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The 50 Best Storage Containers to Get Your House in Order

Cut clutter in your home once and for all! Here are the best storage containers for those problem areas that never seem to stay organized.

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Bentgo All-in-One Stackable Lunch Boxvia

Bentgo All-in-One Stackable Lunch Box

Bentgo makes packing and transporting food incredibly quick and easy. This food storage solution includes two stackable containers with lids, built-in plastic silverware and a secure strap for easy transportation. The two stackable containers feature three perfectly portioned compartments. They’re also made with food-grade, eco-friendly materials that are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. The compact and easy storage of Bentgo is particularly enticing, as the top container nests inside the bottom one.

If you see this symbol on a Costco price tag, stock up ASAP.

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Joseph Joseph Nest Lock Plastic Food Storage Container Setvia

Joseph Joseph Nest Lock Plastic Food Storage Container Set

This innovative container set is easy to find since it features a color-coded nesting system with lockable snap-together lids. The space-saving design allows you to access any size container or lid easily. Each container features a lockable, airtight and leak-proof lid. They’re also freezer safe, microwave safe and top-rack dishwasher safe.“These are super cute and practical. I have other Joseph Joseph products and have loved them all!” says an Amazon reviewer.

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Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bagsvia

Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags

Trying to cut down your use of plastic? These reusable silicone storage bags are a great alternative to traditional plastic food storage containers. With a ziplock closure to avoid leaks, these bags can be labeled easily and will stand upright in the fridge or freezer, to save space. They’re microwave, freezer and dishwasher-safe, and simple to hand-wash after use, as well.

Do you find you’re throwing away a lot of food that’s gone bad? Check out these common foods you could be storing all wrong.

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Thermos Food Jar with Microwavable Linervia

Thermos Food Jar with Microwavable Liner

This cool food jar is great for putting your hot pasta, soup or veggies in it to keep at prime temperature. If you want to store things to remain cool, it will keep it at your desired temperature too! The Thermos vacuum insulation technology ensures maximum temperature retention, hot or cold, keeping liquids hot for 4 hours and cold for 6 hours. And for easy heating and cleaning, the Tritan copolyester inner liner is microwave and dishwasher safe. Meanwhile, the wide mouth is easy to fill and eat from. Here are 9 creative ways to reuse plastic containers.

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Stacking Basket Binsvia

Stacking Basket Bins

These four-tiered baskets are sturdy and stackable. Beautifully designed and made to last a lifetime, you’ll want to keep them out in the open to store your colorful fruits and vegetables, show off your child’s favorite toys, or keep folded washcloths, soap and bath bombs organized and on display in the bathroom! Don’t forget to check out 13 other ingenious kitchen organization tips.

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Vacuum Seal Mini Storage Containervia

Vacuum Seal Mini Storage Container

Did you know herbs are best stored in dark, airtight kitchen storage containers? That’s the best way to preserve their flavor, and this clever vacuum seal container does the job perfectly. The vacuum lid (which is quick and simple to fit), will keeps whatever’s inside fresher longer.

Growing your own herbs is fun and economical, and you don’t need much space. These 10 adorable planters are perfect for an indoor herb garden.

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Storage Containers With Carry-Casevia

Storage Containers With Carry-Case

If rice and beans are your passion, then store up to four different varieties in these clever kitchen storage containers, that come complete with their own carry-case. Side-locking lids create an airtight and watertight seal, keeping the contents totally dry and the ergonomic handle makes carrying a cinch. Fully dishwasher safe, these containers could also be used for snacks, pet treats, flour, coffee and more.

Rice tastes delicious when cooked, but did you know it can help you clean? Here’s how.

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Dry Food Dispenservia

Dry Food Dispenser

Fed up with stepping through crunchy spilled cereal in the morning? This dual-purpose cereal dispenser not only stores your dry breakfast favorites but it also lets you dispense them quickly and easily. Each airtight canister holds a little more than 12 cups, enough for the hungriest family, and the canisters shatterproof and scratch resistant. Best of all, the flexible paddle inside won’t crush your cornflakes to smithereens. This dispenser also works great for granola, candies, oatmeal, nuts and rice.

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Glasslock 18-Piece Oven-Safe Container Setvia

Glasslock 18-Piece Oven-Safe Container Set

This 18-piece food storage set is BPA-free and safe for the oven, freezer and microwave, allowing you to cook, store and reheat all in the same container. You can clean them in the dishwasher and the easy latching lids provide convenience in storing your food.

“Highly recommend these, with the blue tops, over the older type set with green covers,” says an Amazon reviewer. “The blue ones have been redesigned and are much easier to open and close. I have arthritis in my hands and have no issues using these. However, the older type with green covers can be difficult to open and close.”

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Popit Food Storage Containersvia

Popit Food Storage Containers

Popit food storage containers are made of premium plastic, featuring a sturdy design and airtight lids. They’re 100-percent leak-proof and are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. Their modular design makes organizing your pantry and kitchen a breeze. When not in use, you can simply store the containers inside of one another to minimize their footprint. Speaking of keeping things tidy, take a look at these 10 cleaning mistakes that are actually making your home dirtier.

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Rustic Bread and Veggie Binvia

Rustic Bread and Veggie Bin

Both bread and fresh vegetables need to be kept in a cool, dry place, and this rustic store is the ideal solution. Hand-crafted from solid pine, and with wire doors and pegboard back for ultimate ventilation, this vintage-style container features two veggie drawers and a bread bin, giving you plenty of space for storing both. So why not grow your own vegetables to fill your veggie drawers? These are 10 of the easiest vegetables to grow.

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The Ultimate Outdoor Storage Boxvia

The Ultimate Outdoor Storage Box

A quality outdoor storage box is ideal for quickly and efficiently storing patio, garden, grill and other outdoor items to which you want easy access. The Keter Westwood Outdoor Storage Deck Box is the prime choice for a variety of reasons. An Amazon Best Seller, this outdoor storage box offers a spacious 150-gallon storage capacity, allowing you to store even your biggest backyard items. Plus, style isn’t an afterthought with this box, with its natural wood-paneled finish that makes it feel just as much a piece of outdoor décor as it is a storage unit.

Love entertaining outdoors? Try these 10 easy patio party ideas.

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Go Under the Couchvia

Go Under the Couch

If you have a couch that sits off the floor, see if there’s enough space underneath for slim storage bins. This would make a good spot to store your child’s craft supplies, knitting projects or throw blankets. Organize like Marie Kondo herself with these genius tricks.

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Fireproof File Box with Keyvia

Fireproof File Box with Key

Protect the most critical of home and business documents in this box from SentrySafe. It features UL Classified fire protection, to keep documents safe for up to 30 minutes at 1550°F. It also comes with a private key lock, and has a lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee and a manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Got a junk drawer? Here’s how to clean it out the easy way.

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3-Cube Modular Storage Box

For just $28.99, you can pick up the cool, white modular storage box that can easily be integrated into a larger storage system. The most alluring part is its unlimited combination options to suit your needs. Display your sweaters in the closet or include the piece in your ultimate entertainment setup. Spruce up the rest of your bedroom in 20 minutes with these nifty cleaning tricks.

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Set of 3 Plastic Waterproof Storage Basketsvia

Set of 3 Plastic Waterproof Storage Baskets

These baskets offer a wicker look, but are made of durable polypropylene plastic that can withstand the outdoor elements. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the fiber break downs and sharp points of traditional natural wicker baskets! The side handles easily slide out to help you transport the baskets when needed. Free up your kitchen with these storage ideas.

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Modern Stainless Steel Shoe Rackvia

Modern Stainless Steel Shoe Rack

This mounted shoe rack is an ideal solution for keeping shoes away from dogs who like to chew them. And, this rack’s design doubles as a contemporary piece of wall art! It can hold your sneakers, sandals, pumps and boots in a way that makes them appear to be floating off the floor. Check out 5 reasons to ban shoes in the house.

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Hollow Carved Organizer Binvia

Hollow Carved Organizer Bin

Made of friendly PP material that is non-toxic, safe and durable to use, this cool storage bin allows you to fold it up when not in use. But when you’re ready to take full advantage, expect a large capacity bin that’s capable of holding many items, such as fruit, vegetables, cosmetics, towels and more. Upgrading your kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s how to make a huge impact without the cost.

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Industrial Storage Rackvia

Industrial Storage Rack

DeWalt offers this industrial storage rack with a patented racking system made especially for heavy-duty use. These shelves cost less than $200 and they are built to last a lifetime. Need to give your garage a makeover? This is how to make those hard-to-clean areas in your home shine.

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Stack-a-Shoe Organizersvia

Stack-a-Shoe Organizers

These sturdy shoe slots can work everywhere, and we love the versatility! And, a 10-pack of is just $19.99! You need to see to believe these before and after cleaning photos.

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Decorative Linen Filing & Storage Office Boxvia

Decorative Linen Filing & Storage Office Box

Fashionable and practical, Internet’s Best linen filing and storage office box is great for items you’d like easy access to. By placing this storage box out in the open, you can grab your files quickly. And, since the box is made of attractive fabric, it’s decorative, too! It stores both letter- and legal-sized files/paperwork, is collapsible, equipped with easy access carrying handles and is very durable for stacking multiple filing boxes on top of one another.

Check out these DIY projects that will only cost you $100 or less.

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Y-Weave Storage Basketvia

Y-Weave Storage Basket

These woven plastic storage bins offer a stylish solution for keeping books, toys, clothes and more organized. They’re the ideal purchase for a minimal yet aesthetically pleasing look. They’ll look like subtle decor on the floor of your living room, bedroom and more! You should also see these 10 ideas to make the most of a tiny kitchen.

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Skinny Table Behind the Couchvia

Skinny Table Behind the Couch

Try moving your couch away from the wall a few inches so you can fit a skinny table behind it. This table is a great place to keep small items, and even has an outlet to charge electronics. Here are 12 DIY tables centerpieces that will be the talking point of your living room.

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10-Compartment Canvas Shoe Organizer

This $14.99 10-compartment shoe organizer can keep your favorite footwear tidy using just five inches of closet rod space! The best part is that it’s wide enough for you to place your shoes side by side, so you don’t have to worry about dirtying one shoe by jamming its mate on top of it within a narrow cubby. Marie Kondo has one condition for keeping items that don’t spark joy.

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Collapsible Geometric Box Cubesvia

Collapsible Geometric Box Cubes

These multi-functional storage baskets can be used in the kids’ room, nursery, bathroom, bedroom and closet. They’re collapsible, so they can easily be stored away when not in use to save space. Made of PP food grade plastics, they’re lightweight, waterproof and super stylish!

We’re in love with this DIY kitchen remodel.

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Decorative Medium-Duty Storage Boxvia

Decorative Medium-Duty Storage Box

This stylish storage box is great for is quick and easy to assemble or fold up, and has a deep, locking lift-off lid that stays in place for secure file storage. Get rid of those nasty house smells with these great tips.

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Bike Storage Rackvia

Bike Storage Rack

Prevent your bikes from toppling over with this garage storage rack for bicycles. It holds up to 200 pounds of gear and includes five bike storage attachments. Buyers noted the rack is easy and quick to install, and is adjustable to accommodate various bike sizes.

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Armrest Organizervia

Armrest Organizer

An armrest organizer allows you to keep your remote, reading glasses, notebook and pen all in one spot so there’s no more losing items between the cushions. This organizer has a metal bracket clamp to help keep it in place and the top has a tray to hold snacks and drinks. Professional organizers use these 21 container store products.

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Under-Bed Shoe Storage DrawersRaisa Suprun/Shutterstock

Under-Bed Shoe Storage Drawers

Whether you have a big family, or you’re just a major shoe lover, your household could benefit from this sturdy, under-bed storage system that keeps your most special shoes safe, or off-season shoes out of the way. For $18.99, you’ll get two drawers made of canvas fabric. The best part is, the fabric is breathable, keeping your shoes both dust- and odor-free. Try these 28 handy hints for removing hard-to-remove stuff.

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Storage Ottomanvia

Storage Ottoman

storage ottoman is a simple way to add living room storage. Not only does it offer a spot to stash items to get them out of the way, but it can serve as an extra seat and even a coffee table. Did you know you can clean your living room…with a dryer sheet?

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Seagrass Rolling File Boxvia

Seagrass Rolling File Box

Disguise your files in an aesthetically pleasing, hand-woven seagrass box. This attractive file box holds letter-sized and legal-sized hanging files in a hinged bin. Place in the corner with a blanket or other light piece of décor situated neatly on top when not in use, and use the wheels for convenient mobility when you need to access files.

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Adjustable Garage Storage Rackvia

Adjustable Garage Storage Rack

This five-tier garage storage rack will give you plenty of ways to organize all of your gear. It holds up to 386 pounds on each shelf. Buyers noted that the shelves are fairly easy to put together and are great for smaller and mid-sized items.

Have you tried these easy pantry organization tips yet?

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Emergency Water Storage Kitvia

Emergency Water Storage Kit

The drum in this water storage supply kit holds 55 gallons of water. The barrel is BPA-free and made from food-grade polyethylene that meets strict EPA guidelines. Perfect for emergency water storage in the event of water contamination and natural disasters. The treated water has up to a four-year shelf life, and the kit includes 2-inch barrel plug fittings, a 6-foot siphon hose with a hand pump, Aquamira water-treatment bottles and a barrel opener. Make sure to check out how water benefits your health.

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6-Tier Shoe Rackvia

6-Tier Shoe Rack


This shoe rack takes up little space while holding a lot of shoes! You can even place some home decor items above or on the shoe rack to make for a more inviting, attractive entryway. Are you cleaning these things in your home too much?

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Storage Coffee Tablevia

Storage Coffee Table

For a lot of added storage, look for a coffee table that opens up and allows you to stash things inside. There are several models, including this one, available on Amazon that allow you to store various items inside and out-of-sight. Here are 20 compact kitchen organizers you should try.

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Large Woven File Storage Boxesvia

Large Woven File Storage Boxes

This contemporary storage box features a stylish design that will give your office added warmth with its woven, durable, espresso-colored strapping. The box has cut out handles on the side of the lid and it’s compatible with letter and legal-sized documents. These are the best kitchen organizing ideas according to Taste of Home staffers.

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Purchase a Swivel Towel Barvia

Purchase a Swivel Towel Bar

A swivel towel bar is a great storage solution that provides you immediate access to your towels. It’s especially nice for a bathroom that is frequented by more than one person, or for the person who likes to use more than one towel at a time. This towel bar features 180-degree rotation. Do you know if you’re cleaning your bathroom correctly?

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Lumber Storage Rackvia

Lumber Storage Rack

If you have lumber to store, try this wall mounted storage rack. It holds up to 600 pounds on six levels of storage. “For the price, you can’t beat these,” noted one Amazon buyer.

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Rope Storage Bin & Organizer

This rope storage bin is a beautiful way to stack and display folded throw blankets in the living room, keep magazines organized, ensure linens stay nice and tidy and more. It’s a simple yet beautiful design that blends well with any style of decor. These are the best hidden container store gems you can find for less than $10.

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Bin Storage Rackvia

Bin Storage Rack

Perfect for storing smaller items, this heavy-duty garage storage rack has seven tiers to store bins. Included are 16 bins and four bin dividers. “This thing is really cool and the more I use it the more I like it. I found it to be very simple to assemble and took less than 30 minutes,” said one Amazon buyer. These 15 items will have you as organized as Marie Kondo in no time!

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Steel Hanging Folder File Boxvia

Steel Hanging Folder File Box

This file box looks very official! It’s constructed of steel with a durable powder-coat finish, fits letter-sized files and stores hanging files without bending. You’ll also receive two entry keys for added security. These are the most clever kitchen gadgets to keep your space organized.

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Repurpose a Wine Rackvia

Repurpose a Wine Rack

If you have an old wine rack you’d like to repurpose, or you want to purchase one and use it in a unique way, installing a shelving system meant for wine bottles is a great way to neatly store and display bathroom towels and other bathroom essentials. Try these smart ways to store wine.

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Bookcases are easy living room storage solutions and they don’t have to be just for books. Use a bookshelf to store toys, craft supplies and even books. Keep these items close when cooking.

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Stick-On Shoe Holdersvia

Stick-On Shoe Holders

These stick-on shoe racks are great for gripping your shoes in place, while ensuring your entryway looks tidy and clean. Made of high-quality, non-slip plastic, they’re waterproof, light weight and are sold in a four-pack.

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Accent an Empty Corner with Stylevia

Accent an Empty Corner with Style

If your bathroom is big enough that a corner of it could use a little decor on the floor to add warmth, consider purchasing a decorative basket. A simple design made of natural material will provide that spa-like feel. This high-quality basket is made of handmade 100-percent cotton, and features a rope construction and stitched-in handles. Try this quick trick to cleaning your bathroom grout for good.

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Five-Shelf Garage Storage Rackvia

Five-Shelf Garage Storage Rack

For a simple heavy-duty rack, Gladiator offers this model which holds up to 1,00 pounds on each of the five shelves. And, the innovative click-and-lock system makes for easy, tool-free assembly.

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Over-the-Door Rack Holds 36 Pair!via

Over-the-Door Rack Holds 36 Pair!

If you own 36 pairs of your shoes, you might like this over the door rack. It allows you to squeeze plenty of shoes into a small space, and is even aesthetically pleasing thanks to its lack of vinyl pockets! The rack is coated with durable resin that makes for a glossy appearance. Did you see the most popular cleaning and organizing products of 2018?

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Overhead Garage Storage Rackvia

Overhead Garage Storage Rack

This 4-foot by 8-foot overhead garage storage rack allows you to get items off the floor and utilize the space up above. It’s suitable for up to 550 pounds and it’s easy to assemble, according to the manufacturer. Users note you can also hang things, such as exertion cords and drop lights from the rack.

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Locking File Chestvia

Locking File Chest

For added security, check out this file storage box. Along with offering an attractive design, it’s a sturdy, locking file chest with built-in metal rails to accommodate either legal- or letter-sized hanging file folders. The double combination locks ensure documents stay secure. You’ll also find a chrome label holder on the front for identification. Other notable features include carrying handles for easy transport, rubber feet to prevent skidding and surface scuffing and the hinged top that you won’t ever lose. Speaking of the office, these 10 products will make your humble desk lunch so much better.

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The Best Shoe Storage Bench for Your Entrywayvia

The Best Shoe Storage Bench for Your Entryway

The shoes are piling up in your home’s entryway and you need to something fast before someone trips and falls. A shoe storage bench is a simple solution. Not only does it provide a place to stash shoes and boots, but it also serves as a seat when putting on or taking off your shoes. This shoe storage bench from Boxwood Woodworking would make a great addition to your home’s entryway, foyer or mudroom. Still can’t stop those tricky feet from tracking in mud? This is the best hardwood floor cleaner on the market.

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