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Ramen Stir-Fry

1 review

This ramen stir-fry is perfect for using up veggies that you have in your refrigerator. The total amount should be about 4 cups of vegetables that you can mix and match each time you make the recipe. For a heartier dish, add leftover chicken or beef. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

How to Make Chicken Ramen

Homemade chicken ramen goes a long way. It's easy to whip up for a weeknight dinner when you're feeling under...

How to Make Ramen Noodles with 4 Ingredients

Want to upgrade your soup game? This recipe will teach you how to make ramen noodles from scratch!

How to Make Vegan Ramen

This restaurant-quality vegan ramen has a silky, umami-rich broth, colorful vegetables and seared tofu.

How to Make Shoyu Ramen, the Easy Way or from Scratch

It only takes an hour to make the quick version of our shoyu ramen recipe. But if you have the...

How to Make Spicy Ramen

Kick up the heat of your store-bought noodles with this simple spicy ramen recipe.

How to Make Miso Ramen That’s Packed with Flavor

Rich but still light, miso ramen delivers comfort in a bowl. Topped with fresh chewy noodles, seasonal vegetables and an...

How to Make Easy and Delicious Japanese Coffee Jelly

This simple coffee jelly dessert has the same texture as classic Jell-O, but with a lightly sweetened coffee flavor.

How to Make a ‘Japanese Fruit Sandwich’ That’s Even Better Than PB�...

You can make this "fruit sando" in minutes. It's such a fun, quick treat—no wonder people can't stop talking about...

Your Guide to Making Tsukemono (Japanese Pickles)

Make Japanese pickles with your next meal of miso soup and rice for a fresh crunchy side dish.

How to Make Shrimp Tempura

Taking a bite of crunchy shrimp tempura is a heavenly experience enjoyed worldwide. We'll show you how to make your...

How to Make Udon Noodles

If you're a fan of thick, chewy noodles, you'll enjoy learning how to make udon noodles from scratch. The noodles...

How to Make Japanese Mayonnaise

You can find Kewpie mayo on Amazon or in a specialty grocery store—but this Japanese mayonnaise recipe is delicious and...

What Is Panko?

Does your recipe call for panko? We have the low-down on Japanese-style bread crumbs, including when you can substitute classic...

Air-Fryer Chicken Yakitori

1 review

This dish is a take on the street food I grew up with in Tokyo. Traditionally it's grilled but the...

18 Japanese Recipes You Can Make at Home

From sushi to tempura, these are the classic Japanese recipes to master at home. Some are quick and easy—and others...

How to Make Ramen

The cook time might be longer than typical dinners, but once you learn how to cook ramen, this tasty pork...

8 Japanese Chicken Recipes You Need to Try

Whether you're craving a hearty bowl of ramen or a veggie-packed stir-fry, these Japanese chicken recipes are sure to satisfy.

Chicken Yakitori

1 review

I grew up in Tokyo, and some of my favorite memories include eating street food like this dish with my...

How to Make Yakisoba at Home

Yakisoba is a flavorful stir-fried Japanese noodle dish filled with crisp and tender vegetables. Add grilled tofu, pork or chicken...

16 Essential Japanese Ingredients You Need in Your Kitchen

Ready to delight in Japanese cooking experiences? Keeping the right Japanese pantry staples on hand will help you become a...

12 Popular Japanese Desserts You Have to Try

From sweet red bean-filled balls of mochi to soft, decadent slices of Japanese cheesecake, we've rounded up the most...

How to Make Japanese Milk Bread

This Japanese milk bread recipe produces a loaf that's soft, fluffy and irresistible.

How to Make Canned Tuna Sushi

Our canned tuna sushi recipe is simple to make at home. It's healthy, kid-friendly and affordable, too!

Tsukemen: The Recipe for Cold Noodles You Absolutely Need to Try

Hiro Mitsui is a world-class Japanese chef and the owner of Ramen by Uzu in Washington, D.C. He's sharing the...

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Perfect Sushi Rice

2 reviews

There's a lot more you can do with sushi rice besides making homemade sushi. Use it to create...

Miso Butter Roasted Chicken

4 reviews

I love this recipe for its simple front-end prep. Spatchcock the chicken yourself or ask your butcher to spatchcock it...

Mango Chicken Thighs with Basil-Coconut Sauce

5 reviews

This recipe brings the restaurant to my home kitchen. And it’s easy, too! The meal comes together quickly and fills...

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Pressure-Cooker Teriyaki Pork Roast

2 reviews

I'm always looking for no-fuss recipes, so I was thrilled to find this one. The tender teriyaki pork has become...

Pork & Bok Choy Udon Soup

3 reviews

While traveling in Thailand, my husband sampled a local version of this tasty soup from street vendors. We have tried...

A Beginner’s Guide to Miso Soup

You've likely seen it on restaurant menus, but what is miso soup? We're here to tell you all about the...