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    10 Creative Pigs in a Blanket Ideas

    This is our philosophy: Wrap any type of pork in a bready blankie, and you've got a fun, new spin on pigs in a blanket.

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    55 Easter Appetizers That Feed a Crowd

    Whether you're hosting your family at home or bringing sides to a potluck, these Easter appetizers will feed everyone with...

    Air-Fryer Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots

    These bacon-wrapped goodies are always a hit with my friends and family. They’ll go fast, so you may want to...

    Air-Fryer Crab au Gratin Spread

    I love to serve this warm, comforting appetizer any time we have a get together with family or friends. It's...

    14 Quick, Healthy Air-Fryer Snacks to Kick Off the Super Bowl

    You don't have to skip the crisp and crunch you crave while watching your favorite team. Let these air-fryer Super...

    42 Dips Made for Tortilla Chips

    From loaded queso to creamy guacamole, these are the dips your tortilla chips are begging to be dipped in.

    Air-Fryer Sweet Potato Chips

    This air-fryer sweet potato chips recipe is so quick and easy. Be sure to give the sweet potato slices a...

    15 Frozen Appetizers to Serve at Your Next Party

    Satisfy your guest's cravings with these tasty frozen appetizers! These ready-to-heat foods guarantee to keep hunger at bay.

    Air-Fryer Sausage Bacon Bites

    Try surprising your family one Sunday morning by pulling these out of the air fryer as they head to breakfast...

    Air-Fryer Ham and Brie Pastries

    Fancy appetizers don't have to be difficult. In fact, this one proves it's easy to make something to looks impressive....

    40 Super Bowl Appetizers You Can Make in Your Slow Cooker

    Hosting a Super Bowl party and want to feed your guests, but don't want to get stuck in the kitchen?...

    38 Snacks for Your Office Christmas Party

    You'll have no time for awkward small talk with coworkers when everyone is devouring these easy and festive office party...

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    56 Easy Christmas Finger Food Appetizers

    Say, "Merry Christmas!" with these festive, fuss-free Christmas finger foods. Here are some of our best finger food ideas...

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    60 One-Bite Appetizers for the Holidays

    Level up your holiday snacks with these recipes that'll have everyone reaching for one—or five—more.

    24 Genius Cheese Board Gift Ideas

    Gift your foodie friend these cheese board gift ideas so they can make the board of their dreams!

    How to Make a Build-Your-Own Taco Board Everyone Will Love

    Make taco night even better with this build-your-own taco board piled high with salsa, cheese, carnitas, crunchy shells and so...

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    31 Cream Cheese Dip Recipes No One Can Resist

    The secret ingredient to smooth, decadent appetizers? Cream cheese. Here are our best cream cheese dip recipes.

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    55 Hot Dip Recipes to Keep You Warm at Your Next Tailgate

    These hot dip recipes will score a major touchdown at the next tailgate before the big game!

    24 Dips for Chips We Can’t Stop Snacking On

    Sure, plain ol' potato chips are just fine, but dips for chips make this snack all the more tempting. Check...

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    42 Addicting Air-Fryer Appetizers

    Crunch into these air-fryer appetizers—without the guilt of snacking on deep-fried food! Serve up some gooey tortellini bites, crunchy taquitos...

    What Is a Relish Tray and What Should You Put on It?

    A relish tray is a nostalgic appetizer platter that's just the thing for kicking off rich meals.

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    100 Awesome Ideas for Appetizer Recipes

    Find the perfect nibble, bite and nosh among these killer appetizer recipes.

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    Homemade Pork Dumplings

    I grew up eating this pork dumpling recipe. My mom used to make them, and my brother and I would...

    Chorizo Tacos

    If you're looking for a quick bite or snack, these chorizo tacos are the perfect thing. They cook really quickly,...

    Baba Ganoush

    1 review

    Baba ganoush (also spelled baba ghanoush or baba ghanouj) is a Lebanese dip made with roasted eggplant. It's typically served...

    The Best Meats for Your Next Charcuterie Board

    Whether you’re a cheese board fanatic or an aspiring charcuterie connoisseur, this guide will prepare you to serve the best...

    Roasted Red Pepper, Spinach and Artichoke Spread

    I found a simple spinach and artichoke spread in a cookbook and added my own touches—roasted red peppers, pesto, lemon...