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10 Best-Value Things to Buy at Costco

These Costco deals offer the most bang for their buck. Cheers to buying in bulk!

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Festive birthday sheet cake with the number 13 lit candles.Shutterstock / RoJo Images

½ Sheet Cakes

You simply can’t have a list of the best things to buy at Costco without the 1/2 sheet cakes! Kirkland Signature cakes are only $18.99, serve 48 people and taste like heaven. Your flavor options are chocolate or vanilla, and both are equally delicious. Here’s how the cost of a Costco cake compares against Walmart and BJs.

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Avocados at grocery storeStudio13lights/Shutterstock


Here’s something unexpected: Costco avocados last 2x as long as the ‘cados you’ll buy at any other supermarket. It’s the truth! You’ll definitely want to know how that magic works.

Put your avocados to work in guacamole—and these other amazing avocado recipes.

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Costco aisleCassiohabib/Shutterstock

Olive Oil

Perfect for people who do lots of sautéing, homemade salad dressings and pasta! It’s $16.99 for a 2L size of extra virgin olive oil. It’s cheaper than Amazon Fresh ($20.99) and a number of name-brand options. To keep your counter clear, we’d recommend buying a smaller decanter and refilling it from the 2L jug.

Don’t miss the other Kirkland items worth buying!

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Country style: the chicken broth and the ingredients on the table.AS Food studio/Shutterstock

Chicken Stock

The Kirkland Signature Organic Chicken Stock is $12.49 for six 32-oz cartons, or $2.08 a carton. It’s going to be cheaper than the non-organic options from Swanson ($2.72 per carton) or Kitchen Basics ($2.36 per carton.) Over the course of a year, that savings will add up!

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Costco shopping for USDA Choice meatShutterstock / Cassiohabib

USDA Choice Steaks

It turns out that pro chefs love Costco for its high-quality beef. You may not want to buy the $1,200 Wagyu beef that chefs are picking up, but the USDA Choice steaks are worth the splurge. (You can get 16 Black Angus flat iron steaks for $99.99.)

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Grilled chickens on a spitShutterstock / Anton Watman

Rotisserie Chicken

Most supermarkets sell rotisserie chickens for $5 to $7. But Costco sells a juicy, flavorful bird that weighs in at 3lbs for only $4.99. (The chain actually loses money by selling chickens this cheap.) Here’s how it stacks up against other grocery store rotisserie chickens.

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sparkling water at CostcoShutterstock / Pictures_n_Photos

Sparkling Water

Costco recently rolled out a line of sparkling water and it didn’t take us long to crunch the numbers on this beverage. $7.99 gets you a 32-pack of Kirkland Sparkling Water (that’s $0.23 per can) while a 24-pack of LaCroix runs at $7.99 at Costco (that’s $0.33 per can).

Costco only has three flavors of Kirkland Sparkling water (lime, lemon and grapefruit) so anyone who’s devoted to Peach Pear or Berry will have to stick with LaCroix.

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Cooked bacon rashers on parchmentAfrica Studio/Shutterstock


The Kirkland-brand bacon was described as “excellent” and came out on top in a Consumer Reports taste-test. Plus, it’s far cheaper than the national brand stuff, and though every package has far more bacon than you’d ever eat in one Sunday brunch, it holds up well in the freezer.

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Thin Crust Pepperoni PizzaShutterstock / Anna Hoychuk

Frozen Pizza

For any family with a Friday night pizza tradition, buying frozen ‘za in packs of four or more typically ends up being cheaper than buying one by one. Stock up in bulk at Costco, especially if you have a second freezer in the garage or basement. You might want to pick up a 2-pack of this cauliflower pizza, too.

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costco gift cardsShutterstock / Cassiohabib

Gift Cards

Costco sells gift cards at roughly 25% off. You can buy two $50 Buca di Beppo gift cards for $69.99, four $15 Krispy Kreme gift cards for $44.99 and so on. It’s perfect for gift-giving around the holidays—or to save extra cash when eating out.

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