We Found the Best Air Fryer (So Now You Can Buy One With Confidence)

Have you been eyeing up air fryer recipes lately? Wondering which one to buy? Our Test Kitchen tried all the top brands and found the best air fryer out there. Now you know which one to add to your list.

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Finding the Best Air Fryer

The latest gadget to capture our Test Kitchen’s attention (and the attention of home cooks everywhere) is the air fryer. A small appliance that can give snacks like french fries and egg rolls that crisp texture without the fat and mess of frying? Sign us up! But like all new gear, it’s hard to know if you’re getting the best option out there. Unlike basics like pots and pans, there are a lot of unknowns with new tools.

That’s precisely why our Test Kitchen decided to test the most popular air fryers on the market. We had to know which brand gave our favorite foods that crunchy fried texture—and was easy to use. To find our Best Loved Brand (what’s that?), our team purchased several air fryers and put them to the test whipping up all sorts of recipes and judging them to these standards:

  • Texture: How well do our favorite air fryer recipes turn out? Is the finished product crisp? Tender?
  • Cooking quality: Does the air fryer cook food thoroughly? Our Test Kitchen cooked all kinds of dishes, including meatballs, crab cakes, chicken wings and even cinnamon rolls.
  • Price: Is the product affordable? Was the performance reflected in the price?

The Best Air Fryer: Philips Avance TurboStar Air Fryer

When it came to giving all the air fryers a try, our Test Kitchen was ready with many new air fryer-friendly recipes sent in by readers (you can submit your own recipes here). After months of trials, our cooks and food stylists all agreed: Philips Avance TurboStar model ($300) was the winner.

Features We Loved

  • Intuitive controls: The Philips air fryer looks sleek and modern with its digital screen, but our prep cooks really loved that this model also has some traditional buttons and dials as well making it very simple to use.
  • Perfect fan speed: Air fryers rely on hot air circulating around the food to get the perfect texture. In some models, the fan that powers the air flow can be too strong, meaning your fried pickles might end up flying all over inside. This Philips model, though, had a great fan that cooked food well without making a mess inside.
  • Even cooking: The Philips Avance heated all the tested recipes perfectly—no hot spots, no irregular temperature fluctuations.
  • Sharp design: This air fryer just looks pretty! Sleek and modern, it would be right at home in any contemporary kitchen.

Buy the Philips Avance TurboStar air fryer here.

How It Performed

In each of our tests—texture and cooking quality—this Philips model outperformed its competitors. When our test cooks made crab cakes, the exteriors were perfectly crisp and the centers warm and tender. They also cooked meatballs, pork chops and chicken breasts, and found that they were similarly perfect—done exactly as expected.

Of course, a stellar performance like this one—five out of five on our judging scale—does come at a cost. The Philips air fryer is priced at about $300, which is likely too much for someone with just a casual interest. However, if you’re the type that loves frying up frozen apps for your game-day parties or experimenting with new tools, it’s well worth it according to our cooks.

Here’s our Test Kitchen’s complete guide to air fryers.

Editor’s note: More recently, our test cooks had the opportunity to try out the PowerXL Air Fryer. We still stand by the Philips, but we’ve added the PowerXL to our absolute favorites. It has a large capacity, it’s simple to use and it preheats in a flash. Read our entire review.

We Also Recommend…

After analyzing the results, we determined that there were two brands that came close to stealing the top spot for our favorite air fryer. Though they didn’t quite beat out the competition, we’d still gladly have them in our kitchen any day.

  • Black + Decker Purify 2L Capacity Air Fryer ($150, left): The Black + Decker air fryer is a budget-friendly alternative to our Best Loved Brand, as you can usually find it on sale between $80-100. The model has simple dial settings—so you won’t need to constantly flip back to the instruction manual to figure it out. Though the model heated up quickly, it seemed to run slightly hotter than other models. If you’re not careful, you could accidentally overcook your recipe!
  • Krups 2.5 L Air Fryer ($98, right): Similarly, this device was incredibly easy to use. Push the slider left or right to control the heat and spin the knob to determine the cook time. However, if there is such a thing as being too powerful, Krups’ air fryer takes the prize. Recipes cooked more quickly than desired, but the product worked well for foods (like french fries) that need to be tossed and turned frequently.

What to Make With an Air Fryer

For folks new to air fryers, the simplest foods to make are no-prep. Start with basics like frozen french fries (have you tried our Best Loved Brand?), frozen mozzarella sticks or similar snacks. Once you’ve got a handle on the basics of the air fryer, you can make so many tasty recipes from scratch—and not just typical fried foods either. The air fryer can be used to get your favorite veggies nice and crisp, like these Garlic-Rosemary Brussels sprouts (such a great Thanksgiving side). You can even bake in an air fryer—believe it! These chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are almost too good to be true.

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How to Care for Your Air Fryer

After all that work frying up wings, fries and treats, you’ll have to take care to clean your air fryer right. Keeping it in top shape is easier than you think. All it takes is a little dish soap and some hot water.


After putting a slew of air fryers through their paces, our Test Kitchen knows the Philips Avance is a great gadget for any home cook.

Now, go sizzle up some new recipes!

About Best Loved Brands

If you’re like us, you want all your favorite recipes to turn out fabulous every single time you make them. That means opting for the best tasting ingredients and the best tools. While picking your favorite brand of chocolate chips or bacon is a task, it’s a delicious one to be relished. Choosing the best gadgets and gear for your kitchen, though, is another story. Unless you buy several stand mixers or food processors and put them through their paces, how can you ever know which will make your recipes turn out their best? That’s where our Test Kitchen comes in. Our culinary experts tried dozens of products our Test Kitchen—testing your recipes—to find out which brands came out on top.

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