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    This $18 Coffee Grinder Has More Than 30,000 Positive Reviews

    This clever tool gives you fresher grounds fast, and without taking up much counter space at all. No wonder its thousands of reviewers are obsessed.

    What Is Eggnog—and Why Do We Drink It at Christmas?

    It wouldn't be Christmas without eggnog!

    How to Make a Sazerac Like a Bartender in New Orleans

    Take a trip to the Big Easy with this sophisticated Sazerac recipe, the official cocktail of New Orleans.

    14 Keto Starbucks Drinks to Order

    Have your Starbucks and stick to keto, too! We found great ideas for keto Starbucks drinks that will work within...

    The Best Champagne for Mimosas, According to a Sommelier

    Choosing the perfect bottle of bubbly is essential when making sensational mimosas. Our sommelier rounded up the best champagne for...

    How to Make a Copycat McDonald’s Eggnog Shake at Home

    Don't bother checking the drive-thru menu. You can make a holiday McDonald's Eggnog Shake at home!

    40 Boozy Christmas Drinks to Make this Holiday Season

    Treat your loved ones this season to one of these boozy Christmas drinks. You just might start a new tradition!

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    20 Vodka Drinks That Will Help Get You Through The Holidays With Your Family

    Take the edge off of spending the holidays with extended family with one of these Christmas cocktails. Vodka really is...

    The Best Hot Chocolate Mixes According to Cocoa and Cozy Experts

    What's the best hot chocolate mix for a cozy night in with your favorite movie? We tested nine brands to...

    Cheese Board Pairings to Take Your Spread to the Next Level

    Putting together a cheese board? Learn all about the types of cheese to choose, along with serving and pairing tips...

    Best Cheap Champagne for Under $20 a Pop

    Raise a toast with a glass of the good stuff! Here are the best options for delicious bubbly on a...

    15 Types of Cocktail Glasses that Serious Mixologists Recommend

    Mixing up a drink? Serving it in the proper glass not only looks pretty, but it tastes better too! Experts...

    How to Make Thai Tea

    Thai iced tea is a creamy drink with a distinct flavor, loved by many around the world. It's the perfect...

    13 Delicious Kahlua Drinks

    If your bar isn't stocked with coffee liqueur yet, you'll be running to the store for the ingredients to these...

    19 Amazing Gifts for Coffee Lovers

    Put your best (caffeinated) foot forward with these fun gifts for coffee lovers.

    The Best Champagne Glasses to Cheers any Occasion

    Here are the best Champagne glasses for every toast, clink and sip—picked by a top sommelier.

    Tom and Jerry

    It just wouldn't be Christmas without sipping a warm Tom & Jerry drink. I was surprised to find out that...

    25 of the Best Wine Gift Ideas That Aren’t a Bottle of Vino

    From gadgets to board games, these gift ideas for wine lovers go perfectly with a glass of vino. Cheers!

    25 of the Best Gifts for Beer Lovers

    Pair our gifts for beer lovers with a six-pack or two.

    25 Coffee Products for the At-Home Barista

    It's time to transform your kitchen into a Starbucks-inspired cafe. These coffee products are what at-home baristas need to make...

    The Best Nonalcoholic Drinks & Spirits of 2021

    Whether making your own NA cocktail or opening a ready-to-drink beverage, going booze-free just got more delicious. So, leave the...

    These Are the Best Wine Glasses for Your Kitchen, According to Our Pros

    Whether you're pouring a rich merlot or a crisp pinot grigio, you'll want to use the best wine glasses.

    Here’s How to Make A Rob Roy Like a Scotch Pro

    Ease into the world of Scotch by learning how to make a Rob Roy drink.

    11 Spooky Good Halloween Drinks with Vodka

    These festive Halloween drinks (with vodka!) will get the witches cackling and the zombies dancing!

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    This Quiz Will Tell You Your Favorite Cocktail

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    The Best Coffee Thermos for Every Style

    Whether you want something that's trendy or tough, we found the best coffee thermos for you!

    Pumpkin Sangria

    This pumpkin sangria is made of sweet white wine, spices, and fresh pears and apples. Using canned pumpkin makes it...

    Pumpkin Cheesecake Milk Shakes

    These quick pumpkin cheesecake milk shakes are the perfect treat on a fall afternoon. —Susan Hein, Burlington, Wisconsin

    Pumpkin Chai Latte

    This pumpkin chai latte is so good that we enjoy it year-round. It's fabulous because it features bold chai, spicy...

    Pumpkin Spice White Russian

    This pumpkin spice White Russian is a quick and easy twist on the classic drink. The pumpkin mixes well with...