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Test Kitchen-Preferred: The Best Products Chosen by Our Experts

Taste Of Home Test Kitchen Preferred The Best Products Chosen By Our Experts

At Taste of Home, we’re serious about good food. That’s why every single recipe that our readers submit gets reviewed, made and sampled by our team of culinary experts. We want to make sure that everything from our kitchens deserves the label Test Kitchen-Approved.

The same goes for products. Our pros want to know what foods, gadgets and cleaning supplies are the best to fill your pantry and home. We put every product through a thorough testing process. Then our Test Kitchen team chooses the winners. Those best-tasting and top-performing products get our stamp of approval: to be called Test Kitchen-Preferred.

About the Test Kitchen

Our Test Kitchen is dedicated to testing recipes, products, gadgets and more to ensure that home cooks can create delicious and satisfying results at home.

Meet the Team

At Taste of Home, we’re lucky to have an office full of folks that are passionate about food. Our Test Kitchen staff is full of pros with culinary degrees and decades of combined experience. Our experts partner with our editorial team to research, source and test all the products you see here.

Taste Tests

We take taste tests very seriously here at Taste of Home. Before we even taste a single bite, we do our homework researching which brands are the most popular and best-regarded. We’re sure to include all the must-try products for each category. Then every sample is blind taste-tested and scored according to different criteria including flavor and appearance.

It’s not until the test is over and the scores are tallied that the brands are revealed. In the end, our team of pros is certain that they’ve found the very best in food—everything from baking supplies to pantry staples to frozen snacks.

The Best Kitchen Gear and Gadgets

Small appliances and other kitchen gadgets can be quite an investment. After all, nobody wants to shell out for a new air fryer or food processor only to find out there are better models on the market. To help you make the best choice for your kitchen, our expert cooks put each product through its paces while testing your recipes. Our team takes careful notes so we can choose the best picks in these product tests.

The Best Cleaning Supplies

Cooking, baking and entertaining can be messy. To keep your home fresh and your kitchen clean, our Test Kitchen also searches for the very best in cleaning supplies. We’ve tidied up a lot of messes to find these top picks!