We Tried Graham Cracker Brands to Find the Tastiest Picks for S’mores

Updated: Apr. 12, 2024

Get ready for s'mores season with the best graham crackers. Our pros found out if Honey Maid is really the go-to box.

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Tkp Graham Crackers Test
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Who Makes the Best Graham Crackers?

When you’re grabbing a box of graham crackers for s’mores or a graham cracker pie crust, we’re willing to wager that you don’t put much thought into the brand you pop in your cart.

But our Test Kitchen is here to suggest that maybe you should! Not all grahams are the same, and for homemade goodies (or just snacking) you really want the best graham crackers.

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How We Sampled Graham Crackers

As always, our Test Kitchen team takes sampling very seriously. For this taste test, our team tried eight brands of crackers. The brands were kept secret until after testing was complete to avoid any biases.

Each cracker was sampled and judged in these categories:

  • Appearance: Graham crackers are pretty plain, but good ones should look uniform with defined perforations and a golden color.
  • Texture: The right texture with grahams is key. They should have a nice snap but not be too crumbly.
  • Flavor: Now, our team knows that store-bought will never live up to ones made from scratch (our homemade graham crackers have a five-star rating!). However, packaged graham crackers should be slightly sweet with notes of honey and even brown sugar.

Check out the ones our pros call Test Kitchen-Preferred below:

  • Best for Snacking: Nabisco
  • Best for S’mores: Honey Maid
  • Best for Crumb Crusts: Market Pantry
  • Best Budget Option: Great Value

Nabisco Graham Crackers
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Best for Snacking

Nabisco Grahams

If you ask our Test Kitchen which brand is best for snacking (also s’mores, desserts and more), it would have to be Nabisco Grahams.

“This one is very tasty on its own,” says Sarah Tramonte in the Test Kitchen. “It has good sweetness and that classic flavor.” That flavor, of course, is honey and a touch of brown sugar.

This cracker is a touch darker than the rest, but that deep gold is what makes this cracker so visually appealing.

While you can use these in any recipe that calls for graham crackers, our team thinks they’d be the ideal accompaniment flavor- and appearance-wise for dessert dips like Chocolate Chip Dip and Strawberry Cream Cheese Dip.

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Honey Maid Graham Crackers
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Best for S’mores

Honey Maid Graham Crackers

This didn’t surprise our testing team: Honey Maid Graham Crackers are one of the best on the supermarket shelves.

These crackers are ideal for making classic campfire s’mores. “These make a clean break when snapped apart—no crumbles!” says Deputy Editor Rachel Seis. This quality is a must when portioning out crackers to make these marshmallow sammies.

Beyond that, these grahams have a slight vanilla flavor which sets them apart from others in this test.

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Market Pantry Graham Crackers
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Best for Crumb Crusts

Market Pantry Honey Graham Crackers

For an extra crispy graham cracker, try Target’s Market Pantry Honey Graham Crackers.

These crackers are thin and wonderfully crispy. They’re exactly the type you want when crushing crackers down to create a crumb crust for desserts.

Once pressed into a crust, these graham crackers will give a mellow flavor with just a hint of vanilla. Try them with this Fluffy Key Lime Pie or Red, White & Blue Cheesecake Bars.

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Great Value Graham Crackers
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Best Budget Graham Crackers

Great Value Honey Graham Crackers

If you’re looking to save a few pennies while shopping, you can get Walmart’s Great Value Honey Graham Crackers for less than half of the cost of a big-name box.

Despite being a less expensive option, these crackers get big points for appearance. According to Rachel, “These are super visually appealing with a nice, uniform, golden color with deep perforations.”

As for the flavor, these crackers tasted as they should with whispers of honey and cinnamon—all with a pleasantly crunchy texture.

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