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    How to Make a Bechamel Lasagna

    This classic red and white bechamel lasagna will have you coming back for seconds every time!

    Dirty Martini Pasta Is the Popular Recipe You Never Knew You Needed

    People love dirty martinis, and people love pasta. Mixing the two as dirty martini pasta was bound to happen. Here's...

    How to Make Spaghetti Pomodoro (the Pasta from ‘The Bear’)

    Learn how to make classic spaghetti pomodoro as seen on Hulu's 'The Bear' with just a few simple ingredients.

    How to Open Spaghetti Bags Just Like an Italian Nonna

    This trick is simple, but oh-so-satisfying.

    How to Make Gluten-Free Bechamel

    Making homemade gluten-free bechamel sounds intimidating, but it's fairly simple to make at home. (And very similar to making the...

    How to Make Vegan Stuffed Shells

    The secret to creamy vegan stuffed shells? Crumbled tofu!

    Lemon Ricotta Pasta

    2 reviews

    Lemon ricotta pasta is so easy to throw together. It's a perfect weeknight dinner, especially during the spring and summer...

    How to Make Vegan Bechamel Sauce for the Creamiest Pasta Dishes Ever

    Here's how to make a creamy vegan bechamel sauce with three main ingredients. It's the perfect white sauce for pasta,...

    How to Make Burrata Pasta in 3 Steps

    This burrata pasta is cheesy, yet light, and full of fresh ingredients. It's the simplest way to elevate a weeknight...

    We Tried the Viral Miso Pasta and It’s SO Easy to Make

    One of the trendiest dishes for home cooks is this miso pasta that's a mashup of Asian and Italian flavors.

    How to Make the Best Vegan Mac and Cheese

    Our vegan mac and cheese recipe is creamy, cheesy and dairy-free! It cooks in 30 minutes and is every bit...

    Spicy Fresh Tomato and Eggplant Sauce

    My garden is overflowing with fresh tomatoes and eggplant toward the end of summer, so I've been thinking of ways...

    Burrata Ravioli

    This burrata ravioli is very easy and really delivers on flavor. Instead of mixing ingredients for the filling, this quicker...

    How to Make Sugo, an Authentic Italian Tomato Sauce

    Sugo is a simple tomato sauce used in a number of dishes like pasta al pomodoro or as a...

    How to Make the Easiest and Cheesiest Chicken Spaghetti

    Want to mix up pasta night? You'll welcome this cheesy chicken spaghetti recipe into your weekly rotation.

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    You Need to Try Giada de Laurentiis’ Viral Crispy Sheet Pan Lasagna Recipe

    If layering a lasagna sounds too labor intensive, this sheet pan recipe will come to weeknight dinner rescue!

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    We Made the Viral Lasagna Soup Everyone Is Obsessed With

    Do yourself a favor and try this wonderful one-pot pasta recipe for lasagna soup that the internet is buzzing about.

    Pressure-Cooker Penne with Meat Sauce

    This pressure-cooker pasta is delicious and super easy. I like to serve it alongside a chopped salad with Italian dressing....

    How to Make Million-Dollar Spaghetti

    Spruce up spaghetti by turning it into a million-dollar spaghetti casserole.

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    I Tested Ina Garten’s Lasagna and Yes, This Recipe Is a Keeper

    Find out why this Ina Garten Lasagna recipe, made with turkey sausage and fresh mozzarella, is so delicious.

    The Most Popular Recipe of the Year Is Full of Garlicky Flavor and We’re Here for It

    These San-Francisco style noodles are a American mashup of Vietnamese and Italian cuisine

    Cowboy Pasta

    2 reviews

    This Cowboy Pasta recipe combines ground beef, bacon, corn, tangy buttermilk and Monterey Jack cheese for an easy but hearty...

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    We Tried 10: These Are the Best Store-Bought Pesto Sauces

    Getting ready for a quick pasta dinner? Make sure you've got the best store-bought pesto on hand. Check out which...

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    How to Make the Best Cheesy Taco Pasta

    Put a flavorful spin on Taco Tuesday with this cheesy taco pasta. It's made in one pot and ready in...

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    31 Mac and Cheese Recipes Perfect for Thanksgiving

    Whether you're hosting this year's meal or plan to be a guest, these mac and cheese Thanksgiving recipes will be...

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    I Made the Ina Garten Overnight Mac and Cheese Recipe That People Can’t Stop Talk...

    Is this Overnight Mac and Cheese worth the wait? I had to find out.

    Amish Buttered Noodles

    4 reviews

    These are the best buttered noodles ever! They are easy to make and kid-friendly, and they pair nicely with lots...

    Mama Mia! Italian Scientists Find New Way to Extend Fresh Pasta Freshness

    How long does fresh pasta last? Researchers have found a recipe to make it last even longer

    What Is Chestnut Flour and What Can You Make With It?

    This Tuscan specialty flour is an excellent gluten-free alternative, particularly for pasta