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    How to Make a Battenberg Cake Recipe

    This classic British dessert is stunning to look at and full of delicious, almond marzipan sweetness. Our Battenberg Cake recipe shows you how to make one that's picture perfect.

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    4-Ingredient Cake Recipes That Are Simple and Delicious

    You don't need a lot to make a delicious dessert. These 4-ingredient cake recipes prove that you can have a...

    Lazy Cake

    This lazy cake will fix that sweet tooth craving. The no-bake treat is made with cookie pieces stirred with hazelnut...

    How to Make Vintage Poor Man’s Cake

    No money? No problem! Try this vintage cake recipe, appropriately named poor man's cake.

    This Chocolate Kahlua Cake from 1981 Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit

    Who could pass on a dessert made with chocolate, coffee and Kahlua?

    Strawberries and Cream Scones

    I took a leap and veered from Mom's original shortcake recipe to create this scone recipe with cream and strawberries....

    We Made an Andes Candies Chocolate-Mint Whipped Cream Cake from 1968

    This vintage Andes chocolate cake is layered with dreamy layers of mint whipped cream. Here's how to make it!

    Here’s What Happened When We Made This 1950 Recipe for “Magic Tomato Soup C...

    This tomato soup cake has to be one of the more unusual recipes we've come across!

    Turkey Cake

    Create a simple centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dessert table. This turkey cake comes together fast with the help of a...

    Banana Pudding Cake

    I love to make cakes, and my family loves banana pudding. One day while brainstorming in the kitchen, I came...

    We Made the Iconic Duncan Hines Double-Layer Pineapple Upside-Down Cake and It’s ...

    The classic pineapple upside-down cake has been a go-to dessert for decades. But the Duncan Hines double-layer pineapple upside down-cake...

    We Tried Betty Crocker’s Original Recipe for Apple Cinnamon Cake

    With just a few ingredients, you'll have Betty Crocker's Apple Cinnamon Cake on the table in no time.

    We Tried Joanna Gaines’ Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake Recipe (and You Should, Too)

    An ooey-gooey Bundt cake with plenty of chocolate flavor? Yes, please! Joanna Gaines' chocolate chip Bundt cake is a recipe...

    How to Make Easy Wacky Cake

    What makes this treat "wacky" is also what makes it super easy to whip up if you're craving chocolate! Here's...

    How to Make the Famous Nana’s Devil’s Food Cake

    Learn to make Nana's Devil's Food Cake, an iconic 1960s recipe for rich, fudgy chocolate cake.

    Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake

    I have been making this delicious gingerbread cake for years and it's won several blue ribbons. Serve it with whipped...

    Pumpkin Cannoli Cake Roll

    My family has been serving this pumpkin roll every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember. This last...

    Pecan Banana Bundt Cake

    1 review

    My daughter, Liz, often made this banana bundt cake for us. It was delicious and different. She discovered five-spice powder...

    Lingonberry-Cardamom Cake

    Our family is Scandinavian, and we love using almonds, cardamom and lingonberries in desserts, as in this cardamom cake. If...

    Italian Cream-Filled Cake

    1 review

    This Italian cream dessert is very simple but fancy enough to serve as a birthday cake. It’s low on sugar...

    Chocolate Pecan Piecaken

    11 reviews

    Why fight over whether cake or pie is better when you can combine the two to make this Chocolate Pecan...

    Air-Fryer Bacon-Peanut Butter Cornbread Muffins

    My family can't get enough of bacon and peanut butter, so I created these quick and easy cornbread muffins using...

    Almond Joy Cake

    This is a fantastic Almond Joy cake recipe—tastes just like the candy bar. —Daria Burcar, Rochester, Michigan

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    32 Strawberry Summer Cake Recipes

    Make the most of this delicious seasonal produce with these strawberry summer cake recipes.

    Bumpy Cake Is an Iconic Michigan Dessert You Need to Try

    This is one cake where lumps and bumps are welcome, encouraged and downright delicious!

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    How to Make Strawberry Shortcake from Scratch

    Berry season is here! Make the most of it and learn how to make strawberry shortcake with your just-picked harvest.

    Apple Cake with Homemade Buttermilk Sauce

    This apple cake with buttermilk sauce recipe is super easy. Top with spiced apples, drizzle with the warm sauce and...

    Grandma’s Apple Cake

    6 reviews

    My grandma's apple cake recipe is perfect for fall gatherings. With lightly spiced apples and a sweet glaze, each slice...

    How to Make a Smith Island Cake

    Meet Smith Island Cake—a beloved Maryland dessert that's rooted in community and coated in chocolate.