10 Easy Ideas for a Patio Party

In need of some summer inspiration? These patio party ideas will have you itching to host an outdoor party.

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Light bulb decor in outdoor party
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Decorate (even simply!)

It’s time to pull out all the stops and transform your patio into an inviting space for your guests to enjoy. You might be surprised at what some string lights, a few paper lanterns and a new outdoor tablecloth can do for your patio!

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grilling party invitation with red BBQ
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Put the word out

The first step of any party: getting the word out there! Set up a Facebook invite, an email chain or go old school with a printed invitation. Announce the fun with an invitation that will have your friends ready to grill and chill.

Find this invitation on Etsy.

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Friends dancing in a lounge bar, with dj set
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Make a playlist

Get a summery playlist going! Spotify and Pandora have lots of pre-mixed playlists whether you want country or top 40, there’s definitely one that will have you belting along. Better yet? Make your own (or charge one of your music-savvy pals with the task) to ensure all your favorite hits are included!

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Neighbours talk standing around a table at a block party
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Create food stations

Serve up your dishes buffet-style so everyone can pick out exactly what they’d like on their plate! Go with a combination of summery sides you can fire up on the grill, plus some easy-to-prep dishes that don’t require a grill.

Bring out these party appetizers while you finish up your time on the grill to keep your guest satisfied!

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Cornhole bean bag toss wood game board outside on grass
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Play games

Easy games like cornhole are fun to play without too much running around (leave that to the kiddos!) and require little prior knowledge or set-up.

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Keep cool

Depending on your patio location, make sure your guests are staying cool with plenty of water, and take a page from your kids books with mini fans that include a water spray. For a creative way to keep beverages cool, fill up a baby pool with frozen balloons—it’s functional and can serve as fun once the ice is melted (water balloon fight for the kids!).

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Friends toasting, saying cheers holding tropical blended fruit margaritas.
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Create a signature cocktail

Serve up your iced drinks out of glass beverage dispensers, labeled with chalkboard tags so everyone knows what they’re pouring up. Keep an eye on your cup with fun drink holders so there are no mix-ups. Just make sure to keep the adult and kids beverage stations separate!

We suggest these fun rum drinks for the adults.

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photo booth props
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Snap some pics with a photo booth

Set up a makeshift photo wall by taping up a solid background and a phone stand and get snapping! Order a set of themed photo booth props to make it even more festive and fun!

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Taste of Home

Don’t forget about dessert

You can’t forget about desserts! Your guests will definitely want something sweet to cool-down with after a day in the sun. Go for something sweet and light, that’s easy to prep too! Think angel food cake with fruit, or slice up some sorbet. Just don’t take it out until it’s time to eat!

These easy fruit desserts are perfect for summer soirees!

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Gift bag with a bow in the hands of women on a wedding anniversary
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Give guests something to take home

Send your adult guests home with a signature and seasonal sweet treat like homemade lemon curd or light butter cookies that they’ll savor. As for the kids, keep it simple with a little treat, like this adorable gift tag to tie around bubbles.

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