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What Is Pho and How Do You Make It?

Whether you're new to pho and wondering "What is pho?" or it's your go-to Vietnamese order, we'll show you tips and tricks for making the comforting noodle soup at home.

12 Vietnamese Dishes Everyone Should Know

From warm and aromatic noodle soups like phở to refreshingly crisp gỏi cuốn spring rolls, this overview of Vietnamese recipes...


My family always uses this pho recipe. I've added a few modern cooking techniques to build upon its already full-bodied...

Open-Faced Breakfast Banh Mi

I love banh mi sandwiches because of the delicious pickled veggies. I also love naan, so I combined the two...

Vietnamese Chicken Meatball Soup with Bok Choy

5 reviews

Throughout Vietnam there are many kinds of soups, “canh,” served all year long. I particularly love enjoying this warm, flavorful...

Vietnamese Chicken Banh Mi Sandwiches

1 review

My version of the classic Vietnamese sandwich combines the satisfying flavor of chicken sausage with tangy vegetables pickled in rice...

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Vietnamese Pork Lettuce Wraps

10 reviews

Casual, flavorful and low in carbohydrates, these Vietnamese Pork Lettuce Wraps are a perfect and low-fuss way to feed a...