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28 Genius Kitchen Organizers on Amazon

Does walking into your kitchen stress you out? We've rounded up some useful kitchen organizers that will keep every part of the kitchen tidy.

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Homeries Can Drink Holder Storage And Dispenser Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Beverage Can Holder

This beverage can holder is one of the most game-changing kitchen organizers as it gets rid of flimsy cardboard packaging. The BPA-free plastic containers come in a pack of two, four or six, each of which holds nine cans, meaning there’s plenty of room for a 12 or 24 pack of beverages. Plus, the clear containers make it easy to check on stock.

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Ria Safford Collection By Idesign Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Acacia Wood and Wire Turntable

This editor-approved turntable strikes the perfect balance between stylish and useful. “Unlike most utilitarian kitchen organizers, this is one I’m actually willing to display out on my countertop,” says Taste of Home’s Senior Shopping Editor, Megan Mowery. We like that it’s part of an entire collection of organizers that match, too.

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Luxear Produce Veggie Storage Containersvia merchant

Produce Storage Containers

Keep fresh berries, greens and other produce from spoiling early with this pack of produce storage containers. An adjustable vent and drainer circulate air and whisk away excess water. Plus, these produce bins condense fruits and veggies so the fridge isn’t full of plastic bags or clamshell containers. Check out these fridge organization ideas you probably haven’t seen before.

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Taozun Adhesive Paper Towel Holdervia merchant

Adhesive Paper Towel Holder

Free up some counter space with the help of this mounted paper towel holder. Simply peel the backing of the attached adhesive strip and stick the holder on your wall or under a cabinet.

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Yihong Organizer Refrigerator Organization Seasoningvia merchant

Food Packet Organizer Bins

If you have a bunch of seasoning packets or instant grains, these packet bins are a must-have. Compact, skinny and stackable, these bins fit into tight spaces to keep your pantry organized, just like these other pantry storage containers.

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Simplehouseware Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Under Sink Organizer

We’re willing to bet that the space under your sink could use some organizing. This two-tier shelving unit expands to your cabinet size, has movable panels to account for plumbing and makes the most of vertical space that would otherwise go to waste.

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Upspace Bottle Organizervia merchant

Water Bottle Organizer

Reusable water bottles are one of the most common items that will save you money, but a family’s worth of water bottles can get hectic. This water bottle organizer stores about nine water bottles and travel mugs horizontally, so everyone can easily grab their bottle without having to hunt around a cabinet or shelf.

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Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Dividers Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Adjustable Drawer Dividers

Prevent spatulas, tongs and whisks from rolling around your utensil drawer with these bamboo drawer dividers. This pack of six dividers are adjustable to fit drawers up to 17-inches long. Whether you have an overflowing amount of kitchen utensils to organize or random kitchen gadgets, you control the size of these compact kitchen organizers. (Pro tip: Use these dividers to keep clothing drawers organized.)

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Sorbus Wire Metal Basket Bin Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Stackable Wire Baskets

Not only do these stackable wire baskets organize non-refrigerated produce in your pantry, they can also sit on the floor or kitchen counter if you’re short on pantry space. Neatly store fruit, potatoes and veggies with this life-saving pantry organizer.

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Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Mounted Wine Rack

If you have an overflowing bar cart, it’s time to invest in a wall-mounted wine rack. This rack holds up to nine bottles and has a minimal design so it won’t look bulky in the kitchen. Just be sure to use sturdy screws and anchors when installing. By the way, this is the correct way to store wine at home.

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Expandable Scratch Protective Storage Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Sliding Lid Organizer

Say goodbye to digging in kitchen cabinets for a pot or pan lid. This sliding lid organizer keeps all your lids in one place and holds them upright so they don’t get dented or scratched. We love this sliding organizer for cookware lids, and it also holds baking pans and cutting boards. In the meantime, read up on these organization tips from the pros.

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Aieve Cord Organizer For Kitchen Appliances Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Adhesive Cord Organizer

This genius cord organizer sticks right on kitchen appliances, so you can say goodbye to tangled cords in cabinets. Clean the area where the cord organizer will stick before using. You’ll be thanking yourself every time you pull out a kitchen appliance.

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Youcopia 50244 Shelfbin 3 Tier Organizervia merchant

Snack Bin

Your little ones won’t have to search high and low for an after-school snack with this snack bin. The compartments have plenty of room for granola or protein bars, fruit snacks, fruit pouches and candy. Just keep the bin on your counter or a lower shelf in your pantry for easy access.

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Mdesign Wide Stackable Plastic Food Storage Organizer Bin Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Stackable Pantry Bins

Whether you’re blessed with dedicated pantry space or random kitchen cabinets that make-do, these stackable bins maximize vertical space. We love that these kitchen organizers are clear to keep track of out-of-stock goods.

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Totally Kitchen Plastic Egg Holder Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Egg Storage Unit

Put all of your eggs in one basket—er, container—with this durable tray that holds 18 eggs. Plus, it makes for easy stacking, so you can maximize vertical space in the refrigerator.

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Royalhouse Big Natural Bamboo Tea Box Storage Organizer Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Tea Box

Calling all tea-lovers: If your drawers are full of tea bags, free up some space and find your favorite flavor pronto. This bamboo tea box holds over 100 individual packets, making it easy to find the perfect one. Plus, it’s pretty enough to show off during tea time with friends, or purchase as a gift for tea lovers.

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Kitchenart Select A Spiece Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Spice Carousel

Spice racks and drawers can quickly get out of hand—until now. Not only is this spice carousel a genius, time-saving kitchen organizer, but it also auto-measures spices. And it detaches from the carousel for heavier pours and shakes. Show it off on the kitchen counter or store in the cabinet.

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Ecrocy Adhesive Cup Holder Under Cabinet Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Mug Hooks

If you have an overflowing mug collection (like us), this adhesive cup holder is a game-changer for freeing up cabinet space. It easily slides onto the bottom cabinet shelf while the adhesive attachment latches on for carefree hanging—no drilling necessary.

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plate rackvia merchant

Tiered Corner Shelves

Triple your shelf space with these clever tiered corner shelf racks. Separate plates by size, color or simply make more space for yourself. We love that this rack nestles into the corner of the cabinet and it doesn’t slide around, so it’s among the smartest and safest kitchen organizers out there.

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can caddyvia merchant

Can Caddy

Whether you stock up on soup or soda, there’s probably a pile of cans just waiting to topple over somewhere in your kitchen. Spare yourself the hassle of scooping up dented cans or wiping up splattered beans and pick up a can caddy.

Lay your cans in the caddy so you can grab what you need and sort them however you’d like. You can use one for veggies and one for soups, or you can organize everyone’s soda flavors. Do you have more cans than you know what to do with? We rounded up delicious (and easy!) recipes to make with canned food.

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Pan Organizer Rack For Cabinet Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Pan Organizer

Consolidate pans with this sturdy pan organizer. Choose from three different assembly methods: vertical with pans neatly stacked on top of each other; vertical on both sides; or horizontal with pan handles sticking up. The three different functions make it a genius organization hack, while the individual racks can be adjusted to fit pans of all sizes and weights.

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sink caddyvia merchant

Sink Caddy

There’s nothing worse than a gross and grimy sponge. And if they’re floating in the bottom of your sink that’s exactly what you’ll get. But, if you utilize a sink caddy you can keep all of your sponges in one spot, and avoid getting them dirtier than they need to be. Using a sink caddy also helps sponges last longer. Your sponges may do most of your cleaning, but do you clean your sponges?

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Airtight Food Storage Container Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Rubbermaid Airtight Containers

We all know that the boxes dry goods come in don’t always last, or sometimes just aren’t conducive to tighter spaces. Categorize your pantry goods with these airtight stackable containers that save space, time and ultimately money since they keep food fresh. And with nearly 20,000 Amazon reviews, it’s a popular pick for pantry organization.

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Simplehouseware Over The Cabinet Door Organizer Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Over-the-Cabinet Door Storage Rack

One of the best kitchen storage and organization ideas is to utilize the cabinet door. This two-pack of cabinet door holders fit cutting boards, baking pans, plastic wrap and foil containers, muffin tins and almost any slender kitchen item that needs a home.

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Mdesign Steel Hanging Cabinet Storage Organizer Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Grocery Bag Dispenser

Instead of throwing plastic bags in the closet, add this grocery bag dispenser to a cabinet or pantry door, or any hard surface. The adhesive tape makes for easy mounting, but if you’re feeling adventurous it also comes with screws. Plus, it holds up to 30 plastic bags—talk about a time-saving gadget that declutters the kitchen.

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Copco Non Skid Storage Turntable Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Portable Turntable

Lazy Susans are one of the most underrated kitchen organizers, but they’re a classic that’s sure to stay. This portable turntable holds any type of kitchen condiment or can—refrigerated or non-refrigerated—and the handles make for easy maneuvering. You can spin your food around while you search for something instead of rearranging everything you own.

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mDesign Food Storage Lid Organizer for Kitchen Cabinetvia merchant

Food Storage Lid Organizer

We don’t know if anyone truly has all of their plastic containers perfectly organized, but this lid organizer is sure to help! It’ll at least make it easier to find the matching lid when you’re putting away leftovers. Now that you can find your container tops, read up on how to store food the right way.

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Smart Design 3 Tier Kitchen Foil Wrap Holder Organizer Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Wrap Stand

Keep cling wrap, foil and freezer bags tidy with a wrap stand. Slide those cardboard boxes into the grooves and you’ll be happy to have this handy holder every time you cook.

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