The Best Coffee Liqueur + 9 More Liqueurs to Bake With

A splash of Irish cream or Kahlua can elevate your homemade treats to gourmet level. Discover the best coffee liqueur to bake with, plus a few other liqueurs to add a boozy twist!

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Chocolate Kualua Cake
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Best Coffee Liqueur: Kahlua

When it comes to baking with coffee liqueurs (what’s the difference between liquor and liqueur anyway?), Kahlua reigns supreme. We love adding Kahlua to truffles or fudge and mixing it into chocolate sauce or whipped cream. It’s also a simple way to jazz up your go-to coffee cake recipe.

Can’t get enough of this sweet coffee flavor? Allow us to introduce you to this chocolate Kahlua cake. (You’re welcome.)

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Chocolate Godiva Liquor Layer Cake
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Best Chocolate Liqueur: Godiva

What’s the best way to make your favorite chocolate desserts even more decadent? By adding a splash of Godiva chocolate liqueur, of course! It’s stunning whipped into an old-school chocolate souffle or a classic chocolate layer cake.

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Grand Mariner Orange Candy Gummies
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Best Orange Liqueur: Grand Marnier

There are so many fantastic orange liqueurs on the market, but Grand Marnier easily jumps to the top of our list. Why Grand Marnier? Based on cognac, this gorgeous orange liqueur is richer and more complex than other types of orange liqueur. Grand Marnier is stellar in cakes and cupcakes and offers a clever way to flavor homemade candy.

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Borgata Hazelnut Mousse
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Best Hazelnut Liqueur: Borgata Hazelnut Liqueur

Nutella is one of our favorite spreads, whether we’re swirling it into recipes or eating it straight out of the jar with a spoon. If you don’t have any on hand, you can get the same irresistible chocolate hazelnut flavor by combining chocolate with Borgata hazelnut liqueur. It’s brilliant in Nutella cheesecake, fudge or this luscious hazelnut chocolate mousse.

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Chambord Liqueur Cream
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Best Berry Liqueur: Chambord

Chambord is a lush black raspberry liqueur that you can use to add a burst of berry flavor to your baking. Made from black and red raspberries, this French liqueur offers a stunning way to add a boozy buzz to a classic raspberry crisp. Looking for a lighter dessert? Say hello to Chambord cream.

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Amaretto Riccottta Cheesecake
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Best Amaretto: Disarrono

When it comes to baking with amaretto, the Italians are definitely on to something. Amaretto stars as the main flavor in amaretti cookies and is occasionally used to flavor tiramisu and cannoli. Our go-to amaretto? Disarrono! With its sweet, almond flavor, it’s wonderful in cakes, truffles and this stunning amaretto cheesecake.

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Baileys Irish cream Chocolate Triffle
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Best Cream Liqueur: Baileys

Baileys has a creamy, chocolaty flavor that plays so well with such a wide array of desserts. There was no way we could leave it off this list! And you don’t need to wait for St. Patrick’s Day to start baking. Try one of these phenomenal Baileys desserts and see how a little Irish cream can take your baking to the next level.

Psst: If you love the flavor of Baileys but don’t want to use booze in your baking, pick up a bag of Baileys Irish Cream baking chips.

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Coconut Cream Pie With Coconut Liqueur
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Best Coconut Liqueur: Mr Stacks Toasted Coconut

Sometimes a recipe just needs tropical flair, and for those moments, Mr Stacks Toasted Coconut liqueur is just the ticket. There are plenty of killer coconut dessert recipes you can add a boozy twist to, but coconut cream pie might be our favorite.

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Mint Chocolate Lava Cakes
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Best Creme de Menthe: Tempus Fugit

Whether you’re baking fudgy brownies, lava cakes or a batch of cookies, a hint of mint will zhuzh up plain old chocolate and refresh your taste buds at the end of a meal. Tempus Fugit’s excellent creme de menthe will bring a beautiful fresh mint flavor to classic chocolate mint desserts.

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St Germain Lemon Cupcakes
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Best Flower Liqueur: St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

There are tons of fantastic floral liqueurs out there to use in your baking. Our top pick is St. Germain elderflower liqueur. This exquisite liqueur is tropical, citrusy and, of course, floral. Splash St. Germain into homemade buttercream and use it to frost a zesty batch of lemon cupcakes. The pairing is out of this world!

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