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    Vegan Cashew Cream of Broccoli Soup

    To me, Sundays are a time for rest and spending time with your family. In this crazy busy world, I think we sometimes forget how important and special having a family is. This soup reminds me of Sunday dinners with my family because they always request it. I love making this for our weekly dinners because it is not complicated and I can get dinner on the table in about an hour. —Christine King, Vista, CA

    Rosemary-Grapefruit Cashews

    The combination of rosemary, grapefruit and cashews may sound strange but it's absolutely heavenly. I love to serve these in...

    Zesty Citrus Snack Mix

    This snack mix combines two of my favorite snacks (pita chips and roasted garbanzo beans) with nuts, pretzels and a...

    Sweet Potato Chocolate Mousse

    I love that this sweet potato chocolate mousse is rich and decadent yet is made with simple, healthy, plant-based ingredients!...

    Peanut-Cashew Marshmallow Pie

    3 reviews

    This pie appeals to kids and adults alike! The chocolate crust and caramel topping make it all the more special....

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    Are Cashews Good for You? Here’s What You Need to Know.

    With their sweet, buttery taste, they're everyone's favorite nut, but are cashews good for you?

    Cashew Butter Cookies

    4 reviews

    These cashew butter cookies are on a more sophisticated level than peanut butter. They are vegan and gluten-free, so you'll...

    Cashew Cheese

    1 review

    Spread this vegan cashew cheese on crackers, layer it on a toasted bagel or serve it with fresh vegetables. It...

    Cashew Cauliflower and Leek Gratin

    2 reviews

    My family loves this cauliflower gratin. It's different than scalloped potatoes and healthier with the added vegetables, and the cashew...

    Caramel Chex Mix

    2 reviews

    This wonderfully crunchy snack is loaded with cereal, pretzels and nuts—and coated with a not-too-sweet brown sugar mixture. Package this...

    Cashew Chicken with Bok Choy

    5 reviews

    With bok choy and red pepper, this light and lively entree is not only colorful but delicious as well. Your...

    Rustic Nut Bars

    15 reviews

    My friends love crunching into the crust—so much like shortbread—and the wildly nutty topping of these chewy, gooey bars. —Barbara...

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    Cashew Noodle Casserole

    Chow mein noodles and cashews give this dish a delectable crunch. Whenever I take it to potlucks, it disappearers before...

    Cashew-Curry Chicken Salad

    4 reviews

    My husband and I fell hard for the curried chicken salad from our grocery store deli, and I knew I...

    Orange Cashew Bars

    1 review

    Two of my favorite ingredients, oranges and cashews, make a fantastic combination for a holiday bar—especially when you use fresh-squeezed...

    Garlic & Onion Cashews

    4 reviews

    You'll be set for either a quick snack or an easy hostess gift when you use this recipe. —Anndrea Bailey,...

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    Cashew & Olive Feta Cheese Dip

    My nutty cheese dip has bold flavors that go well with baked pita chips. If I’m hosting guests who like...

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    Frozen Key Lime Delight

    16 reviews

    In the middle of summer, nothing hits the spot quite like this sublime Key lime dessert. Cold, creamy and tart,...

    Cashew Cookies

    3 reviews

    Some merry dairy snacking is guaranteed when you pass out these cashew-packed goodies! I found the recipe years ago in...

    Cashew Curried Beef

    15 reviews

    “This recipe is a favorite with my whole family. The ingredients are a wonderful mix of sweet, salty and spicy.”...

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    Crisp and Nutty Mix

    On those busy days that just don't stop, this mixture of dried fruit, cereal, nuts and more is the ultimate...

    Caramel Cashew Cake Pops

    1 review

    Nothing beats the pairing of buttery caramel and rich cashews; add it to a chocolaty cake pop and you have...

    1-2-3 Snack Mix

    6 reviews

    Salty and satisfying, this colorful, kid-friendly trail mix provides quick protein and energy by the handful on action-packed summer days....

    Coconut-Granola Yogurt Parfaits

    1 review

    I prepare homemade granola ahead of time—it makes these yogurt treats special.
    —Julie Merriman, Seattle, Washington

    Cashew Rice Pilaf

    1 review

    This hearty dish will add pizazz to your plate with its beautiful blend of flavors and colors. I often serve...

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    Crispy Snack Mix

    1 review

    This recipe proves you can make just about anything in a slow cooker, even a delightfully crispy snack mix. —Jane...

    Coconut Cashew Brittle

    6 reviews

    This rich buttery brittle has always been part of our Christmas candy collection. Lots of coconut and cashews ensures it's...

    Salted Cashew Oatmeal Cookies

    1 review

    My son absolutely loves cashews, so I loaded my oatmeal cookies with them at Christmas—he loved them! The mix makes...

    Sweet Potato Pancakes with Caramel Sauce

    4 reviews

    Sometimes sweet potatoes end up as leftovers. It happens, but by happy chance, they go well in pancake batter and...

    Salted Cashew & Caramel Chews

    6 reviews

    Nothing says "welcome home" like warm, gooey, chewy cookies right out of the oven with a cold glass of milk—mmm,...

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    Peanut Butter Pudding Dessert

    48 reviews

    Here's a fun layered dessert that will appeal to all ages. If you want it even nuttier, you can use...