Our Definitive Ranking of Milano Cookie Flavors

Updated: Feb. 23, 2024

Who doesn't love Milano cookies? Flavors like mint chocolate, milk chocolate and chocolate orange all sound delicious, but which are really the best?

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Trying Milano Cookie Flavors

Pepperidge Farm makes some of the best packaged treats out there. The brand’s Farmhouse cookies are one of our Test Kitchen’s favorite store-bought chocolate chip cookies and the Texas toast is pretty darn good, too.

But, in our humble opinions, all those pale in comparison to one Pepperidge Farm product: Milano cookies.

These cookies ranked at the top of our Pepperidge Farm cookie taste test a while back, but we knew we had to go back and do another test—this time including all the Milano cookie flavors. See how the nine flavors at our nearest supermarket stacked up.

Pepperidge Farm Strawberry Chocolate Milano
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9. Strawberry Chocolate Milano Cookies

Of all the Milano cookie flavors out there, the strawberry-chocolate version ranked the lowest.

Mark Neufang in the Test Kitchen explains the experience of these cookies well: “I can smell this cookie before I even put it in my mouth—and it smells and tastes super artificial.”

Mark is unfortunately correct here. The strawberry taste in these cookies comes off as being phony and candy-like—and not in our favorite way. “The poor chocolate can’t even stand a chance against the strawberry,” per Mark.

Good thing there were lots of Milano cookie flavors to try!

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Pepperidge Farm Raspberry Chocolate Milano
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8. Raspberry Chocolate Milano Cookies

The raspberry chocolate Milanos didn’t fair much better than their strawberry counterparts in this test.

“I see what they were trying to do with the raspberry-chocolate pairing here,” says Mark. These cookies are filled with dark chocolate and a tart, though artificial, berry layer.

In theory this works, according to testers, but Mark explains, “It’s very hard to replicate the flavor of fresh berries…so these are more of a miss.”

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Pepperidge Farm Orange Chocolate Milano Cookies
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7. Orange Chocolate Milano Cookies

While the first two fruit-flavored Milano cookies weren’t a favorite in the Test Kitchen, things started to turn a corner with the orange-chocolate variety.

These Pepperidge Farm cookies strike the right balance of flavors here—much like these reader-favorite chocolate and orange desserts.

Our testing team agreed that the orange in these cookies tasted more zesty and natural than the previous cookies. “These have a nice citrusy kick,” says Mark. That vibrant orange goes so well with the dark chocolate sandwiched between the two butter cookies.

Because these cookies have a slightly more potent flavor than, say, a plain chocolate cookie, you’ll likely only want to indulge in one or two.

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Pepperidge Farm Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Milano Cookies
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6. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Milano Cookies

For snacking, you can’t beat a good sweet-and-salty combination. It’s why treats like chocolate-covered pretzels and kettle corn are so appealing. And you can now add dark chocolate sea salt Milano cookies to your list of go-to sweet yet salty treats.

These store-bought cookies are just like a traditional dark chocolate Milano, but with a whisper of salt. Per Shannon Norris in the Test Kitchen, “I like the salty addition here.”

A little bit of salt heightens the flavor of the cookie and the chocolate. However, the salt may keep you from eating too many of these cookies. Per the Test Kitchen’s Maggie Knoebel, “You’ll definitely want a glass of milk with these.”

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Pepperidge Farm Milk Chocolate Milano Cookies
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5. Milk Chocolate Milano Cookies

In the words of Maggie, “These are a classic.” Milk chocolate Milano cookies are the original—and a store-bought cookie you can rely on to satisfy every time.

As with every Milano, the cookies are crisp and tender. Inside, there’s a thin yet sweet layer of chocolate. It’s that whisper of sweetness that keeps you digging into the bag for cookie after cookie.

Our team suggests enjoying these with a hot cup of coffee for the perfect quickie breakfast.

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Pepperidge Farm Double Milk Chocolate Milano Cookies
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4. Double Milk Chocolate Milano Cookies

The classic milk chocolate Milano was a darn good cookie, but our team would argue that the double milk chocolate Milano is even better.

In these cookies, the milk chocolate is more pronounced, and the thicker layer of filling comes off as almost creamy. The result is a cookie that not only tastes decadent but feels special too.

Per Maggie, “I love the bite the chocolate has with the crisp cookie, and how it starts to melt as you eat.”

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Pepperidge Farm Mint Chocolate Milano Cookies
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3. Mint Chocolate Milano Cookies

While our team loved every version of plain chocolate Milano cookies, the chocolate and mint version of this cookie managed to sneak its way into the top three in this test.

The reason these Milano cookies took a top-tier spot: balance. Neither the mint, the chocolate or the cookie shines too brightly here. While some sweets tend to go too hard on the mint extract, Maggie explains that in these cookies, “the mint is refreshing; it reminds me of a lighter version of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.”

And, just like those cookies, these minty Milanos are downright craveable. “I could devour a bag of these in one sitting,” says Mark.

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Pepperidge Farm Dark Chocolate Milano Cookies
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2. Dark Chocolate Milano Cookies

While milk chocolate Milano cookies ranked well in this test, the dark chocolate version nudged them out. We think that’s because slightly bitter dark chocolate marries so well with a sweet butter cookie.

In the traditional dark chocolate Milanos, you get a wafer-thin layer of deep dark chocolate. “These are both rich and light,” says Shannon. “You get richness from the chocolate and lightness from the cookie.”

That touch of chocolate is just enough to satisfy when you’re craving a chocolaty treat (though our top contender might be the best choice for that!).

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Pepperidge Farm Double Dark Chocolate Milano Cookies
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1. Double Dark Chocolate Milano Cookies

If one layer of dark chocolate is good, two have to be better. That’s exactly the case with double dark chocolate Milano cookies.

Every single tester raved about these cookies. Reviews ranged from “Ooooh yes!” to “A+” to “We can’t do better than this!”

So what makes the double dark chocolate Milanos so special? “It’s the classic amped up,” says Mark. The balance here is just right. Yes, you get plenty of the tender, crumbly cookie everyone loves but there is also plenty of chocolate that shines through. And because of the sweetness of the cookie, slightly bitter dark chocolate really is the perfect match—especially when it’s a double dose.

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