vacuum.


  • No cord means you can use the vacuum anywhere
  • Easy to use and charge
  • Picks up a ton of dirt, dust and debris
  • Three cleaning modes for any task
  • A variety of attachments for cleaning furniture, stairs and other tricky spots
  • Low-profile head makes it easy to vacuum under beds and sofas
  • Battery lasts for several short cleaning sessions, or one long one
  • Trusted Dyson name
  • 2-year warranty


  • Some may find the hold-down trigger difficult to use
  • Can be hard to push on carpeting
  • Not suitable for wet or damp spaces (i.e. kitchens and bathrooms)
  • With a price tag over $700, this vacuum cleaner is an investment


How do you clean a Dyson V11 filter?

Cleaning is easy! Simply twist the purple part of the vacuum head to remove the filter. Wash it under cool water, then let it dry completely before re-inserting into the vacuum.

How do you empty the Dyson V11?

To empty the Dyson V11, remove the shaft and any attachments, then position the vacuum head over a trash can. Push down on the red lever to release the debris. On occasion, you may need to reach into the canister to reach debris that has wadded near the top of the canister. (This happens to me often as I have very long hair.)

How long do Dyson vacuums last?

The Dyson V11 has a 2-year warranty. But with proper care and maintenance, your machine can last for several years. I’m already past my vacuum’s 2 year mark, and it still performs beautifully.

What Other Reviewers Had To Say

I’m not the only one smitten with my new cleaning tool. Over 9,800 Amazon customers give this machine five stars.

“This is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned,” shares verified purchaser, S. Matney. “It is so lightweight that I can just walk with it from room to room; and being cordless, I don’t have to worry with plugging it in and dragging the cord around. I am very, very pleased with this purchase! Came fairly quickly, too.”

“I use it every day,” expresses five-star reviewer, Jeff Valdez. “Coming from an upright that was 15 years old, this is so much easier to use! Lugging the old one out of the utility closet to clean was a chore. This hangs conveniently on a wall and I rarely say this about cleaning, but this Dyson product makes cleaning fun. It works brilliantly for all my needs and comes with a load of accessories! Get one. If you are in doubt, as I was, try it out. You will not be disappointed.

Amazon customer LA shares the highest praise of all: “First off, it was better than Christmas when this new Dyson arrived. I was able to vacuum my entire apartment, with base boards and detailing of dusty furniture and blinds, in under 45 minutes one morning before I went to work. I couldn’t believe how much dust there was but already my eyes and sinuses are less itchy. I emptied the canister twice because I picked up so much dust.”

Final Verdict: Is the Dyson V11 worth it?

Kitchen Floor After Dyson V11Katie Bandurski/Taste of Home

Now, an answer to the question you’ve been waiting for: Is this vacuum really worth the price tag?

Answer: Yes! Trust me, I was a skeptic at first, too. After all, $700 is a lot of money. But there were so many features that made this vacuum worth the cost. It’s well-designed and so easy to use. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty and is one of the most well-respected brand names in the industry. (These kitchen brands are well-renowned, too).

But what really sold me was how clean my apartment felt after just one use. I suffer from allergies, and there’s nothing more satisfying than picking up dust and placing it in the trash where it belongs. Next, read up on our top cleaning tips for people with allergies.

Where to Buy a Dyson V11

Dyson Vacuumvia merchant

You can pick up the Dyson V11 at a variety of retailers, including Amazon, QVC and Dyson’s website. It retails for around $700. The feeling of a fresh, clean, well-vacuumed home, however, is priceless.

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