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Make Frozen Cocktails in Minutes with the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker (It...

The Dollywood-approved Margaritaville margarita machine makes restaurant-quality cocktails at the press of a button.

How to Make Rum Punch

Nothing says "I'm on vacation" like a refreshing rum punch recipe. Here's how to make rum punch two different ways,...

Dirty Martini Pasta Is the Popular Recipe You Never Knew You Needed

People love dirty martinis, and people love pasta. Mixing the two as dirty martini pasta was bound to happen. Here's...

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Kentucky Mule

Bourbon lovers will love this Kentucky mule recipe. It's the same as a Moscow mule, but replaces the vodka with...

What Is Rum?

Rum is a distilled spirit with a lot of history, styles and uses. We walk you through it all in...

The 25 Best Rums to Drink in 2023

When it’s time to go beyond the basics for your mojito, pina colada and daiquiri—or you just want...

Rum Runner

The rum runner is thought to have originated in Florida, using rum that was transported from the Bahamas during Prohibition....

The New Baileys Flavor Is a Boozy Take on a Shamrock Shake and We’re Here for It

Vanilla mint shake is the latest Baileys flavor, and it's just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

How to Make a Tequila Old-Fashioned

Forget the sour mix and salt rim! In a tequila old-fashioned, the flavor of aged tequila really gets to shine.

SunnyD Vodka Seltzer Is Here to Quench Your ’90s Nostalgia

If you loved SunnyD as a kid, you might like this adult version as a canned hard seltzer.

What Are Angostura Bitters?

What are Angostura bitters? Once a stomach soother for soldiers, today they're a key cocktail component.

Matcha Martinis Might Just Be the Latest Up-and-Coming Cocktail of 2023

Bright green in color, the matcha martini is a beautiful, eye-opening and of-the-moment cocktail.

5 Best Cocktail Smokers of 2023

A cocktail smoker is a specialty tool that does so much more than its name suggests! Discover our hand-picked favorites...

Red Wine and Coke Might Be Our New Favorite Easy Cocktail—Here’s How to Make This...

Mixing vino and Coca-Cola may sound weird, but the kalimotxo is a cocktail that's better than the sum of its...

How to Make a Cuban Breeze

This pineapple drink looks like sunshine in a glass. Here's how to make a delicious, tropical Cuban breeze.

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How to Make a Wisconsin-Style Brandy Old-Fashioned

In Wisconsin, we do things differently with this classic cocktail. Learn how to make a Badger State brandy old-fashioned to...

The 11 Best Bar Carts on Amazon for Under $100

These Amazon bar carts of all sizes and finishes bring the party without blowing your budget.

Milk Punch

Sip on this celebratory cocktail recipe that dates back generations. Known as a favorite in New Orleans, milk punch is...

Our Very Best Coconut Rum Drinks

When you're in the mood for something tropical, turn to these fun and fruity coconut rum drinks!

What Is a Low-Proof Cocktail and How Do You Make One?

Want to cut down on booze without giving it up entirely? Try these low proof suggestions for tasty drinks without...

12 Mardi Gras Drinks for Partying Like You’re on Bourbon Street

Pull out your purple, green and gold beads—it's time to shake and stir some Mardi Gras drinks like the bartenders...

The Surprising Ingredients You Should Use to Spike Hot Chocolate

Spice up your hot chocolate with tequila, Chartreuse, hot sauce, chili peppers and other ideas to warm up on a...


A grasshopper is the perfect dessert cocktail. It's creamy and rich with refreshing minty flavor, plus it has all the...

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What Is a Kir Royale and How Do You Make It?

Emily in Paris fans have made this classic sparkling wine cocktail the drink of the moment.

How to Make an Espresso Martini with the Classic Frothy Top

Here's how to make a simple and sophisticated espresso martini at home—a drink that will delight cocktail aficionados and coffee...

You Can Now Make Cocktails with Smoked Ice—Here’s How

Smoky cocktails are popular, but have you ever tried smoked ice? It's easy and adds zing to your drink.

Stanley Tucci’s Perfect Negroni, Plus Holiday Entertaining Tips

The Stanley Tucci Negroni is now as famous as the actor himself. Learn how to make the cocktail,...

What Is an Aperol Spritz and How Do You Make It?

The refreshing orange-hued cocktail is getting some buzz. Learn how to make an Aperol Spritz at home.

What Is Tonic Water—and Which Are the Best Tonic Waters?

Wise drinkers shouldn't focus only on the gin in a gin and tonic. Here's the answer to "what is tonic...