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    We Can’t Get Enough of This Crispy Air Fryer Edamame Snack

    If you love crispy chickpeas, this snack is for you!

    We Can’t Get Enough of This Easy 2-Ingredient Air Fryer Snack

    If you love popcorn, you have to try this snack hack.

    How to Make Fish Sticks in the Air Fryer

    Making fish sticks in an air fryer is so easy, you'll never go back to using the oven!

    How to Make Air-Fryer Tofu

    Soft or crumbled tofu readily soaks up flavors, but somehow it tastes better with a fried shell. With the proper...

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    These Viral Air Fryer Nutella Toast Pies Are Easy to Make—And Delicious

    Who doesn't love Nutella? Here's a tasty, simple way to have that chocolate-hazelnut goodness from your air fryer.

    Air Fryer Burrata Is Going Viral and We Have to Admit—We’re Obsessed

    Gooey cheese, light breadcrumb coating and marinara sauce? What's not to love?

    These Air Fryer Chicken Fajita Sliders Are the Answer for Busy Weeknight Dinners

    This is the comfort food mashup you didn't know you needed.

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    You Can Make Air Fryer Halloumi Popcorn—Here’s How

    These cheesy bites are about to become your new favorite snack.

    Air-Fryer Lemon Oreos

    I love fried Oreos at the county fair every summer. Since this version cooks up quickly in the air fryer,...

    Bakewell Pie Tarts

    1 review

    With my busy family of five, I'm always burning things in the oven because I get pulled into other things....

    Louisiana Meat Pies

    1 review

    I always found the food of Louisiana so delicious. These meat pies are my version of the region's cuisine. I...

    You Need These 4 Simple Tricks to Make the Crispiest Air Fryer French Fries Ever

    There's never been an easier way to make crispy air fryer French fries.

    Twice-Cooked Fried Chicken

    Fried chicken is my favorite food, so it’s no surprise that I’ve tried dozens of recipes looking for the perfect...

    We’re Obsessed With This Easy Viral Air Fryer Pizza Sticks Recipe—Here’s Wh...

    Air fryer pizza sticks blend the convenience of the air fryer with the savory cheesy perfection of everyone's favorite snack.

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    We Can’t Get Enough of These Air Fried Bananas

    Get ready to meet your new favorite dessert.

    These Air Fryer Bagel Chips Are the Latest Viral Snack We Can’t Get Enough Of

    Will I be making a million of these for my upcoming Super Bowl plans? I think so!

    12 Air-Fryer Thanksgiving Recipes

    Your oven isn't the only appliance you can use to make a stellar holiday meal. Try these air-fryer Thanksgiving recipes...

    Here’s How to Make a Poached Egg in the Air Fryer

    Such an easy trick for anyone who struggles with poached eggs on the stove.

    How to Make Super Easy Air-Fryer Chicken Nuggets

    You can make air-fryer chicken nuggets in less than 10 minutes! They come out perfectly crispy on the outside and...

    Brown Sugar Air-Fryer Ham

    This air-fryer ham features a simple, old-fashioned glaze just like Grandma used to make. The mustard and vinegar counter the...

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    Air-Fryer Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon

    2 reviews

    I got the idea for bacon-wrapped filet mignon when I saw some on sale in the grocery store. The rest...

    Air-Fryer Avocado Fries

    Avocados just got even more exciting! These juicy, flavorful, easy and healthy air-fryer avocado fries are for those who are...

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    Air-Fryer Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

    1 review

    Bacon-wrapped scallops seem so decadent and fancy that often times I forget how easy they are to prepare. Paired with...

    Chickpea Meatballs

    Being a vegetarian, it's been hard for me not to lean toward heavier, carb-laden foods. This recipe for chickpea meatballs...

    Cajun Fries with Malt Vinegar Sauce

    Five Guys' fries have tons of devotees—and for good reason. My family is partial to the Cajun fries, specifically, which...

    Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken Breasts

    1 review

    My husband is not crazy about chicken, but one of his favorite snacks are Jalapeno Poppers, so I created this...