The Best Drip Coffeemaker Options to Start Your Mornings

Coffee is an essential part of the morning routine, but do you have the best drip coffeemaker at home to start your day right? Our pros tested 10 of the most popular models.

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Searching for the Best Drip Coffeemaker

Everyone wants to make sure they have the best coffeemaker on their counter. To help you out on your quest, our Test Kitchen experts tested 10 of the most popular models to find the best drip coffeemaker options on the market.

Maggie Knoebel in our Test Kitchen took the lead with this test. Not only is Maggie an expert here at Taste of Home, but she also worked as a cafe manager and barista for five years. If anyone knows coffee, it’s her!

How We Picked Our Favorites

In this test, Maggie and our team tested each model with these standards in mind. Our pros were also sure to avoid these common coffee brewing mistakes.

  • Brew time: Because coffee is such an integral part of our wake-up routine, we don’t want to wait too long for it to brew! Ideally, a pot of coffee should brew in eight minutes or less.
  • Capacity: Keep in mind how large of a pot you want to brew when shopping for a coffeemaker. Some drip coffeemakers even include single-serve options so you can use your favorite brand of coffee or individual coffee pods.
  • Quality of coffee: Yes, the beans you brew have a lot to do with how your coffee tastes. But the right coffeemaker can ensure that your cup is extra delicious. A great model should brew coffee between 195 and 205ºF and create a satisfying flavor. If a machine can’t hit this mark, it doesn’t get our Test Kitchen’s approval.
  • Ease of use and cleanup: Bear in mind that you’re operating a coffeemaker before caffeine. Great models should be easy to use with convenient features like no-drip brewing. Dishwasher-safe parts and easy-to-clean surfaces are also big bonuses.
  • Other notable features: So many coffeemakers today offer more than just a basic drip coffee. The Test Kitchen made note of brewers that had extra features like single-cup options, nice aesthetics or small footprints. Even small variations from the basic model can take these machines from just fine to must-have.
  • Price: As always, appliances have to be worth the price you pay. Our Test Kitchen is always looking for performance and value.

Maggie made dozens of pots of coffee for this test (and kept our office well-caffeinated). Check out which ones are Test Kitchen-Preferred.

Braun Coffee Maker
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Best Basic Coffeemaker

Braun Brew Sense Coffee Maker

For less than $100, you can get a phenomenal basic coffee maker: the Braun Brew Sense Coffee Maker.

“I feel like comparing this to a well-made German car,” says Maggie of this coffeemaker. The Braun Brew sense is simple and streamlined with all of the features coffee fanatics need and no frivolous extras. Its sleek appearance makes it a welcome addition to any at-home coffee bar.

With this Braun coffeemaker, you can adjust the brew strength of your favorite coffee as well as the temperature of the warming plate; that means folks that like lava-like brews can keep their pot piping hot before they add a splash of creamer. You can also program this coffeemaker so your preferred brew can be ready as soon as you are.


What our Test Kitchen liked about this Braun coffeemaker:

  • Anti-drip; allows you to pour a cup mid-brew without mess
  • Adjustable brew strength
  • Warming plate with adjustable temperature
  • Sleek appearance
  • Dishwasher-safe components


Consider these factors before you buy:

  • Replacing the charcoal filter can be clumsy


  • Capacity: 12 cups
  • Price: $94

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Breville Coffee Maker
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Best High-End Coffeemaker

Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

In the words of Maggie, “Buckle up because we are in coffee town and this Breville coffeemaker is our mayor.” This Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker is a definite favorite in the Test Kitchen.

This Breville model is our favorite high-end drip coffeemaker because it does it all. Not only can you brew a standard pot of coffee, but you can also brew single-serve coffee, pour-over coffee, cold brew or iced coffee. This one coffeemaker does all of that, and it does it well.

Before you even brew your first cup, Breville sets caffeine-fiends up for success with its water test. Use a test strip to calibrate the machine to your tap’s chemistry. Once you’ve done that, you can let the coffeemaker do the work with all its preset options including a Gold setting that makes a pot according to Specialty Coffee Association specifications (fancy!).

But if you’re particular about your brew, you can create your own brewing preset; this is a game-changer for coffee aficionados. And with a child-safe lock, you never have to worry about anyone fussing with your precise coffeemaker configurations. With an advanced machine like this, you might be frequenting your favorite cafe a bit less (but be sure to up your coffee subscription to make up for it).


What our Test Kitchen liked about the Breville Precision Brewer:

  • Customizable settings for your personal coffee preferences
  • Super-versatile; makes coffee, single servings, cold brew and iced coffee
  • Brews quickly—less than six minutes for a full pot
  • Cone and flat-bottomed coffee filter options
  • Thermal carafe to keep coffee hot


Consider these factors before you buy:

  • Expensive
  • Too much technology for casual coffee drinkers


  • Capacity: 12 cups
  • Price: $330

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Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker
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Best Versatile Coffeemaker

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker

Can’t decide between a single-cup brewer and a traditional coffeemaker? You don’t have to with the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker.

This countertop appliance can be used to make full posts of coffee, single cups and even travel mugfuls. With three different settings, you may think this machine might be three times as complicated, but Maggie says that this Hamilton Beach coffeemaker was one of the simplest to operate: “This unit is labeled well and is really user friendly.”

With just a touch of a button you select the size and the brew strength you desire. There are also other great basic features like a programable brew so you can set the pot to be ready when you meander into the kitchen.

This multi-tasking brewer does take up more counter space than traditional coffeemakers, but it combines the functionality of several appliances.


What our Test Kitchen liked about the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio:

  • Brews for three different vessels: coffee pot, mug and travel thermos
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


Consider these factors before you buy:

  • Takes up a lot of counter space


  • Capacity: 12 cups
  • Price: $98

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Krups Coffee Maker
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Best Small Coffeemaker

Krups Simply Brew Digital Drip Coffee Maker

Just because you’re short on counter space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a good cup of coffee. With the Krups Simply Brew Digital Drip Coffee Maker, you can make your morning cuppa and still have room to prep a quick breakfast.

This model is relatively basic, but it still makes a great cup of joe. Maggie compares the flavor that this appliance creates to French press coffee.

While streamlined, Krups Simply Brew coffeemaker does have a few features our Test Kitchen enjoyed, like the hot plate to keep your pot warm for up to two hours. You can also customize the brew strength with the touch of a button. There’s also a reusable filter basket included with this model so you never have to worry about having to keep filters in the house. One more bonus: The pot is dishwasher-safe. Toss it in after each brew to keep your coffee tasting its best.


What our Test Kitchen liked about this Krups coffeemaker:

  • Small footprint
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Adjustable brew strength
  • Warming plate to keep the pot hot for up to two hours


Consider these factors before you buy:

  • Takes a long time to brew—about 9 minutes for a full pot


  • Capacity: 10 cups
  • Price: $63

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Oxo Coffee Maker
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Best Thermal Carafe Coffeemaker

OXO Brew

For a no-frills cup of joe to kick-start your morning, fire up the OXO Brew. This machine is outfitted with features our pros loved along with a thermal carafe.

Now, what makes a thermal carafe so special? This double-walled coffee pot is insulated so it keeps coffee hotter for longer without the use of a warming plate. The streamlined stainless steel pot also looks nice in any modern kitchen.

Beyond the carafe, this OXO coffeemaker gained high praise from Maggie. “You can tell this machine was made with the customer in mind,” she says. That means easy-to-remove, dishwasher-safe components, intuitive controls and a drip-free valve that lets you pour a cup of joe before the pot is done brewing. Also, an indicator light automatically comes on after every 90 brews so you’ll know when it’s time to clean the coffeemaker.

While this is a traditional coffeemaker with a carafe, you can also brew smaller servings right into your favorite mug. Just swap out the large filter basket for the small one (both are included in the box). Select the smaller batch button and you’re ready for a single serving.


What our Test Kitchen liked about this OXO coffeemaker:

  • Double-walled thermal carafe
  • Can brew single-serve or full pots
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Easy to use


Consider these factors before you buy:

  • Pricey for a basic coffeemaker
  • No warming plate


  • Capacity: 8 cups
  • Price: $178

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