12 Best Deals at Costco Right Now

It's time to plan your next Costco run!

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Whole And Sliced Avocado On Wood
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Here’s something unexpected: Costco avocados last 2x as long as the ‘cados you’ll buy at any other supermarket. It’s the truth! You’ll definitely want to know how that magic works.

Put your avocados to work in guacamole—and these other amazing avocado recipes.

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olive oil
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Olive Oil

Perfect for people who do lots of sauteing, homemade salad dressings and pasta! It’s $13.49 for a 2L size of olive oil at Costco. That’s cheaper than Amazon Fresh ($20) and a number of name-brand options. To keep your counter clear, we’d recommend buying a smaller decanter and refilling it from the 2L jug. Don’t miss the other Kirkland items worth buying.

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Organic Chicken Bone Broth
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Chicken Stock

The Kirkland Signature Organic Chicken Stock is $11.49 for six 32-oz cartons, or $1.92 a carton. It’s going to be cheaper than the non-organic options from Swanson ($2.89 per carton) or Kitchen Basics ($3.24 per carton.) Over the course of a year, those savings will add up.

Here’s the difference between chicken stock and broth.

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Premium Rare Slices Wagyu A5 beef with high-marbled texture on square wooden plate served for Sukiyaki and Shabu.
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Wagyu Beef

It turns out that pro chefs love Costco for its high-quality beef. You may not want to buy the $1,200 Wagyu beef that chefs are picking up, but Costco’s Wagyu beef might just be worth the splurge. You can grab a pound and a half for as low as $165. Don’t forget to check out the best things to buy at Costco.

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Packed roast chicken place on the shelf waiting to sale in the market deli section
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Rotisserie Chicken

Most supermarkets sell rotisserie chickens for $5 to $7. But Costco sells a juicy, flavorful bird that weighs in at 3 pounds for only $4.99. (The chain actually loses money by selling chickens this cheap.) Here’s how it stacks up against other grocery store rotisserie chickens.

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Stack of Pancakes with Maple Syrup, Berries and Fresh Coffee for breakfastStack of Pancakes with Maple Syrup, Berries and Fresh Coffee for breakfast
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Organic Maple Syrup

If you’re a total sucker for fluffy Belgian waffles like I am, you’re going to need this. An enormous bottle of Kirkland Organic Maple Syrup is only $12.49 (or .32 cents an ounce). Compare that to Coombs Family Farms Organic Maple Syrup at $26.97 for a 32 ounce bottle, and you already know who the winner is!

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Fried crunchy Streaky Bacon pieces in a cast iron skillet.
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The Kirkland-brand bacon was described as “excellent” and came out on top in a Consumer Reports taste test. Plus, it’s far cheaper than the national brand stuff (a pack of four 1-pound packages is just under $19), and though every package has far more bacon than you’d ever eat in one Sunday brunch, it holds up well in the freezer.

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Warming Up Pepperoni Pizza In Oven
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Frozen Pizza

For any family with a Friday night pizza tradition, buying frozen ‘za in packs of four or more typically ends up being cheaper than buying one by one. Stock up in bulk at Costco, especially if you have a second freezer in the garage or basement. You might want to pick up a 2-pack of this cauliflower pizza, too.

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Florida, Miami Beach, Office Depot, gift card display. (Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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Gift Cards

Costco sells gift cards at roughly 25% off. You can buy two $50 California Pizza Kitchen gift cards for $79.99, four $15 Krispy Kreme gift cards for $44.99 and so on. It’s perfect for gift-giving around the holidays—or to save extra cash when eating out. Planning to buy a cake? Here’s everything you need to know about Costco cakes.

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Popcorn Background
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If you’re trying your hardest to lay off the junk food but you’ve still got that instinct to snack, we’ve got the perfect deal for you. A 28-count box of snackable Skinny Pop Popcorn bags is only $10.49! Each bag clocks in at around 100 calories, so you don’t have to feel so sugar-filled and heavy every time you treat yourself.

Here’s how popcorn can even give you that whole grain you need in your diet.

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peanuts and peanut butter in a jar on the table close-up
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Peanut Butter

The best snack time always includes a bit of peanut butter. A pack of two 48 ounce jars of Skippy Peanut Butter will only run you $10.49. That’s cheaper than the same product at Amazon, Walmart and other stores. Trust me, you’ll need as much PB as you can when you make as many peanut butter cookies as I do!

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Row Of Spice Jars
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Bulk Spices

When you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you start to realize just how quickly you can run out of your favorite spices. But have no fear, Costco is here! For example, a 30 ounce jar of Kirkland Pure Sea Salt is only $2.79. Yes, you read that correctly. That’s three times less expensive than a jar of McCormick Sea Salt from Walmart. Talk about more bang for your buck!

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