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Easy Flavored Butter Recipes You Can Make in Minutes

Drizzle flavored butter over roast veggies, slather it on warm rolls or melt it on top of a steak. Any way you slice it, that extra boost of flavor makes delicious food taste even better.

Citrus Cantaloupe Butter

This sweet, chunky cantaloupe butter gets its warm spice flavor from the cinnamon. Orange sections and lime juice give it...

What Is Amish Butter?

Those parchment-wrapped rolls of Amish butter may not be as old-school as you think. But that doesn't mean they aren't...

Orange Butter

This flavored orange butter is so simple and easy to make. You can also add a dash of cinnamon or...

23 Butters Worthy of Your Homemade Bread

Add a special touch to tonight's dinner with these deliciously sweetened and spiced butter recipes. Each recipe comes with a...

Stovetop Apple Butter

2 reviews

The taste of homemade apple butter is worth the time it takes to make this delectable spread. My dad's family...

Tarragon Butter

1 review

This seasoned butter is a delicious way to add great herb flavor and a hint of color to your favorite...

Harvest Pumpkin Butter

5 reviews

Stir up a fresh alternative to traditional apple butter by making this scrumptious spread. "It's yummy on English muffins or...

All-Day Apple Butter

65 reviews

I make several batches of this simple and delicious homemade apple butter recipe to freeze in jars. Depending on the...

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Cranberry Honey Butter

38 reviews

If you are traveling to a friend's or loved one's for the holidays, bring them something even better than a...