The Best Mustard: Our Test Kitchen’s Top Picks

Looking for the best mustard for your next barbecue? Our Test Kitchen sampled 12 brands. Find out which are a must.

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We Want the Best Mustard!

Whether you’re using it to top a Coney Island-style hot dog or add tang to your go-to egg salad, you need good yellow mustard.

We don’t settle for runny, grainy or downright blah condiments here, though! That’s why our Test Kitchen team had to put yellow mustards head-to-head in a blind taste test.

How We Tested Yellow Mustard

While there are lots of mustard varieties out there, our team wanted to find the best version of the most popular mustard on the market: yellow mustard.

To sample, our experts tried 12 (yes, 12!) different types of yellow mustard in a blind test. While dunking their pretzels, they made notes on the following:

  • Color: The best yellow mustard should have a vibrant yellow color. Simple!
  • Texture: For yellow mustard, our Test Kitchen wanted a condiment that was smooth and not too thick or too runny.
  • Flavor: Our Test Kitchen sought out yellow mustard with the right mix of vinegar tang, mustard seed and turmeric (that’s where a lot of that color comes from!).

While our tasting team started with a dozen mustards, they determined that four were the absolute tops. Check out our Test Kitchen-Preferred brands.

Heinz Yellow Mustard
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Best Classic Yellow Mustard

Heinz 100% Natural Yellow Mustard

When it comes to Heinz 100% Natural Yellow Mustard, there’s no better way to describe it than classic.

“Classic yellow mustard color, classic yellow mustard aroma and classic yellow mustard flavor,” says Catherine Ward in the Test Kitchen. Simply put, this is what you want and expect for the mustard that tops your hot dog.

What our Test Kitchen also liked about Heinz’s yellow mustard was the consistency. It didn’t slide off the pretzels our team used for dunking. That spot-on texture and just-right flavor make this one a must for these mustard-based recipes.

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Koops Yellow Mustard
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Best Next-Level Yellow Mustard

Koop’s Original Yellow Mustard

Koop’s Original Yellow Mustard is like the grown-up version of classic yellow mustard.

“While it looks like a typical yellow mustard,” says Alicia Rooker in the Test Kitchen, “it has more zip.”

You’ll find that Koop’s twist on a standard yellow mustard is a bit more turmeric forward with a tangy vinegar finish. Our team agreed that this condiment is a bit more complex and would be delicious spread on rye bread and piled high with ham and all your favorite sandwich fixings.

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Plochmans Yellow Mustard
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Best Tangy Yellow Mustard

Plochman’s Mild Yellow Mustard

For yellow mustard with a bit more tang, try Plochman’s Mild Yellow Mustard.

This ultra-smooth mustard is vibrantly yellow and delivers the much-needed tanginess that recipes like creamy potato salad need. Per Sarah Tramonte in the Test Kitchen, “It’s yummy and vinegar-forward.”

And don’t worry about the vinegar taking over here; Alicia says that while bright, there is a bit of sweetness here to give Plochman’s the right balance.

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The Authentic Stadium Mustard
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Best Spicy Yellow Mustard

Stadium Mustard

Stadium Mustard walks the line between yellow mustard and spicy brown mustard, and that’s just fine by our Test Kitchen!

According to Sarah, “this one is really tasty with good depth of flavor and a bit of spice.” Inside a bottle of Stadium Mustard, you’ll find the basics like vinegar and mustard seed; you’ll also see that red pepper is listed. This one little extra makes all the difference—and it makes for a great addition to hot dogs and other ballpark favorites.

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