11 Ideas for Organizing Your Living Room

Updated: Jan. 05, 2024

If you have a small living room and need more storage ideas, there are plenty of solutions you can make yourself—some of them can be completed in just a couple minutes! Here are ideas for organizing your living room and keep it that way.

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Living Room Organization: Shelving in Small Spaces

Small spaces need creative solutions. Try hanging floating shelves in that small corner space where furniture won’t fit. Or try a corner shelf unit which takes up less room. Here are 10 tiny kitchen ideas that will help make the most of your space.

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remote-holder slippers
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Living Room Organization: Couch Caddy

Keep everything you need within arm’s reach. This clever IKEA hack couch caddy can hold your remote, a beverage and a magazine or newspaper. Find instructions at instructables.com. Then cuddle up on the couch and turn on one of these food programs that are totally worth binging.

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Living Room Organization: Nesting Tables

Nesting tables work great for small spaces and cutting clutter. Use them as an end table and set a lamp on top, then pull out the shorter tables when you need more tables for guests. When your guests arrive, serve them these delicious recipes.

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Living Room Organization: Storage Bench

Storage benches aren’t just for mudrooms and entryways. Try a storage bench in your living room for extra seating and store board games, toys or knitting supplies inside.

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Living Room Organization: Baskets and Ottomans

Some well-placed baskets and ottomans will help organize your living room. Store blankets, toys, crafting supplies, movies and even books inside. These 50 storage containers will help get your space into order.

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Living Room Organization: Use a Tablecloth

Hide items you don’t want out all the time with a tablecloth. Just place the cloth over an end table and store items in storage bins or baskets underneath. This is a great storage space for craft items you work on while watching television. We absolutely love these table lines ideas.

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shutterstock_589573676 stacked crates storage

Living Room Organization: Stacked Crates

You know those old fruit crates you see at resale and vintage shops? Use them to your advantage! Organize your living room by painting or staining them and then stack them up and use them to store books or pillows.

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Courtesy Remodelaholic

Living Room Organization: DIY Sofa Arm Table

Looking for a simple woodworking project? Try this DIY sofa arm table. You’ll need some pine boards, wood glue, pocket screws and some stain or paint.

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shutterstock_517862173 wood storage fireplace

Living Room Organization: Wood Storage

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, is there a way you can cut out a space in the wall nearby to create a storage area for logs? Check out this living room which uses the dead space around the fireplace as a creative storage spot. Once you light your fire, roast up some of these campfire-inspired recipes.

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Living Room Organization: Big Bookcases

Try creating a floor-to-ceiling bookcase, then place furniture in front of the bookcase. This will help organize your living room and give you more room to store books, movies and other small items. You can use bins to store toys on the lower shelves. You can also fill the shelves with these 9 gorgeous cookbooks.

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table-behind-couch globe
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Living Room Organization: Couch Shelf

Try making a shelf that runs between your couch and the wall. That space can be used as a spot to place a lamp or plants and store the remotes, books and candles.

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