6 Best Flavored Coffee Brands for Tasty Morning Brews

Updated: Apr. 16, 2024

Finding the best flavored coffee brand is a massive undertaking. After brewing and sipping over 15 brands and 30 flavors, we're confident that these picks are truly the best quality and bang for your buck.

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6 Best Flavored Coffee Brands For Tasty Morning BrewsEMILY WAY/TASTE OF HOME

As a bona fide bean fiend, I’ve tried dozens—if not hundreds—of flavored coffees. From Mackinac Island fudge to strawberry shortcake, the best flavored coffee takes a cup of Joe from boring to tantalizing. The best part? No sugary coffee syrups or high calorie creamers required!

While the best coffee brands usually offer some flavored options, more unique flavors are often found in niche brands, turning the hunt for the best flavored coffee into an actual quest. With a wealth of brands out there, narrowing down the options takes a lot of tasting.

In my search for answers, I spoke to Cortney Kern, coffee roaster, latte artist and owner of Whimsical Woods Coffee. He says that flavored coffee is especially appealing to “people with diabetes, heath conscious individuals and those who prefer a more simplistic way of consuming things.” He notes that many people prefer coffee without creamer or non-dairy alternatives, but still want a burst of flavor. When it comes to roast level, go with your gut—literally. “Many prefer a darker roast with flavored coffees because they still wanna taste some of the coffee flavor,” he says.

Finding the best flavored coffee brands took hours of work—from sourcing and researching to brewing and tasting. A whopping 15 brands and 30 flavors later, I feel confident that these are truly the best flavored coffee brands for ever palate. From traditional flavors like Irish cream to funkier finds like cereal milk and tiramisu, you’re bound to find a flavor and blend that tickles your morning taste buds.


  • 30 delicious flavors
  • Smooth taste, not artificial
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Easy-open pull tab and resealable zipper
  • Whole bean or ground
  • Affordable


  • Flavors not recognizable upon blind taste test

With their claim of being “immortally delicious,” Bones Coffee Company has a lot to live up to. We’re happy to report that we agree, earning them a spot as the overall best flavored coffee brand. I’ve been drinking Bones Coffee for years now, ever since they drew me in with their fun, edgy advertising and absolutely gorgeous bag art. However, what keeps me stocking them in my at-home coffee bar is their incredible selection of ever-changing and uncommon flavors and the quality of their beans.

Emily Way/Taste of Home

Over 30 mouth-watering options like cookies and cream and cereal milk truly taste exactly as intended, as do the more traditional flavors like vanilla and Irish cream. There’s also frequent collaborations with other brands and franchises (including video games like Fallout and flicks like Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas) that introduce new, limited-time flavors almost monthly. We’re talking truly new flavors, too—not just their old options repackaged.

While testing, I especially loved the resealable packaging that keeps my beans and grounds fresh for weeks. The flavors aren’t always recognizable (for instance, the strawberry cheesecake flavor felt more strawberry than cheesecake), but they’re almost always delicious. Out of all the flavors I tried throughout the years, there’s only been one I wasn’t crazy about. However, my husband really enjoyed it, so I think that comes down to personal preference.

Even better, the coffees are never artificial-tasting or acidic, and there’s zero added sugar.  Overall, if you’re a coffee lover looking for a great tasting brew that still feels like coffee, Bones is your best bet.


Best Flavor Selection



  • 33 flavors
  • Disney-themed options
  • Whole bean and ground
  • Delicious scent while brewing
  • Flavors are very recognizable
  • Affordable


  • Wire arm closure isn't as secure as a zipper

As the official coffee brand of Disney Parks, it’s no wonder that Joffrey’s Coffee Company has an excellent reputation. More than 30 core flavors make them a standout when it comes to sheer number of options. And the flavors aren’t forgettable, either—think banana’s foster and toasted s’mores, plus an array of Disney-themed options like a Hocus Pocus bag boasting caramel apple notes. They’d make an excellent addition to a coffee gift basket thanks to the pretty packaging, too.

Emily Way/Taste of Home

Each flavor comes as both whole bean or ground, meaning more flexibility for budding baristas. My banana’s foster flavor smelled deep and delicious while brewing. I easily picked up on each note, from the buttery banana to the rich rum. This impressive performance carried over to the cup, too—each sip delivers a balanced flavor that’s recognizable and complex.

Don’t let the Disney partnership fool you, either. The coffee is delicious in its own right, and it’s available at a super affordable price. The only thing I don’t love about the brand is that, while visually striking, the bags have a wire arm closure that really doesn’t keep out oxygen as well as a zipper seal. Other than that, I highly recommend trying a bag or two if you’re a mocha maniac who wants a little variety in their cup.

Crazy Cups

Best Decaf Flavored Coffee

Crazy Cups


  • Several unique flavors with decaf options
  • K-cup options available
  • Delicious flavor without artificial aftertaste
  • Recognizable flavors
  • Affordable


  • Package opening is narrow for most coffee scoops
  • Some flavors hard to find

With a name like “Crazy Cups,” it’s no surprise that the brand boasts a whole host of uncommon coffee flavors, from blueberry cobbler to cinnamon French toast. Enjoying each option is like having your own barista at home, only without the tipping and to-go cups. What’s more, the brand’s brews don’t have that terrible artificial aftertaste found in a lot of flavored coffee, making them a perfect first foray into—well—crazy cups.

Crazy Cups
Emily Way/Taste of Home

Apart from the exhaustive selection of K-Cup and ground coffee flavors, Crazy Cups really sold us on their decaf options. Finding good decaf is difficult enough, and finding a good flavored decaf is even harder. Not only does Crazy Cups deliver on the flavor front, but the cinnamon French toast decaf flavor I tried is virtually indistinguishable from their caffeinated version. I enjoyed the cinnamon-forward flavor, followed by a rich maple aftertaste that lingered on the tongue.

Each cup brims with personality and an enticing aroma that carries over to taste. While there’s no whole bean options and the resealable opening is a bit too narrow for a coffee scoop to fit through, these are negligible when compared to the quality for the price.

Coffee Beanery

Best Flavored Coffee on Amazon

Coffee Beanery


  • 40 unique flavors
  • Coffee beans oily and flavorful
  • Several grind choices
  • Detailed brew instructions
  • Gluten-free and Kosher


  • Resealable tape difficult to re-stick
  • Flavors on the weaker side

As a Michigander, I had to include one of my personal favorite Michigan-based brands—especially since they’re one of the best flavored coffee brands on Amazon. Established in 1976, Coffee Beanery offers a small business feel blended with the quality of a big brand. From their Mackinac fudge flavor to the fresh and fruity aroma of strawberry white chocolate, each offers distinct tasting notes that don’t verge on bitter.

Coffee Beanery
Emily Way/Taste of Home

Detailed brew instructions on the bag, plus myriad flavors (we’re talking over 40) make this one of my go-to coffee gifts. As a bonus, each flavor comes in several grind options including whole bean, medium, fine and extra-fine. That’s uncommon for most Amazon coffees, let alone the flavored ones. While the flavors err on the weaker side, some may find that a perk as oftentimes more flavor equals more artificial aftertaste. That said, my strawberry white chocolate brew was pleasantly fruity, slightly creamy, and perfectly balanced overall.

One area I’m not crazy about is their packaging. I’m simply not a fan of bags that use resealable tape, since I can never quite get it to stick right. However, storing the beans or grounds in an airtight pantry storage container easily solves that issue. Given the freshness of the beans and range of flavors, it’s definitely something I can live with.

Barnies Coffee Co.

Best Budget Flavored Coffee

Barnie's Coffee Co.


  • Budget-friendly (under $10 per bag)
  • 13 distinct flavors
  • Decaf options available
  • Helpful brewing instructions
  • Very inspired, whimsical packaging
  • No added sugar
  • Smells delightful while brewing


  • A little acidic
  • No whole bean options

Calling all espresso enthusiasts on a budget! Barnie’s Coffee Co doesn’t just offer a solid, flavorful cup—they also ring up at under $10 a bag, making them the most affordable option of the bunch. While that does mean they’re a bit more acidic than the other brands and don’t come in whole bean options, Barnie’s makes up for that with inspired, whimsical packaging and 13 distinct and delicious flavors.

Barnie's Coffee Co.
Emily Way/Taste of Home

My cup of café mocha truffle was delightfully aromatic, with just a touch of chocolate flavor. It smells so good while brewing that my husband emerged from his office to see what I was baking in the kitchen. Imagine his surprise when I handed him a cup of chocolate-flavored coffee instead of a cookie or brownie!

Another bonus of the brand is that there’s zero added sugar, which is preferable for many bean aficionados. More thoughtful touches—like detailed brew instructions and a trusted 40 year history of professional beaning—makes Barnie’s the best budget pick around. As for the acidity, adding a splash of milk (or liqueur past five o’clock) easily cuts through that.


  • USDA organic
  • 26 distinct flavors
  • Whole bean or three grind settings
  • Beans are oily and aromatic
  • Sleek packaging with pull-tab and resealable zipper
  • Low acid (perfect for sensitive tummies)


  • Not budget-friendly

Our final pick for the best flavored coffee brand is none other than Volcanica. From the moment I started scrolling through their mouthwatering selections to my first sip, I was already expecting nothing but quality. In addition to boasting over 150 coffees from volcanic mountain regions along with 26 distinct flavored options, Volcanica is certified as both USDA organic and Kosher. Plus, their brews also boast low acidity—a saving grace for sensitive tummies.

Emily Way/Taste of Home

Sleek packaging with a pull-tab and resealable zipper contains some of the oiliest, most fragrant beans I’ve ever enjoyed. The packaging looks similar across the board, meaning that finding flavors at a glance in the pantry isn’t as easy as other brands. However, that’s a small price to pay for an above-average brew. While I opted for whole bean, the brand provides three different grind settings for each offering.

My s’mores cup brewed up beautifully, boasting a recognizable marshmallow-y and base with rich chocolate notes and a graham cracker finish. The blend of flavors, high quality beans and thoughtful packaging boost the price up a bit past $20, but for an organic brand that offers gourmet flavors, I found each bag well worth the cost.

What to Look for When Shopping for Flavored Coffee

When looking for the best flavored coffee, there’s a lot of considerations you wouldn’t have to think about with something like the best cold brew. First, no matter whether you’re opting for flavored coffee or regular blends, decide whether you’d prefer whole bean or ground. The benefits of buying whole bean coffee are that it’s fresher and you can customize the grind for pour overs or your morning espresso. However, ground coffee is already prepped and ready for a drip coffeemaker, so it’s easier for those trying to beat the morning rush.

Cortney also suggests finding roasters that use the highest quality essential oils. Another tell to look for is a company that roasts the coffee first before mixing in the flavored oil. He notes that many flavored coffees on the market are actually average coffees, which are then flavored with artificial flavors to hide the fact that the coffee isn’t very good. Looking for brands that offer high quality, unflavored roasted coffee in addition for the flavored varieties is key.

Why You Should Trust Us

I’ve tested dozens of foods and drinks for Taste of Home, informing pieces like the best coffee concentrates and the best gift of the month clubs. Not only am I Taste of Home’s resident food and drinks expert, but I’m also a total java junkie. Sure, I like looking at roasts, regional sources and aromas. But at the heart of things, I just really love a good cup of coffee. While some folks may find flavored coffee blasphemous, I disagree. In my experience, there are plenty of great flavored coffee brands out there, each with their own distinct flavor offerings and personality. It’s just a matter of finding them and harnessing their delicious magic into my cup.

To inform this piece, I also spoke to Cortney Kern, coffee roaster, latte artist and owner of Whimsical Woods Coffee.

How We Found the Best Flavored Coffee Brands

Best Flavored Coffee Brands
Emily Way/Taste of Home

In order to find the best flavored coffee brands, we took into consideration our own experience with flavored coffee, noting any brands that particularly stand out. From there, we researched other popular and under-the-radar options that looked like a great fit and boasted excellent reviews. We picked a variety of flavors, opting to try two flavors for each brand. When possible, we tried to snag a recognizable flavor like vanilla or caramel along with an exotic flavor, like cookie dough or cotton candy. Overall, we tested a whopping 15 brands and over 30 flavors before narrowing down our results to the six best flavored coffee brands.

Testing Process

During testing, we looked at the following criteria for each brand:

  • Packaging/Shipping: For this category, we took note of the condition of the packaging upon arrival, how easy it is opening and resealing the bag and any artwork or other fun packaging perks. We also tried using the aroma vents on the packaging to get a whiff of the coffee before opening, noting how well we were able to pick up on the product’s scent.
  • Variety/Quality: We tried focusing on brands that offer a variety of flavors, but quality also factors into this consideration. There’s no use having 50+ flavors if they don’t taste nice or recognizable. We also looked at the number of grind options, whether decaf flavors are available and the different packaging sizes available. We snagged a bag of whole bean when we could to look at the bean freshness, too.
  • Brewing: If the brand offered their own brewing instructions, we followed those. Otherwise, we brewed each option as a single cup using a pour over, 6oz filtered water and 2tbs of coffee grounds. We ground any whole bean options to a medium coarseness. Smell (of both the beans and during brewing) along with scent freshness also factor into this category.
  • Flavor: Probably the most important aspect of flavored coffee is—well—the flavor. We rated flavor based on several considerations. We looked at whether the flavor is weak or strong, the underlying coffee notes (acidity and bitterness), how recognizable the flavor is, whether it tastes natural or artificial and how fresh the coffee tastes. We brewed two flavors from each brand to get a nice, rounded picture, since taste is generally subjective.
  • Value: The final category, we determined each brand’s value when looking at the cost compared to size and quality.


Are flavored coffees healthy?

While most flavored coffees contain an additive called propylene glycol that some folks avoid, propylene glycol is “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA. The greater concern is sugar content—and some brands contain a lot of sugar. Those concerned about this have a few options, including opting for whole bean or organic flavored coffee rather than a ground flavored coffee. Overall, flavored coffee isn’t usually much less healthy than regular coffee. Always check ingredients before purchase to find the best fit, though.

Does flavored coffee need creamer?

Whether or not flavored coffee needs creamer depends on personal preference. While a splash of creamer or milk (whether plant-based or dairy) adds a pleasant creaminess, many folks opt for flavored coffee to avoid adding syrups and creamers to their cup. One fun thing about trying the best flavored coffee brands is mixing and matching flavors with syrups and creamers, creating one-of-a-kind flavor concoctions that truly make each cup your own.